Your spreadsheets may be working right now, but what if your client load doubled?

How many more hours of admin time would be added to your team’s plate?
It’s gonna be hard to bring in more clients & hit those big income goals if keep running your business with all those half-assed spreadsheets. Let’s get you set up for success. Airtable can help.

Those little tasks that ‘don’t take that much time’ will add.up.quick. ⏰
Sending contracts.

Enrolling students in your course platform.

Creating Google Folders.

The list goes on … and a LOT of that list can be automated.

Instead of doing tasks robots can do, let’s automate those and get you & your team focusing only on things only you can do. 🤖
Surprise & delight your clients with bonus calls & new content.

Finally start up that podcast to further your marketing efforts.

Take a vacation! Whatever you want.

As a creative online business owner, systems, software and automation is not your love language.

I get it. You don’t even know what’s POSSIBLE to automate. You just want your systems to work, but debating between different options and setting it up from scratch? No thanks.

I created my Airtable VIP Days to migrate feminist creative online business owners off of spreadsheets and into a fully functional, automated & streamlined Airtable Database – all in one day.

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