Normally, when you create a new row in a table, you need to manually enter the values for each cell. However, often new rows always need the same default values for several cells. This script lets you quickly populate those values in blank cells, based on a template record in your table.

  • one script for all tables You can use one installation of this script to setup blank cells in any or all of the tables in a base.
  • multiple templates per table You can have multiple templates in the same table with different values. At run-time, pick the template that fits your situation.


Key points:

  • There is no undo!
  • This script will insert values into old records, not just new ones.
  • This script uses the run-time values in the template record. Before you run the block, verify that the template record has the values you want.
  • This script has limitations on how many blank cells it will update. In some cases, it might not update all records.


To see the Airtable Universe base with the script in action click here.

For a great video tutorial on using the script check this out.