You may be in a situation where you have a dataset with a lot of numbers, and you can’t find any meaning in it. (It’s me. I’m in this situation :raising_hand_woman:t5:) If I could only break those numbers up into smaller groups, may I’d be able to better digest and distill some meaning.

As a first start, I figured why not group these numbers into a nice set of four quartiles: Low, Below Median, Above Median, High. That way I can use Airtable’s grouping to get a better sense of what I’m dealing with. I’ll preface by saying that I majored in English and I do not stand behind any mathematical concepts I’m using. If they’re wrong, call me out, I seriously don’t know better.

Until recently, the only way you could run calculations on the content of an entire field was through rollups, which was pretty inconvenient and took some mental gymnastics to understand. But, with the scripting block you can do this analysis pretty neatly.

I realized that I didn’t want to group by three different fields (too much nesting), but I did want those three fields to inform my groups. Basically I wanted to tag each record based on a criteria:

:star2:All Star = 3/3 Groups are High or Above Median
:mushroom:Positive Signal = 2/3 Groups are High or Above Median
:rotating_light:Negative Signal = Everything Else

I started writing a complicated IF statement, that only I could decipher, so I thought, maybe a script will do this better. Which it totally did.