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Airtable Community

An active community for Airtable users, hosted by the Airtable company. The community has frequent interaction across different discussion categories for integrations, ask the community, feature requests, work offered, and more.

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Private Facebook groups (requests to join are vetted by admins) to serve the web professionals community and Airtable users of all skill levels.

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Airtable for Web Professionals Discussion this week:

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Airtable Facebook Community Discussion this week:

  • How Airtable will become more no code friendly
  • Micro-consulting
  • MS SQL with Airtable
  • Using Airtable as a CRM
  • Average cost to hire someone to create a base

Reddit Airtable Community

Active Airtable discussion on the popular online forum. Great option for discussion on Airtable uses, questions, and concerns, using the popular Reddit forum format.

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Discussion this week:

  • How to create records with multiple names?
  • Thoughts on the future of Airtable?
  • Sync different tables (free version)
  • Is it feasible to create consolidated financial statements in Airtable?




The social center for all Airtable users and creators, this community includes weekly updates on new threads in the Airtable community, highlights on the best projects built by power users, a library of resources, and the official Built On Air podcast

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New podcast episode this week:


Articles this week:

Monthly Metrics For July 2021

BuiltOnAir Slack community discussions:

  • Airtable Help
  • Airtable Showcase
  • Introducting new members 🙂

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