5/11/2021 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S08-E02

Duration: 58 minutes

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In This Episode

Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

Check us out at BuiltOnAir.com. Join our community, join our Slack Channel, and meet your fellow Airtable fans.

Todays Hosts

Kamille Parks – I am an Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app “Scheduler”, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.

Dan Fellars – I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

Hannah Wiginton – I help bold, active entrepreneurs and companies with digital marketing through creative and technical content and systems.

Show Segments

Round The Bases – 00:03:07 –

Audience Questions – 00:27:15 –

Kamille Parks answers the Airtable question: “Filler records with same value on latest entry.”

View the question in the community

Answer: Using a combination of look up or roll up fields that have a conditional applied to it.

Industry View – 00:47:36 –

Learn all the ways you can use Airtable within the Marketing Industry. From pre-made bases, apps, automations, and custom bases, we’ll show you how to set up bases and get your Marketing organization established in Airtable.

Learn how to use Airtable for marketing automations & operations.

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Automate Create – 00:33:49 –

Watch as we review and work through automations. Part 2 of automating sending or syncing info from one base to another.

Full Segment Details

Segment: Round The Bases

Start Time: 00:03:07

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Segment: Audience Questions

Start Time: 00:27:15

Airtable Question – Filler records with same value on latest entry.

Kamille Parks answers the Airtable question: “Filler records with same value on latest entry.”

View the question in the community

Answer: Using a combination of look up or roll up fields that have a conditional applied to it.

Segment: Industry View

Start Time: 00:47:36

Airtable for the Marketing Industry

Learn all the ways you can use Airtable within the Marketing Industry. From pre-made bases, apps, automations, and custom bases, we’ll show you how to set up bases and get your Marketing organization established in Airtable.

Learn how to use Airtable for marketing automations & operations.

Click Here

Segment: Automate Create

Start Time: 00:33:49

Airtable Automations – Syncing Automation

Watch as we review and work through automations. Part 2 of automating sending or syncing info from one base to another.

Full Transcription

The full transcription for the show can be found here:

[00:00:10] Uh huh.
[00:00:16] Never.
[00:00:24] Yeah.
[00:00:25] Yeah.
[00:00:26] Yeah.
[00:00:27] Mhm.
[00:00:35] That's true.
[00:00:41] Yes.
[00:00:43] Yeah.
[00:01:03] Yeah.
[00:01:05] Uh huh.
[00:01:13] Mhm.
[00:01:18] All right. Welcome everyone to the BuiltOnAir podcast. This is season eight
[00:01:23] episode number two and we're excited to have you, we are live on Youtube and
[00:01:30] welcome to anyone joining us either live or watching this later.
[00:01:34] My name is Dan Fellars. I am
[00:01:37] one of the hosts of the podcasts and founder of Openside.
[00:01:43] We also run On2Air suite of products and also are the core founding company
[00:01:49] behind the BuiltOnAir community. And we are glad to have you on today's show
[00:01:54] we have with us Kamille back again. Welcome Kamille. Hello. We also have Hannah
[00:02:01] also a new host with us. Hello Kamille and Hannah. Why don't you both do a quick
[00:02:07] introduction.
[00:02:09] Um hi everyone. I'm Kamille. I've been a host for BuiltOnAir for quite a while
[00:02:14] and I'm excited to be back for episode two.
[00:02:17] Yeah, I am Hannah Wiginton and uh I do marketing and writing and I'm kind of an
[00:02:25] Airtable fanatic. So I am excited to be here.
[00:02:29] Alright, we're glad to have you both with us again. And Ali was on last week's
[00:02:36] show and she may be on future shows but we're gonna always kind of try to get
[00:02:40] some new faces on here and meet new people. So it's good to have both of our
[00:02:45] house with us
[00:02:46] today. So for today's show we're gonna as a summary of what we do on this show.
[00:02:52] We do a couple of different segments where we walk through different things and
[00:02:56] kind of a variety show. Um I describe it as kind of the tonight Show for for Air
[00:03:02] Table and so you'll see lots of different types of
[00:03:07] segments that we'll be doing. We always kick it off our first segment,
[00:03:12] which is what we call round the bases and what we'll be doing is kind of going
[00:03:16] through and seeing what's going on with the Airtable communities that are
[00:03:20] around there, get you some exposure to
[00:03:23] different discussions of what's going on um and you can feel free to dig in
[00:03:28] deeper into these communities.
[00:03:30] So with that we will see what's going on. We always like to start with Air
[00:03:36] tables community site and see what people are talking about their um I don't
[00:03:42] know if either of you have discussions that, that you've been involved with uh
[00:03:47] in the community.
[00:03:49] The one thing I was going to point out, usually
[00:03:52] it seems like Airtable at the end of the month is now doing kind of a monthly
[00:03:56] recap of of what they've released and so they just released their update for for
[00:04:03] april and what what new features got released in april.
[00:04:08] So let's take a look here.
[00:04:10] Um it wasn't as big of an update as the month before. March was a really big
[00:04:16] month, as far as product updates with an Airtable this month,
[00:04:20] they added some improved help. You can see in this
[00:04:24] in the screenshot of ways to get access to all of their their help articles so
[00:04:29] that makes it easier when you're in the app to try to get the help that you're
[00:04:33] seeking.
[00:04:34] So that's a nice added benefit.
[00:04:37] Um What else did they add? I noticed and I'm not sure if this is recent but just
[00:04:43] adding some
[00:04:45] uh the templates directly into my base, they now do like a walkthrough of how to
[00:04:54] use it and um kind of like tool tips to really walk you through your base um and
[00:05:00] help you get set up and get started.
[00:05:03] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I've noticed that as well, that's helpful to get started,
[00:05:08] similar to if you view zap years up here kind of has those templates to get
[00:05:12] started. So
[00:05:13] similar approach there.
[00:05:16] Mhm.
[00:05:18] So it looks like android for all the android fans myself included,
[00:05:24] looks like their their app got better with a calendar view, so that's a nice
[00:05:28] edition for the mobile app. Um If you're using Box it looks like they added a
[00:05:34] new field for their their box inc
[00:05:38] and then some permission reconnecting
[00:05:41] uh relatively small update. Nothing to groundbreaking.
[00:05:47] Um
[00:05:48] But yeah, we'll keep you posted on you
[00:05:51] new stuff that gets added. We always like to always like to stay on top of um
[00:05:56] new stuff that they're added. Any other conversations happening on the Airtable
[00:06:00] community.
[00:06:02] Um For my perspective they've been kind of standard and I am going to be
[00:06:06] covering one kind of
[00:06:08] theme of conversation that I've noticed on the community forms recently.
[00:06:13] Yeah.
[00:06:15] Yeah. I think it's it was relatively um you know, standard week we won't go into
[00:06:20] all the different, you know, just general questions. I don't I don't think
[00:06:24] there's too many
[00:06:25] heated topics or anything. It's always interesting when you see like a really
[00:06:30] old um
[00:06:33] you know, comment like this and then people
[00:06:35] are still,
[00:06:37] yeah so here's a nice one. So yeah if they could put in line images into the
[00:06:44] rich text field they're moving first thing in the morning there table.
[00:06:48] So that's that's a showstopper for this person apparently.
[00:06:53] Yeah
[00:06:53] sure.
[00:06:54] Um
[00:06:58] Yeah so mostly just general support
[00:07:01] uh going on there was a brief I believe api outage recently and I think there
[00:07:08] are a few people asking about that but it seemed like it was recovered and
[00:07:12] you know
[00:07:13] less than half an hour or so.
[00:07:15] I don't think it was a major
[00:07:17] Yeah one place to go. Airtables support on
[00:07:22] their api outages
[00:07:24] is maybe not the best this company Sync Inc um keeps track of the A.
[00:07:31] P. I. Outages.
[00:07:33] And it was interesting though they actually didn't capture the one from from
[00:07:37] yesterday but they're they're definitely was an outage for about 10 minutes.
[00:07:41] Um
[00:07:43] And so I guess it didn't show up on their radar but definitely it was you can
[00:07:48] kind of see there there was hiccups that they noticed but not not complete
[00:07:53] outages. So
[00:07:55] yes.
[00:07:56] All right. Why don't we move on. Um in the BuiltOnAir community.
[00:08:01] So BuiltOnAir BuiltOnAir dot com, we track everything that's going on.
[00:08:06] You can see roundups. Um We actually summarize some of the discussions that are
[00:08:11] going on. So you can check that out on here, you can get our podcast
[00:08:16] um and previous podcast with everything
[00:08:20] and so there's a lot of great content on there. Um And then we also have a slack
[00:08:25] community and if you join our slack community BuiltOnAir dot com slash join
[00:08:30] and join our slack community. There's there's we're approaching 800 people
[00:08:37] Actually, maybe closer to 1000. So a lot of lot of people going on in there,
[00:08:42] there's there's people helping each other. It's a great way to get,
[00:08:45] you know, kind of more instant access. There's people alive and they're helping
[00:08:50] you see, here's somebody asking about linked records and how to deal with the
[00:08:55] commas and whatnot and so great resources on.
[00:08:59] Uh huh.
[00:09:01] And then Hannah's getting involved there. Good.
[00:09:05] Yeah, I have to uh keep track of all the little tips and tricks that you can do.
[00:09:12] An Airtable. There's so many and you
[00:09:15] I read about them and then I forget them months later and then I go I know
[00:09:20] that's out there
[00:09:22] and uh so just to put it all together.
[00:09:26] Yeah, maybe we should have kind of a community
[00:09:29] table that. everybody could put new tips in,
[00:09:35] I like that idea,
[00:09:37] we could do that. Here's an interesting one. Somebody just posted this morning
[00:09:42] russell about, you know, page designer that that seems to come up a lot of
[00:09:49] uh you know, love hate relationship with page designer, like it's pretty good
[00:09:54] for for a lot of things, but when when it breaks, it's kind of a show stopper.
[00:10:01] So he's looking for a third party resource that that has some of the
[00:10:06] functionality of Page Designer
[00:10:08] and there are resources out there for creating like PDFs and documents off of a
[00:10:16] record, but he's looking for kind of more of an interactive
[00:10:20] um way to navigate through them, like you can see in Page designer but my
[00:10:26] understanding is most of the third party tools that are external to to Airtable
[00:10:31] um don't don't have that level of functionality is really more for
[00:10:36] pushing data in and generating a pdf or image or something like that.
[00:10:41] I think that's the case. Yeah, I don't really know if they have an in Airtable
[00:10:46] component that would allow you to go previous and next record,
[00:10:49] like he's asking for. Yeah, like I said like scott's response
[00:10:56] um I'm gonna have to give them a plus one for that you mentioned,
[00:11:04] you mentioned are amplified product which does definitely allow you to navigate.
[00:11:08] It's not a full page designer application but definitely allows you to navigate
[00:11:13] and lay out your data,
[00:11:16] it's more for interacting with your data versus kind of displaying it in the
[00:11:20] layout. Although
[00:11:21] um some of that is on the roadmap as well. So, so we're moving in supporting
[00:11:28] that in the future. So that's kind of um yeah, lots of stuff.
[00:11:33] I always like to see showcase.
[00:11:36] Um looks like somebody's building wrestles been been active in our community.
[00:11:42] Um,
[00:11:43] people always share what they're working on.
[00:11:47] Then you're in the tricks.
[00:11:49] All right, let's move on to read it.
[00:11:52] I was noticing read it, read, it gets a little bit more technical.
[00:11:57] I think Reddit is kind of more of a technical audience and so there's a lot of
[00:12:01] programming specific questions I've noticed in there. So if that's what you're
[00:12:06] into than read, it might be a good place. Although we also have
[00:12:10] in the BuiltOnAir community. There's lots of developer questions and people
[00:12:16] that
[00:12:16] they know that as well. But I was going to follow up last week we talked about
[00:12:21] the billing issues and the person who had a $400 bill that they weren't
[00:12:29] expecting. Apparently Airtable refunded them fully. So they are very happy.
[00:12:34] And so that one ended
[00:12:37] on a good note. So that's good. Yeah, I will say I have an obscene amount of air
[00:12:45] table credits and every now and again I will forget to transfer them to a
[00:12:49] workspace And so like they charged me for it and
[00:12:52] every time I've been like can you
[00:12:55] run that back for like an hour so I can apply my credits and they've done it
[00:13:00] every time. They're pretty I haven't had a problem with that kind of request yet.
[00:13:07] Yeah. Airtable. That's a good that's a good insider tip of Airtable is very
[00:13:12] generous in giving out credits through different means. Um There's some third
[00:13:17] party sites out there join secret dot com is one that you can get.
[00:13:22] Although that one now you have to pay. You used to be able that there was a way
[00:13:25] where you could get
[00:13:27] uh $2000 worth of credits um without paying. So I know I took advantage of that
[00:13:34] as well as many of my clients
[00:13:36] Um they now I think it's down to $1,000 and you have to pay for their service um
[00:13:44] to get that. But still still I think I I got a $500 credit. Um you know back
[00:13:52] when he first started that for Airtable. But
[00:13:55] You know the cost for it now I think is still around $100. Which still means you
[00:14:00] can
[00:14:01] you know by a yearly and get
[00:14:04] 400 of of credit. So. Yeah.
[00:14:08] Yeah still still worth it. Where Kamille you got yours from developer?
[00:14:13] Uh Yeah as a as a side perk to being one of the winners of the hackathon I got I
[00:14:21] forget the number but I uh
[00:14:24] I gamed it out. It was like 25 years worth of Airtable if I used Airtable by
[00:14:30] myself, I was like, that's a lot
[00:14:33] seems like I have
[00:14:36] way too many credit.
[00:14:39] So yeah, I'm swimming in Airtable credit. That's good.
[00:14:43] Here's an interesting one.
[00:14:46] Yeah.
[00:14:46] Mm. Did you respond to this Kamille? No, I actually haven't seen it.
[00:14:51] Master Calendar. What?
[00:14:53] Airtable Master Calendar? So I don't, I don't think they're referring to yours.
[00:14:57] So come you on last week's episode shared her application called Master Calendar.
[00:15:04] That's amazing Calendar app that you need to check out in the marketplace
[00:15:09] and maybe it will solve this person's question.
[00:15:13] It might just a cursory glance, it seems like they might be wanting to do
[00:15:17] different bases. So if they sync a table from each of those bases into a new
[00:15:24] base that has kind of an overarching
[00:15:28] things and I think the answer would be yes, because right now,
[00:15:31] Master Calendar can only pull from one base, but any table,
[00:15:37] um any number of tables, I think they're asking for the reverse many bases,
[00:15:41] you know, one or two tables each,
[00:15:45] we'll have to give up plus one. It looks like they linked to your app.
[00:15:49] Cool. See the work has been done for me when, when other people I released at a
[00:15:56] good time, yep,
[00:15:59] so we'll give them a plus one for that.
[00:16:03] Okay.
[00:16:04] All right, so yeah, that's so a lot of these are technical building a ui on top
[00:16:09] of google sheets.
[00:16:11] Um Airtables back in how it's structured. This is an interesting technical
[00:16:17] discussion.
[00:16:19] There's actually a
[00:16:22] an article on on medium from the Airtable deV
[00:16:26] team that talks a little bit about some of their their technical
[00:16:31] background. So if you if you want, if you want to dive deep into the technical
[00:16:35] side of Airtable, they do share, they have a blog where the developers talk a
[00:16:40] little bit
[00:16:42] what's going on under the hood,
[00:16:44] so
[00:16:45] that's what's going on.
[00:16:48] Yeah. So a lot of um you get a lot of people asking, you know,
[00:16:52] is there table right for us? Of course the answer is yes except for
[00:16:59] whatever you want.
[00:17:02] So it looks like they had some outdated information that was pre automation.
[00:17:10] So
[00:17:12] interesting, interesting discussion going on there.
[00:17:16] All right, why don't we move on to facebook
[00:17:20] and
[00:17:23] see I want to refresh because we might get a comment from Hannah.
[00:17:27] There we go. Got our post there about today's episode.
[00:17:32] Yeah.
[00:17:33] And either of you been involved with with this community.
[00:17:38] I've just given it like a cursory glance, there was one again about the
[00:17:43] temporary outage but it seems like that was resolved really quickly,
[00:17:46] so you know, not too much activity on that one.
[00:17:52] Yeah, you get a lot of, you know questions um pretty pretty good help happening
[00:17:58] here. Um
[00:18:01] You get people asking for
[00:18:03] for consulting work. So if you're doing consulting this might be a good place to
[00:18:08] find some
[00:18:10] some jobs to pick up.
[00:18:12] Yeah there are a few um kind of
[00:18:16] universal questions if you will. There's one about what's the best kind of
[00:18:21] interface for Airtable and then there's another one about um
[00:18:26] improving auto numbers so that they have leading zeros. Um
[00:18:31] And I think that one was resolved in
[00:18:33] the facebook.
[00:18:35] Yeah. Group this week.
[00:18:37] Yeah.
[00:18:38] Yeah one I know there was discussion earlier in the week about not just air
[00:18:45] table being down but the views having issues. Uh
[00:18:51] And actually one of my, one of my customers said it really messed them up
[00:18:55] because it was like the filters and the views weren't working correctly.
[00:18:59] And so he thought that he had lost data and was changing it and then it came
[00:19:06] back and he had duplicates and
[00:19:09] all sorts of weird stuff going on. So
[00:19:12] hopefully that didn't impact too many people.
[00:19:17] And the other thing is that this is where they'll they'll post the off the
[00:19:21] record which is uh which is another live show with then and creates Dancy and
[00:19:27] others um or they talk about what they're working on and and any questions from
[00:19:34] from their community. So that's another resource um That's useful
[00:19:40] and on Youtube. I notice um looks like we've got some some new new video series.
[00:19:46] The this the first time I've seen him. Maybe they've done some others but
[00:19:51] nuggets of pearls and wisdom and looks like these are really short like 21 to 2
[00:19:57] minutes um, clips where they talk with some, some
[00:20:02] people that are experts. So we might need to reach out and
[00:20:07] make some friends with, with these people. Maybe we can crush there and have
[00:20:11] them on and vice versa. Um, so good short short videos on that.
[00:20:18] Of course, Gareth and his gap consulting has a weekly video.
[00:20:23] That's always good to keep an eye on on what he's building. He does a great job
[00:20:28] on there. You're in the drag race, drag racing. Looks like there's a,
[00:20:34] this is from Lainie, she's been on our show. So that, that might be good.
[00:20:37] I didn't know she was into
[00:20:39] drag racing.
[00:20:41] So that is cool.
[00:20:45] And then our friend Ben,
[00:20:47] this is the off the record
[00:20:49] and looks like they dove into a personal health data in that in that episode.
[00:20:56] And then this is one of Ben's videos plug for Ben. He also has a training course
[00:21:04] on, BuiltOnAir training dot BuiltOnAir dot com. So if you're looking for
[00:21:09] more in depth training courses, Ben's got a great one there as well as Jenrette,
[00:21:15] another expert.
[00:21:17] And here's our friend Ali talking to Andy cloak from data fetcher,
[00:21:23] which is an app in the marketplace. So if that looks interesting,
[00:21:27] you can watch that video and learn more about that.
[00:21:31] Yeah, that's about it for a week ago.
[00:21:33] I still need to watch this one
[00:21:35] with how he
[00:21:37] uh Ceo of Airtable and and see what's up with that one. So let's do on my watch
[00:21:42] list. Hopefully this week I can get to that. So if you definitely,
[00:21:46] it looks like about, you know, 10, 10 videos this week. Um
[00:21:51] and we'll be adding ours to that list here soon.
[00:21:55] So that's kind of it on the community. Any other general discussions and things
[00:22:00] going on in Airtable World? I think it's been kind of quiet.
[00:22:06] I think we're kind of coming down from the arc of having so many new features
[00:22:13] kind of released last month. And then
[00:22:15] yeah,
[00:22:15] we're just kind of uh
[00:22:18] like coasting on that if you will. Yeah,
[00:22:22] yeah, I do feel like there are more apps coming out lately. I feel like every
[00:22:28] time I opened one open a base now and look for apps, it feels like there's a new
[00:22:35] one uh coming out more frequently. So um That's exciting,
[00:22:41] interesting. Yeah. So yeah, document this is one of the pdf document creators,
[00:22:47] so it looks like they're app is now live, so that's cool.
[00:22:51] Um what else is near this week?
[00:22:55] Male Table.
[00:22:57] So sending postcards, so that's kind of cool. So if you need to send postcards
[00:23:02] you can do that, manage it in your table base.
[00:23:06] Um
[00:23:09] Yeah,
[00:23:11] it seems like the new ones for this week. Always good to check out and play with
[00:23:16] them. We'll do that on occasion on this show will open up a new app and see
[00:23:20] what's going on there. So cool. Well that is um roundup of rounding the bases.
[00:23:27] So with that we're going to do um what we call an On2Air spotlight,
[00:23:34] the main sponsor for this podcast and the BuiltOnAir community is on to air
[00:23:40] on tear dot com. It's the all in one tool kit to run your business on their
[00:23:45] table.
[00:23:45] And so for this spotlight, we're going to continue on
[00:23:50] with um
[00:23:54] yeah,
[00:23:56] mm
[00:23:57] I lost my uh continue on with learning a little bit about our amplify
[00:24:06] um, application. This application is a complete editor to interact with your
[00:24:12] data in line within Airtable. So it's a whole new way of looking and editing
[00:24:18] and managing your data inside of Airtable, it's a complete editor
[00:24:22] and you can get it through the marketplace And in this segment,
[00:24:26] I'm going to highlight the syncing feature if you've used this product and
[00:24:31] aren't sure why there's this circle here. What this means is it's syncing the
[00:24:37] location with your Airtable base over here on the left.
[00:24:42] So if you want to have it sync, what that means is
[00:24:46] when it's when it's circled in like that, that means that whatever you see over
[00:24:51] on the left will also be what you're seeing on the right. And so if you have um,
[00:24:58] if you have a layout over here that's associated with with this table,
[00:25:03] it will change to that layout when you switch and then if I switch tables over
[00:25:07] here,
[00:25:08] then this side also switches as well. So if I go to, I know these ones have
[00:25:13] views on them, so now I'm looking at this table and you can see I'm on the live
[00:25:18] shows um and then if I switch here, this will stay in sync, so your application
[00:25:26] stays in sync with your base.
[00:25:28] Now there's times when I want to a NSYNC it,
[00:25:31] what that means is now this layout stays independent of where I am over here,
[00:25:36] so if I move around over here, this side stays as it was and then I can
[00:25:42] completely navigate the entire base
[00:25:45] um and switch around to different layouts associated with each table,
[00:25:50] all within here and it doesn't impact my location there. Why?
[00:25:54] This is great is now I can go into full screen mode and use the application to
[00:26:00] navigate the entire base. And this actually has become kind of my default way of
[00:26:06] interacting with the base, where if I'm dealing on our per record basis,
[00:26:11] um I just opened up this app and interact with it
[00:26:15] and no longer need to go back and forth and I can, I can see everything I want
[00:26:20] to see all through navigating without here, so that's what the sync is.
[00:26:25] If you click it off,
[00:26:28] if you a NSYNC KIT, and then when you switch tables, the other bad thing that
[00:26:32] you'll see is um
[00:26:36] so now it will actually update the side over here, Sorry,
[00:26:41] to stinker.
[00:26:42] There we go,
[00:26:44] and you'll notice
[00:26:46] the other thing is Airtable kind of has this limitation where it actually makes
[00:26:51] room, so it shrinks your app to the sidebar again, but but you can get around
[00:26:56] that by unthinking and then, and then you're on your own as far as where you're
[00:27:01] located, So
[00:27:02] that's On2Air Amplify, check it out in the marketplace, it does a ton more.
[00:27:06] This is just one little thing that it does, and hopefully you check it out and
[00:27:10] give it a try
[00:27:12] and let us know how, how it's working for you.
[00:27:14] Mhm.
[00:27:15] With that we're now going to move to audience question, I'm going to hand the
[00:27:21] screen share over to Kamille, who's gonna lead us in this?
[00:27:27] Okay,
[00:27:28] hold on, hold on, hold on.
[00:27:32] Um Can people see my screen
[00:27:36] should be able to now, yep, Okay, um
[00:27:40] so a question that I see on the community forums and on facebook a lot um are
[00:27:47] related to, if you have a link records linked to each other,
[00:27:52] um and you're collecting the history of records over time, sometimes you just
[00:27:57] want to look at the most recent
[00:27:59] record that has been linked to the main one or any other kind of distinguishing
[00:28:06] factor, like maybe you only want to show um the active records that are,
[00:28:11] are linked to the original. And so um I found myself kind of walking through how
[00:28:18] to do this a couple of times and the answer is using a combination of
[00:28:23] look up or roll up fields that have a conditional apply to it.
[00:28:27] So
[00:28:28] um these are just a few of those um questions that I had seen.
[00:28:32] Um on the Airtable community forums that are all asking essentially the same
[00:28:37] questions and I'm going to walk through what the solution would be.
[00:28:41] So in this example base I have a number of invoices
[00:28:46] and each invoice is linked to a customer.
[00:28:49] Um If I go to my customers table you'll see I only have a couple and um each of
[00:28:55] these uh customers has multiple purchase orders that they've had and sometimes I
[00:29:00] only want to see what is the most recent order for each customer.
[00:29:04] Um The way I've done that is uh making a rollup field that pulls in the latest
[00:29:11] order date. So it's looking at the purchase orders table, looking at the order
[00:29:15] date and using the max values um
[00:29:19] aggregation formula. So that will give me the maximum date for the latest one.
[00:29:23] Um
[00:29:25] Then
[00:29:26] going back to the invoice table.
[00:29:29] Um I have the order date table here and I have a rollup field here.
[00:29:34] That called is the latest um This is using a slightly more complicated
[00:29:39] aggregation formula.
[00:29:41] Um It's doing a ray compact. So it's getting all of the latest order dates from
[00:29:47] the customer. Um And then it's wrapped inside of an if statement asking if that
[00:29:53] maximum date is the same as the order date for that particular record enter yes
[00:29:58] and if not enter now
[00:30:00] um As I saw another kind of
[00:30:03] meet trick for rollup field, it's not advertised um and it's not exactly easy
[00:30:09] but you can write any formula that you can write in a formula field within the
[00:30:14] body of a rollup field and that I use that quite often. So it saves you from
[00:30:19] having
[00:30:19] a rollup field and a formula field you can combine them together.
[00:30:23] So
[00:30:24] um again this is asking is this this date here the same as the maximum date for
[00:30:32] that customer?
[00:30:34] Um If yes then type yes so back in the customers table there is another field.
[00:30:40] Now it's a look up, you can do it with a roll up as well.
[00:30:43] Um it has the conditional applied so only pull in the invoice number if the is
[00:30:50] latest is yes and that's how I was able to get, you know, order number 18 is the
[00:30:56] most recent order for Bruce Wayne.
[00:31:00] Yeah.
[00:31:01] Mhm.
[00:31:03] Very cool, very useful. And yeah there's lots of tricks that the more you play
[00:31:09] with the rollup fields and that that insider tip that Kamille shared of being
[00:31:16] able to write formulas.
[00:31:18] Um does get tricky because it doesn't give you a lot of feedback.
[00:31:21] It doesn't
[00:31:22] I don't believe it has auto complete where it doesn't it actually it doesn't it
[00:31:27] doesn't want you to put a formula in there in a formula field when you're typing
[00:31:33] the formula, it will auto complete the names of, you know the fields in the
[00:31:38] current table that you're working on in a rollup field, you can still,
[00:31:42] you know, reference uh the other fields in that table, it's just not going to
[00:31:47] auto complete for you. Um And the drop down that kind of auto completes.
[00:31:52] The formula functions are tailored to
[00:31:55] um the array functions for roll ups. They're not gonna it's not gonna show if
[00:31:59] for instance
[00:32:01] um but you can do it if you're if you're comfortable writing formulas,
[00:32:04] I would suggest, you know giving it a try and if not then just use two fields.
[00:32:10] That's a cool tip. I I really I've seen that as an option but I've never really
[00:32:17] tried it so um definitely gonna have to
[00:32:22] see what I can do with that.
[00:32:24] Yeah
[00:32:25] I guess a little tricky to keep things straight of like what exactly is going on,
[00:32:30] but
[00:32:30] definitely allows for advanced
[00:32:33] setups like that and comes in handy. Yeah and and things like this,
[00:32:37] I like to do it just because um
[00:32:41] so the only field I want is this one right? But I've had to add you know this
[00:32:46] field first and then the other one here and so if I didn't combine the formula
[00:32:52] in here, I would have another field,
[00:32:54] you know in order to complete this journey that we're on. Um So something to
[00:33:01] keep in mind. Sometimes in your table you need to make more than one utility
[00:33:05] field and if you can cut that number down sometimes it's it's beneficial.
[00:33:10] So
[00:33:12] yet another field is yeah but it can be done. It's just and it's uh conditional
[00:33:21] roll ups and conditional lookups and conditional counts have been in place for a
[00:33:25] little bit now and before they were in place. This would have been really
[00:33:29] complex and
[00:33:30] difficult to do and now it's
[00:33:32] you know, not exactly difficult to do. You just have to remember that you need
[00:33:36] you know at least one utility field in both tables that you're looking at.
[00:33:43] Great thank you. Kamille.
[00:33:45] All right,
[00:33:47] we're gonna switch back here.
[00:33:49] Our next segment is automate create and how to use automation is within your Air
[00:33:55] table base and I'm going to lead the discussion on that. So this is a part two
[00:34:01] in our series. Um If you remember back, if you watch the first episode,
[00:34:09] if not I'll give a quick summary of what we have going on here.
[00:34:12] So our goal is to be able to send data from one base to another.
[00:34:17] If you if you're doing anything with with multiple bases. Um It's useful
[00:34:23] sometimes to send data from one base to another. Now the easiest way and the way
[00:34:28] I would recommend if it works is using the new Airtable sync functionality
[00:34:33] to sync of you from one base to another. The disadvantage of that where
[00:34:39] sometimes it may not work for you is if you need to be able to edit the data in
[00:34:43] both bases because the sync is a one way sync. And in the destination base you
[00:34:49] can't edit the data, you can only edit it from the source
[00:34:53] base that you're in. So
[00:34:55] if you have a slightly more
[00:34:57] advanced um set up, this is a quick way. I'll just run through what we did last
[00:35:02] week and we're going to continue that um today. So we set up an automation that
[00:35:09] runs on the source and it simply runs whenever we check a boxing,
[00:35:15] we want to sync this or
[00:35:17] Send it over to the other one
[00:35:19] and then in order to send from one base to another we had to do a little bit of
[00:35:24] a scripting code. There's not a lot of code here but all we're doing is sending
[00:35:28] it to the web hook of another automation that's running in the other base.
[00:35:33] So every table recently released the ability to trigger an automation off of a U.
[00:35:40] R. L. Called a web hook. And so what we did was in the second base,
[00:35:44] our destination base we set up a trigger using it's still in alpha so it's not
[00:35:50] fully live yet but but it seems to be working just fine. Um it will provide you
[00:35:55] a U R. L. That you put into the first in the source base so that you can send
[00:36:02] data into this destination. So every time you send to this U R l.
[00:36:07] It will trigger this automation.
[00:36:10] And the tricky part from here that we talked about last week is now that we have
[00:36:14] that data from our source and we have it in our base. What do we do with it?
[00:36:19] The default um
[00:36:21] the default actions that Airtable provides like the update record,
[00:36:26] they don't really have a way for performing a look up. Um You have to know the
[00:36:32] record idea of the record that you want to update. They also don't have any kind
[00:36:37] of concept of if the record doesn't exist, allow you to create it.
[00:36:42] There's no conditional, like it felt happening within here.
[00:36:46] So we talked about some ways that you can maybe get around that if you know the
[00:36:50] destination record id and can store that on the source, then you could use that
[00:36:56] and send it in your web hook. Um But the other approach that I think is cleaner
[00:37:03] but does require scripting knowledge is writing a script
[00:37:08] that um I'll bring up here and I just have, we're not gonna take a little bit
[00:37:13] longer to go through the actual code. Maybe we'll do this for a scripting time
[00:37:17] session. Um But I just kind of highlighted the steps that you would have to take.
[00:37:23] So first as you create these input variables so any action that where you're
[00:37:28] passing data into a script,
[00:37:31] you can pass in the parameters and you give it a name
[00:37:35] and then you define where it's coming from. So we're saying it's coming from our
[00:37:39] web hook and the body is the data that got sent to the web hook and we just
[00:37:45] passed um two things. So these are coming from the source. So this is the name
[00:37:51] of the record from the source
[00:37:53] and then the record ID from the source.
[00:37:56] And so I just created to input variables, one for the name and one for the ID
[00:38:00] and link them to the data coming in from the trigger the web hook and then you
[00:38:06] can then use that information inside of your scripting code so you can get it
[00:38:12] from this input Config so the first thing that you would need to do is you need
[00:38:16] to get a reference to the table within that base,
[00:38:21] then get all the records to the table that you're looking to update and then
[00:38:26] you'd have to kind of loop through or go through all of those records and find
[00:38:32] the match based off of the source I. D. So you would want a field
[00:38:38] on your destination table that is storing so would be a text field that's
[00:38:42] storing
[00:38:43] the source ID so that we know how they're linked. Um would be the easiest way
[00:38:49] you could link it based off the name, but that that usually the idea is the
[00:38:53] preferred way because that doesn't change. Um whereas the names might change and
[00:38:58] and that will mess up your matching algorithm.
[00:39:01] So um so once you find the match, if you find a match, then you would perform an
[00:39:06] update.
[00:39:07] If you don't find a match, then you would perform a create. So it creates a new
[00:39:12] record in that base. So that's the general concept of of a script that you'd
[00:39:16] have to write. Um
[00:39:19] and it does require a little bit of scripting knowledge, but it has the benefit
[00:39:23] of performing an update or create if it doesn't find that match,
[00:39:29] which if you create a new record on your source that first time that you push
[00:39:33] that data over, it's not going to find it on the destination.
[00:39:36] So
[00:39:37] kind of needs a little bit more logic than
[00:39:40] then what's available in the default um steps available in in an automation
[00:39:48] questions on that. And that's
[00:39:52] that's an interesting way. I mean, just to be able to sync it together using the
[00:39:59] web hook um is unique.
[00:40:04] Yeah, it's uh
[00:40:07] I think, you know, it's pretty great, it's kind of unfortunate that there's no
[00:40:11] um if this record exists, you know, continue, if not, then create a new record
[00:40:18] for the update record action.
[00:40:21] Um
[00:40:22] and you know, the script you are describing is actually fairly simple if you're
[00:40:29] if you're familiar with javascript, you can, you know, you could bust a script
[00:40:33] like that out. But
[00:40:34] I know for integra matt they have
[00:40:38] their Airtable connector
[00:40:41] I've used before, if
[00:40:44] you know the record I'm looking forward, doesn't exist and make one.
[00:40:47] So it would be nice if your table could do that in house as well.
[00:40:52] I know there's you know, there's plenty of instances where integral matters
[00:40:56] appia are still kind of the way to go, but there is, you know,
[00:41:00] I'm glad to see that more and more you can do
[00:41:03] straight within Airtable without having to get another
[00:41:06] 3rd Party connection.
[00:41:07] Yeah,
[00:41:09] yeah, so they're definitely improving in that the web hooks I think opens up a
[00:41:13] whole new um you know, realm of of what's possible. I've used web hooks within
[00:41:20] the same base. It's not just for across based communication.
[00:41:25] Um it's great for integrating with third party systems that support web hooks
[00:41:30] or sending um you know, sending information and then getting response back.
[00:41:35] So yeah, web hooks are are really useful um even inside the same base,
[00:41:41] I've used web hooks to talk from one automation to another
[00:41:45] and you can really create modular kind of automation is that our repurpose
[00:41:51] herbal reusable
[00:41:52] um in different meetings by using the web hook approach. So
[00:41:56] definitely check it out um with that it's actually a good segway into our next
[00:42:03] section, we're going to do another onto your spotlight again sponsored by onto
[00:42:08] air the all in one tool kit for running your business on Airtable.
[00:42:12] Um And the main sponsor of built on there. And this is a big one because if
[00:42:19] you're in our community you saw our big announcement yesterday talking about a
[00:42:23] new function, a new feature that that On2Air just launched.
[00:42:27] Um Today actually emails will be going out
[00:42:30] and just a little bit after this call but
[00:42:32] we just launched a new library of predefined functions. And so this is part of
[00:42:39] On2Air actions app. Um That originally was built inside a Zapier and is
[00:42:45] now a stand alone product that runs within Zapier or it can be used within
[00:42:52] automation or anything like that.
[00:42:55] And now with our functions it's essentially a library of predefined tasks that
[00:43:00] are fairly common. Um Within Airtable. Everything from manipulating your raised
[00:43:08] finding differences within multi select fields dealing with attachments
[00:43:15] um creating a log history every time fields change.
[00:43:20] Um performing math calculations, performing finance calculations,
[00:43:25] uh Financial formulas that if you're coming from Excel are missing in their
[00:43:30] table like I. R. R. And that President value things like that but also just
[00:43:35] common tasks of like setting default values within a new
[00:43:38] Record or copying fields from one field to another.
[00:43:43] Maybe. Um You know 11 use case for a copy field might be. We talked last week
[00:43:49] about the advantages of using a select a linked record versus a multi select
[00:43:56] dropdown list
[00:43:57] and sometimes a a table with a linked record is better. One of the drawbacks is
[00:44:03] it doesn't have the coloring of a multi select. So one thing you could do is
[00:44:08] create a copy field where still use a linked record but instantly copy that
[00:44:14] value into a multi select field
[00:44:17] that then has the coloring. So it looks nice so things like that on the copy
[00:44:21] field.
[00:44:22] But I'm gonna show real quick a trigger up cert. And um
[00:44:28] what this does
[00:44:31] is essentially what we already talked about in in the last um automation create.
[00:44:38] So it has the ability to every time a record in your source.
[00:44:44] If we use like that same approach um
[00:44:51] you know if we were to look up
[00:44:54] leave his design projects.
[00:44:57] If we were to look up our sync check box and say every time the sync checkbox is
[00:45:04] checked you can set up essentially a trigger within On2Air and then it will
[00:45:09] perform that all that code that that I shared in the scripting.
[00:45:15] It essentially performs that action as well. So you specify
[00:45:19] which base you want to send it to and then you specify um
[00:45:24] mhm.
[00:45:27] Where you want to um update and then how you want to update it.
[00:45:33] So there's four different ways that you can perform an update.
[00:45:35] You can do an up certain which is essentially what we just shared in the example
[00:45:40] where it'll update if there is a match or it'll create if there's not a match
[00:45:45] or you can say it'll update only. So if there's no match
[00:45:49] it'll just it won't do anything or you can say create new. So if it finds a
[00:45:55] match it won't do anything. But if it doesn't find a match it will always create
[00:45:59] a new one. Or you can just always create a new record. So very very advanced
[00:46:05] ways of dealing with copying data from one table to another.
[00:46:09] And again this can be within the same base. It can be in different bases that
[00:46:13] you're copying
[00:46:14] from one to another. So anytime your data um updates you would you essentially
[00:46:20] just match field. So you say the name field in your source has to match the CPC
[00:46:28] value in your destination. So this is considered
[00:46:32] a link and if it matches there then it will perform an update.
[00:46:36] If there isn't a match here then it will create a new one. And then you specify
[00:46:41] all your mapping. So this is your source field. This is where it will go in the
[00:46:45] destination and you set up all your source and destination mapping
[00:46:51] and then how you want to deal with attachments. You could append to the end of
[00:46:55] attachment or override
[00:46:57] Based off what's in your source. So a lot of great functionality.
[00:47:01] This is a very useful 1-2 map from one from an update to uh from a source to a
[00:47:07] destination. So check out On2Air actions and check out all of our functions
[00:47:16] and we'll be adding more functions if there's a if there's a must have function
[00:47:20] that you need
[00:47:21] let us know and we're trying to add as many as we as we can and build out our
[00:47:26] library to be the most complete library of no code predefined functions to
[00:47:32] perform any tests that you need an Airtable.
[00:47:35] Mhm.
[00:47:36] Next we're gonna move on
[00:47:40] to our industry view where we're going to focus on an industry and Hannah is
[00:47:45] gonna walk us through that. So with that Hannah if you want to get your screen
[00:47:48] ready. So this is a great, this is our first time doing this segment
[00:47:54] and we'll see what Hannah has in store for us on an industry view.
[00:48:00] Okay, let me choose
[00:48:04] The one I need. Okay, can you see that?
[00:48:09] Okay so we are going to
[00:48:12] talk about using Airtable in marketing
[00:48:17] and when you think about marketing, there are so many different aspects,
[00:48:23] so many different categories
[00:48:26] that um you know encompass marketing in general. So what's great is that with
[00:48:33] Airtable, whether you're a small business, a larger company or a team,
[00:48:39] you can use Airtable for your different categories of marketing.
[00:48:44] So I'm going to start with this one here and this is actually
[00:48:47] uh the
[00:48:50] template from the Airtable um template section and this is the marketing
[00:48:57] campaign and what's great here is
[00:49:01] you can see that,
[00:49:03] you know we're tracking all of our campaigns uh and facebook on google on
[00:49:09] twitter and
[00:49:11] we're able to see each one in there and know what we have out there,
[00:49:17] how it's done, you can keep track of,
[00:49:20] you know the response to it, what sort of numbers we have for it.
[00:49:25] And so it's a great way to keep everything together and everyone can see what's
[00:49:29] going on.
[00:49:35] So in these you can you can link to each one. So if we want to look at facebook
[00:49:41] we can see how many campaigns we have on facebook, whether they're live or
[00:49:46] planned or paused. And then we can see using some rollup fields,
[00:49:52] we use linked record fields
[00:49:54] and uh
[00:49:55] several different types of fields to see how much we've spent on it,
[00:49:58] what how many clicks we've had on it, uh conversions and things like that.
[00:50:03] So uh this is just one way is to track your ads. Now when it comes to marketing
[00:50:11] you have email marketing, traditional marketing, uh social media
[00:50:18] content, marketing, all these different things. And with Airtable you can you
[00:50:24] can put it all in one base or you can use multiple bases and sync them together.
[00:50:31] So if we want to have our social media calendar,
[00:50:35] we can write what we're gonna talk about what the post is going to be.
[00:50:42] We can add the image for the actual post and all the information.
[00:50:47] Now. What's great now is that in Airtable with the automation now you can
[00:50:54] actually
[00:50:55] send a post directly to whatever platform you want. So not only are you able to
[00:51:01] keep track of all your posts and everything that you're working on now,
[00:51:06] you can go ahead and click a checkbox and send it to twitter.
[00:51:11] So it's really an all in one
[00:51:14] able to see everything.
[00:51:17] Yeah.
[00:51:18] Which which channels do they support? So they support, they have automation is
[00:51:23] for,
[00:51:24] oh goodness.
[00:51:26] Just maybe do the scheduled time. Let me see.
[00:51:37] They also have support for Hoot Suite as well. So if you're already using Hoot
[00:51:44] suite,
[00:51:45] that's a
[00:51:46] great integration there.
[00:51:50] So just natively facebook pages,
[00:51:54] twitter
[00:51:57] and then Hoot suite which can do everything else. So it's a really great way
[00:52:05] to see everything. Um you can create your marketing plan in here,
[00:52:12] just
[00:52:13] kind of keep track of your KPI as what your goals are for your entire marketing
[00:52:22] initiatives um whether that's direct mail, I mean what's great is that really
[00:52:27] anything you can think of, you can create a base in here and Airtable has an
[00:52:33] entire marketing section.
[00:52:36] So
[00:52:37] just to have something out of the box ready to go, you have your content
[00:52:42] calendar, this is that marketing campaign tracker that you saw
[00:52:47] and they really have just a lot of different options.
[00:52:50] And then not only that
[00:52:53] you can go to the Airtable universe and these are user created templates for
[00:53:00] marketing and really it's just so many ways to grab one of these and
[00:53:07] to get started without having to worry about your base set up,
[00:53:12] but you can immediately copy one of these into your workspace and start tracking
[00:53:17] all of your marketing.
[00:53:20] Now. What's even better is now
[00:53:23] that you have everything in Airtable. You can then connect it to zap easier.
[00:53:31] And let's say your company loves spreadsheets and they just can't see using
[00:53:38] anything else. So
[00:53:40] if you add something something in Airtable, create a zap ins Appier and send it
[00:53:46] to a spreadsheet. So you know, the Ceo has access to the spreadsheet um and can
[00:53:52] see that without even having to log into Airtable. So what's great is you can
[00:53:57] connect everything together and
[00:53:59] work with
[00:54:01] however your company needs to work or however you know, who's in charge,
[00:54:06] what they want to see and what can work well for them.
[00:54:10] Yeah.
[00:54:11] Do you also have the if you go to the marketplace,
[00:54:14] maybe check out Airtable dot com slash marketplace
[00:54:26] And they'll have that right there. The four marketing teams.
[00:54:31] Yeah. So they have a collection of apps that are relevant. Although I will say
[00:54:36] they're missing amplify and master calendar. Right?
[00:54:41] Absolutely. Yeah. Obviously all the ones that they put up there to me makes
[00:54:47] sense for marketing teams, but I feel like there's you know,
[00:54:50] maybe a couple more that,
[00:54:51] you know,
[00:54:53] it would work just as well for marketing teams. But that's kind of the thing is
[00:54:56] with their table, everyone uses
[00:54:59] um everyone's Airtable is so different. Which is why in addition to having the
[00:55:04] template gallery, there's the universe and there's, you know,
[00:55:08] there's
[00:55:09] 1000 different ways to just to make any different base. So they might be using
[00:55:14] completely different apps than I think they might. Yeah. 11 app that's in this
[00:55:18] marketing campaign is the charts app. So you can
[00:55:24] have a visual of
[00:55:26] your campaigns and
[00:55:28] let's see on this one how many they have open or how many they have basically in
[00:55:34] each section.
[00:55:38] Yeah, we actually um yeah, they're also missing, they don't have post to
[00:55:44] facebook in their collection of automation ins. Um
[00:55:49] but they do they do have a script for I don't think I've played with that one
[00:55:53] importing Youtube analytics. So maybe I'll have to try that out with her.
[00:55:58] You know, that's pretty great. Weight one. Yeah. I mean what's great is if you
[00:56:04] create your content, whether that's social media or blog posts or videos,
[00:56:09] you can you can add it all in here, sync it together. Have everyone on the same
[00:56:15] page to know how everything is doing
[00:56:18] um in there. And then I also was going to show I actually have this article on
[00:56:24] my website of
[00:56:25] just a bunch of different examples and tutorials that I find out in the wild
[00:56:30] about Airtable and I do have a marketing uh section here. So if you want to go
[00:56:37] through and read, you know, different ways people do it, how they use the
[00:56:42] dashboards connected to google data studio,
[00:56:46] how to automate your social media content using your table, banner bear
[00:56:51] and zap ear. And then also a couple of ultimate guides from the BuiltOnAir
[00:56:55] website.
[00:56:56] So it's a great way to read how other people are using Airtable for marketing
[00:57:01] and
[00:57:02] really the options and opportunities to use it are pretty endless.
[00:57:08] Yeah, we've had, I've worked with several marketing clients,
[00:57:13] it's definitely a high use case of their table, lots of marketing teams are
[00:57:20] using it and they've replaced, I won't name names of where they're coming from,
[00:57:26] but there's software out there that manages, you know, your calendar of your,
[00:57:31] of your post, your blog post, your twitter feeds and whatnot and everything and
[00:57:36] cost thousands of dollars a month. And I've had several clients move off of that
[00:57:41] On2Airtable for for much less and custom built to what they wanted.
[00:57:48] Um and so yeah, Airtable is a great solution for marketing companies
[00:57:53] because every market like you mentioned, every marketing company does things
[00:57:58] differently and they, because that's the whole point is trying to stand out and
[00:58:01] be unique.
[00:58:02] And so if everybody was using the same software, they're kind of doing it the
[00:58:06] same way. So their table breaks that mold of
[00:58:09] being able to really provide your unique approach on how you do your marketing
[00:58:14] and build around
[00:58:16] your workflow.
[00:58:18] Yeah, absolutely.
[00:58:20] So
[00:58:22] yeah, I'll put another, I'll add my plug in here for BuiltOnAir,
[00:58:26] we do have industry guides as well. Um we have one for marketing teams,
[00:58:32] content, marketing, sales and marketing and so great resources to check out and
[00:58:37] read the commerce is similar
[00:58:39] and so another great resource to
[00:58:43] for anybody doing doing marketing and you know, similar to that the calendar,
[00:58:47] I need to go back to to my clients and introduce them the master calendar.
[00:58:51] I think that um I think that would be ideal for for some clients that I'm
[00:58:57] thinking of. So
[00:58:58] that's a perfect use case to keep track of the dates of everything together,
[00:59:03] yep, yep, what's going on there? So
[00:59:07] great, thank you Hannah with that and so
[00:59:12] Believe that ends this week's episode, grateful that everybody could um join us.
[00:59:18] We got a few viewers on our first real live show, but this is episode two and
[00:59:23] join us again next week for on our podcast
[00:59:28] And we will have more fun segments and find episode two
[00:59:33] to join us and love to get your feedback and feel free to subscribe to our
[00:59:38] channels and we will see you next week in the meantime. Uh good luck with your
[00:59:44] Airtable implementations and we love to see what you've built on there.
[00:59:50] Bye see you next week