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Welcome to BuiltOnAir, a podcast and video series about all things Airtable. Each episode, we talk with someone active in the Airtable community to discuss their experiences and showcase an interesting way they’ve used Airtable in their work.

This episode we get to hear from Lanie Lamarre, an upbeat data specialist who excels at helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs get organized. Lanie has made a name online as “Miss GSD,” and specializes in helping online creatives make data, systems and operations fun in their work. She’s worked extensively with entrepreneurs, graphic designers, web professionals, and others who are “packaging their brilliant ways of thinking” to make the processes behind their brilliance support their frontend.

Lanie makes it a point to always be in a constant cycle of learning new tools and ways to get things done. She talks about learning to “speak a person’s language” so that she can understand what people are saying and show them ways to do it that they might not have seen before. Her skillset has been a match for many professionals who didn’t understand what they were missing but could finally get it by her seeing what they needed to see and explaining it to them.

She shares more of her story in adapting and accumulating the skill of seeing the big picture and the details simultaneously, then how Airtable is the perfect platform for doing that for anyone. Airtable combines visual qualities with data arrangement to match the way that people think. Lanie also shares how Airtable creates a place to store data, but can easily be arranged to show only the data you need to see at the moment.

Lanie’s process to help online creatives involves looking at the overall process their daily work takes, then analyzing what is honestly working and is most enjoyed. This allows the creatives to really take a look at what’s happening and outsource, organize or hone in on the things that really matter to their measure of success. One of the biggest things she helps people with is organizing their content creation. This includes everything from social posts, videos, and audio, to blog posts. 

Lanie discusses one of her top pet peeves: buzzword lingo. She talks about how words like “productivity, content, hacks, channels” and more are overused, and how things could be improved by simplifying and saying exactly what is intended in your content.

She talks about the common first users experience with Airtable, and how she gained her own experience with it. She began to teach what she learned, and that has now been packaged as a backbone for what she does with her clients. Now she’s consistently helping people to start using Airtable confidently from the start.


During the showcase portion of the episode, Lanie shares a base she built for content creation and scheduling. In it she shares her philosophy and process for creating a brand voice. The base features several linked fields that serve as “accountability” for making sure that any piece of content matches your core brand messages. These fields also make sure that people can’t lose sight of their big vision.

The base features tables for messaging, offers, content creation, content library, and “as featured in.” Each table is brilliantly designed to relate to the next in keeping the messaging succinct and on-target during the whole process of developing and publishing content.


Learn more about Lanie and her work on her website

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