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Movie Watching Decision Matrix

Two people trying to decide on a movie to watch can waste half the evening deliberating. This matri

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Baby Shower Guest Organizer

Organize your baby shower guests with ease! Use the form to allow your guests to fill out there own

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Automated UTM builder & shortener

Tracking your campaigns is vital for optimizing your marketing efforts, and for this purpose, nothin

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Custom bill pay reminder

This base lets you build a customizable reminder system for your bills to help stay on top of your m

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APY comparison tool

This base is meant to be used as a simple tool to compare various interest rates offered by differen

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BGG Inventory

Boardgame inventory for Boardgamegeek.com user collections, to use with Javascript importer found he

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Spending and Budget Tracker

A command center for all of your expenses, subscriptions, and upcoming bills, complete with apps tha

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Simple SaaS-Stack Manager

A simple software tracker for your organization The only Airtable software asset management template

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Online Tools of 2020 and 2021

What is this about? Introduction 2020 was packed with many challenges, a whole new situation by bei

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Time Off Requests

A tool to manage time off requests across your team. Setup In the Admin Panel table, enter links f

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Tom & Tom Free CRM

A first attempt at a structured CRM for anyone in the voluntary sector to use, amend and tailor over

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Create user accounts

� User profile on Celestory (free app builder) �Build your free app here: https://www.celestory.io/

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Scripting Experiments

This base is a place for me to collect some of the scriptingsolutions I've come up with while workin

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� Attachment URL List Exporter

Outputs comma-separated URLs for all attachments and writes them to another fieldfor each record. Ca

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Health Equity Repository

The University of Michigan's Public Health Leadership Pipeline Collaborative provides innovative, re

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Low Carb Recipes and Ingredient Base

I am not a dietician nor a physician! This base is here to help plan low carb shopping, meal plan

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Product management

How to use - This setup is currently designed for a 1-person startup, but can easily be adapted to t

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Coffee Brew Analysis Hub

The purpose of this base is to serve as a quick and easy way to document some of the more useful met

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US Calendar 2021

If this template helped you, feel free to [buy me a coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/noamsay)! �

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Project tracker

A basic project tracker.

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Job Applicants handbook - Database

- Database template accompanying the Job Applicants handbook

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Request for Stories - Higher Ed

Finding stories to highlight for your institutions can be challenging. That's why we've created this

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Payroll Time Sheet

This is the system that my staff uses to "punch in". I've tuned it over time to make submission easy

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Books Owned and Read (simple)

Keep track of the books you read and own. This template is slightly more straightforward than my oth

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Full Disclosure Project

This workbook is part of the Full Disclosure Project Getting Started Guide

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Finta Budget Template

Use this base to manage account balances and transactions imported by Finta. If you don't have an ac

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Activity Flow Journal (Tracker)

This is a journal/tracker template made to help audit activities with focus primarily on your energy

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Airtable for Land Investors V2

Tired of tracking your land in inventory across multiple applications? With this Base, track your pr

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Virtual Baby Shower Planner

During the current public health crisis or when you're simply far away from loved ones, this base is

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GDPR compliance by Forti

Forti's GDPR Airtable base (based on Everlaw's Open Sourced compliance Checklist) [https://docs.goo

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Napa Valley Travel Resources

Take a look at some of my favorite resources for travel and tourism in the Napa Valley area.

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Net Worth Calculator

Make better real-estate investment decisions and maximize your net worth using Sam the Simulator! (_

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Gig Income and Expense Tracker

I designed this base for my Musical Boyfriend to track his income and expenses from playing gigs, th

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Recipe Attempt Tracker

A simple, fun database to track recipes and my attempts! Some have gone well and some not so well, b

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Me.reka Project Management Toolkit

When developing and implementing a long-term project, it can be tricky trying to mentally keep track

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Product Roadmap Template

This is an anonymized version of base i'm continuously building, using and improving for a while. I'

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Top Software Testing Companies

List of the best software testing companies 1. DeviQA 2. TestFort 3. QualityLogic 4. QATestLab 5. QA

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Architects Simple Projects Overview

A simple base for Architects to get a high level view of their portfolio of projects. Includes RIBA

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Questions for The 1 Thing couples guide in easy to use format

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Music Theory

A way of visualizing and codifying the relationships between notes, scales, chords, and other musica

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Le Productor

Gestion de production de vidéo de formation.

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PNAAM Survey

Base used for the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries Special Collections and University Archives D

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Third Year Important Questions - NTRUHS

Hey, this is Anisha Valli Studying in GSL Dental College, Hope this template will help you out :)

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Jobs to be Done (using the ODI method) — Survey-data Analysis Template

This base is programmed to calculate Opportunity Scores and generate Opportunity Landscape Scatterpl

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Volunteer management base (French)

This base in French will help you manage your volunteer resources, their contact information, their

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Create Tasks from Template Script Demo

This base is intended as a demo for the "Create Tasks from Template" script in the Airtable Marketpl

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Post Production & VFX Tracker

Overview This database includes all pre-production information, shot counts, camera data, and tracki

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Wardrobe Inventory Template

Database for cataloging wardrobe or clothing inventory. Great for costumers, performers, rental hous

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Compteur de voeux pour Genshin Impact

Ce template vous permet d'enregistrer vos voeux faits dans le jeu pour chaque bannière. Plusieurs ap

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� French Calendar 2021

A 2021 Airtable calendar in french with French holidays Un calendrier 2021 Airtable en français ave

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Audition Tracker for Actors

Track your auditions, agency submissions, booking ratios, industry connections, pay rate and much mo

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COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

Get well soon!

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B2B Sales - Prospecting Account List

Ifyou're an SDR or Account Executive in B2B sales, use this to keep track of the accounts that you'r

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In this database, you can find out how to calculate a difference in time. By saving in an Airtable

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Worthy Webinars

Manage Your Webinars! Stay organized by providing input Form views which link Registrations to Conta

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The Introvert's Reading Log

Ditch the noise of Goodreads, and manage your reading list on your own terms. This is a simple read

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Vintage Sewing Pattern Organization

Organize your vintage sewing pattern stash so you know what you have and what to make next! Includes

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MT COVID-19 Challenge: Hackathon-in-a-Box

Welcome to the MIT Hackathon-in-a-Box (HaB) Airtable base template! This Airtable base template is

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Architects Prospect Pipeline with Automations

This is a more sophisticated version of the Architects Prospect Pipeline base and includes automated

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v.one x airtable template

� The vone integration withairtable is here! Use Airtable to change or add content for your v.one

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PhD life tracker

PhD life is hard. A tracker is sometime needed to get it handled.

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Rebana Metropolitan

This is the list of industrial estates available around Rebana Metropolitan

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Template for an inventory of one's fabrics

This keeps track of: - Fabrics in your stash: yards bought, yards left, weight (five different fabri

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Library Outreach & Engagement

For library professionals trying to track projects and events at a university/college campus. I modi

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Human Services Directory (HSDS 2.0)

This is an implementation of Open Referral's [Human Services Data Specification (HSDS) version 2.0.1

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EmailGeeks Tools Database

This is a database created to submit and organize the vast array of companies, tools, and resources

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Traveltech Directory

What is the Traveltech Directory? Traveltech for Scotland has worked with Karin Gidlund and Megan Mc

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Teach Gujarati!

Compilation language database for teaching Gujarati.

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Cost effectiveness analysis project template

A template for you to start a CEA project!

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Gestion des membres d'un OBNL

Cette base conçue en français vise à faciliter la gestion du membrariat pour les petits organismes c

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DNA Matches

A tool to track and manage your DNA matches across multiple testing companies. For instructions on h

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Design sprint planner

A simple Airtable base for planning and executing a 5 day design sprint. Includes: - Master deck of

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〽️ Create records from a field value

The script creates a designated number of records in another table for workflows like creating deliv

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Sermon Database / Catalog

A simple way to save and catalog the sermons you have given. This allows for easily searching andsto

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COVID-19 Logbook

COVID-19 Logbook for Small Shops A free, digital alternative to pen and paper COVID-19 visitor / cus

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Shift Scheduler

Use this base to assign people to shifts or events based on their recurring availability. Need someo

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Video Podcast Planner

SHIFT In Conversation is a video podcast where we interview creative professionals in marketing, fil

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Service Business Systems Database

A simple way to visualize, track and sort your SOPs as a database.

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Mile tracker

This is a down and dirty mile tracker that lets you quickly log your mileage for tax purposes or any

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Terminology Database (termbase)

I created base you can clone to your own account and start building your enterprise terminology the

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Daily Stats - Track Your Habits (v 1.0)

Introduction: I am not a professional habit tracker, but I am using this Airtable template which I c

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X.ai Meeting Tracker

This base is designed to help you track new calendar meetings generated by X.ai or another scheduler

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Books Owned and Read

Keep track of the books you read and own. This template is slightly more complex than my "simple" te

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Planifier et construire son MVP grâce aux outils no-code

Créez vous-même votre MVP en 4 semaines Notre programme de 4 modules vous guide depuis l'étude des b

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Re:invent 2020Announcements

Tracking interesting new services and features announced at re:invent 2020 including links to announ

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Shock/Wave Sustainable Innovation Tracker

The Shock/Wave Sustainable Innovation Tracker from Orb Media is a searchable, user-friendly database

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Bon à savoir Pour l’onglet : Les grands projets Il faut IMPÉRATIVEMENT réagencer les colonnes selon

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Bug Reporting System

We have used this system to report errors and track them in the product development team. I will be

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Binaural Audio

For context: https://kutt.it/binaural Community: https://kutt.it/BinauralDiscord Basically, there is

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Контент-план для Instagram

Создавать план постов, хранить тексты и картинки, собирать идеи на будущее и делиться с коллегами сс

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My journal of 100DaysOfNoCode challenge, including tools, projects, and community engagement.

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This is a step by step lead tracking system to never loose DMs again!

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Graduation Requirements

Use this template to sort out your graduation requirements. Start by putting in all of your require

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Govbase: Tools for Online Communities

How do we run online communities? The growing field of online governance answers this question using

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Simple Customer Portal

Turn this templateinto a customer portal using Stacker. Stacker lets you create the digital tools y

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Starred Reviews | Books for Youth 2020

Jennifer Jazwinski, an Early Literacy Librarian, compiled a spreadsheet of starred book reviews from

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Grants list for non-profits

Find grants made for you Non-profits, individuals, and businesses spend too much time searching for

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The Reporter delivery system

This is a system that The Savannah Reporter newspaper uses to track it's weekly delivery.

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Books Recommended by guests on The Ezra Klein Show

This is a collation of all the books recommended by every guest that came on The Ezra Klein Show. I

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Genealogy Research Log

Track your family history and genealogy research and sources with this toolkit. You can also easily

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Quest is a special time for students to explore anything they are passionate about. Students learn t

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Ultimate OKR

Helps define, implement, and execute an OKR (Objectives & Key Results) process.

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2021 Goals Demo V2

I created this template to help my clients find it easier to do the heavy lifting associated with st

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Homework Tracker

This base keeps track of a student's homework assignments, tests, and projects, along with other ext

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Fundraising Plan Strategy Base

Go into your next campaign and/or year with confidence and clarity. Use this base as one central loc

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US Tech CEOs

As a kid I memorized baseball stats. Today I'm applying the same focus on the tech landscape. Here I

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OKRs Template

This template is made for individuals for tracking their OKRs. monthly/quarterly Follow the below st

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Recurring Events Calendar Server

When is thanksgiving this year? What's the first Monday of next month? Calendar arithmetic can be ob

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RLP with DNA Multiple Testers

Are youanalyzing the DNA test results of multiple test takers - or think you might in the future? Us

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Nonprofit Financial Reports, Programs vs. Overhead

“Do we need to focus on profit or programs?” It's the question nonprofits ask on a regular basis but

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Nocode (serious) Game data base

This base stores the data of a �Game built with Celestory, a nocode game builder. �https://www.cele

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UX competitor analysis

This template makes it easy to do a competitor analysis, as part of your product or design discovery

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Architects Systems and Data Audit

The base isintended to help architects audit their office systems and data. It provides a list of t

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