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On today’s episode, we travel to Berlin, Germany to speak with Rupert Hoffschmidt, founder of ROY Kombucha! Rupert co-founded ROY Kombucha with his business partner, Fabio, after they both decided to leave their careers in the digital scene.
As he tells us all about the fascinating brewing and fermentation process used to make Kombucha, a fermented tea with a rich history, it’s clear to see how passionate and knowledgeable Rupert is about his work. He’s also very excited about the possibilities afforded by Airtable – which has helped him and his team stay on track with orders and production, allowing employees to record data right from their mobile devices.
The base Rupert demos for us today is his B2B Order Tracking Base – where he tracks orders placed from grocers, offices and other businesses. He tells us about the challenges faced by many Airtable users when first starting to build a base such as this; realizing he needed a table to track line items per order. 
Rupert has many plans for the future of his Airtable usage – including building out a fully automated ordering platform from start to finish.
Check out the show notes to learn more about Rupert and ROY Kombucha!


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