With this script, every time you create a record in your base table, it will automatically add the data you set as a default. You will not have to manually enter the information. It will also add the data to records already created if you need to add or change previous records.

Setting a default value for a field will save hours of data entry and ensure data consistency, especially useful for records shared among multiple users. You can use this script for your entire table or you can choose a view to filter only specific records.

First, we will show you how to add the script to your Airtable base for the initial set up. This will only have to be done one time. We’ve created an easy template for you to start.

Second, we will show you how to use the script to configure and set your default values.

To use this script, you do not need to know any code or programming. You must have ‘Owner’ or ‘Creator’ permissions to set up the Script Block since you will be adding a table. You can then allow ‘Editor’ users to use the block.