The BuiltOnAir team is constantly scouring the web for the most relevant articles and tutorials showcasing the power of Airtable. What better way to get ideas and improve your own work than seeing what other people are making, and how they’re making it?

This post is a shout out and link to one such article written by James King. You can find the original here.

Apps with Airtable and React

James is a wizard with the coding language React. You can see his proficiency on his website, which is both built by him using React, and features multiple tutorials to use the language in your own work.

His immersive style shows in his tutorial Airtable and React: Create a Simple Web App, in which he uses React, Bootstrap 4.1 and Airtable to demonstrate how to merge the three in simple steps to make a movie app. 

Go find the full tutorial here, and make your web app dreams a reality!