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Welcome to BuiltOnAir, a podcast and video series about all things Airtable. Each episode, we talk with someone active in the Airtable community to discuss their experiences and showcase an interesting way they’ve used Airtable in their work.

In this episode we talk to Jennifer Selke, Director of Veteran Programs and Campus Outcomes at Camp Southern Ground, an incredible non-profit which operates as both a summer camp for kids, and a year-round resource center for veterans. Among others, Jennifer directs the Warrior PATHH program, which assists combat veterans in the transition to civilian life through a supportive, mental health-focussed approach. In the wake of lockdowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Camp Southern Ground has had to improvise a way to digitally provide veterans access to all the resources which are available to them. In comes Airtable: Jennifer was able to put together a simple one-table base to curate a list of 100+ resources for military veterans. While we discuss how it isn’t a perfect substitute for in-person support, it’s a clear example of how a tool like Airtable can let newbies distribute information in a visually appealing format in next to no time at all.

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