11/21/2023 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S16-E08

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Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

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Todays Hosts

Kamille Parks – I am an Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app “Scheduler”, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.

Dan Fellars – I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

Scott Rose – Scott Rose is an expert Airtable consultant, a Certified FileMaker Developer, and a Registered Integromat Partner with 30 years of database development experience. Scott is the Chief Geek Officer of ScottWorld.com, where he has built a career developing world-class database systems for businesses. Scott is also a member of MENSA International (the high IQ society) and is an accomplished public speaker. In the early 2000’s, Scott traveled around the country for 6 years with Steve Jobs & the Apple Executive Team as one of Apple’s top professional speakers. Scott spoke at all of Apple’s major events & retail store openings, where he introduced many of Apple’s new products to the public for the very first time. In his free time, Scott gives motivational & inspirational talks at conferences around the globe.

Show Segments

An App a Day – –

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the TabGraph App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Dan walks through a few different ways to visualize the Airtable Data, including TabGraph from the ecosystem.”.

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Round The Bases – 00:01:40 –

Following Articles Used in this Segment:

[Reddit] How to provide your Custom GPT with access to any Airtable base

[Airtable Community] Introducing AI in Automations – Airtable Community

[Reddit] I built a Custom ChatGPT to help with Scripting. : r/Airtable

[Airtable Community] Re: How can I get rid of the cookie popup in the e… – Airtable Community

[Twitter] (14) Rahul Mathur on X: "Airtable has been the subject of intense debate in the past few months: (1) Parted ways with ~ 20% of workforce in Sept ‘23 – 2nd time in last 12 months (Dec ‘22 was also ~20% of workforce) (2) Announced focus on Enterprise Sales & de-prioritization of their core PLG (bottoms…" / X

[BuiltOnAir Community] Impact of changing the primary key

[BuiltOnAir Community] Clear Data feature

[BuiltOnAir Community] Discussion on new AI Automations

[BuiltOnAir Community] Number of runs this month added to automations

An App a Day – 00:01:42 –

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the SimpleTexting App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Scott Rose will showcase how to use Airtable with Make and SimpleTexting for your texting needs.”.

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An App a Day – 00:01:43 –

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the Master Calendar App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Kamille will highlite some upcoming enhancements to her popular Master Calendar app.”.

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Full Segment Details

Segment: An App a Day

Start Time:

Airtable App Showcase – TabGraph – Dan walks through a few different ways to visualize the Airtable Data, including TabGraph from the ecosystem.

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the TabGraph App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Dan walks through a few different ways to visualize the Airtable Data, including TabGraph from the ecosystem.”.

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Segment: Round The Bases

Start Time: 00:01:40

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Following Articles Used in this Segment:

[Reddit] How to provide your Custom GPT with access to any Airtable base

[Airtable Community] Introducing AI in Automations – Airtable Community

[Reddit] I built a Custom ChatGPT to help with Scripting. : r/Airtable

[Airtable Community] Re: How can I get rid of the cookie popup in the e… – Airtable Community

[Twitter] (14) Rahul Mathur on X: "Airtable has been the subject of intense debate in the past few months: (1) Parted ways with ~ 20% of workforce in Sept ‘23 – 2nd time in last 12 months (Dec ‘22 was also ~20% of workforce) (2) Announced focus on Enterprise Sales & de-prioritization of their core PLG (bottoms…" / X

[BuiltOnAir Community] Impact of changing the primary key

[BuiltOnAir Community] Clear Data feature

[BuiltOnAir Community] Discussion on new AI Automations

[BuiltOnAir Community] Number of runs this month added to automations

Segment: An App a Day

Start Time: 00:01:42

Airtable App Showcase – SimpleTexting – Scott Rose will showcase how to use Airtable with Make and SimpleTexting for your texting needs.

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the SimpleTexting App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Scott Rose will showcase how to use Airtable with Make and SimpleTexting for your texting needs.”.

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Segment: An App a Day

Start Time: 00:01:43

Airtable App Showcase – Master Calendar – Kamille will highlite some upcoming enhancements to her popular Master Calendar app.

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the Master Calendar App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Kamille will highlite some upcoming enhancements to her popular Master Calendar app.”.

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Full Transcription

The full transcription for the show can be found here:

[00:00:00] Dan Fellars: Welcome to the Built On Air Podcast, the variety show for all things Airtable. In each episode, we cover four different segments. It's always fresh and different, and lots of fun. While you get the insider info on all things Airtable, our hosts and guests are some of the most senior experts in the Airtable community.

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[00:01:39] Dan Fellars: Welcome back to the BuiltOnAir podcast season 16 final episode of the season and the year episode eight. Good to be with you, Dan Fellers. We got Kamille Parks and Scott Rose back with us. 

[00:01:51] Scott Rose: Welcome back. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving week. 

[00:01:56] Dan Fellars: Yes, busy week here in the States. So [00:02:00] we will we will go through, I'll go through what we're going to be talking about today.

[00:02:04] We always do an hour long show, keep you up to date on everything air table. We'll walk through all the communities. Last my, we'll walk through all the communities first of What's what people are talking about new features updates, then we'll give a shout out to our sponsor On2Air. And then we're going to go through, today we're going to do all apps, so we're going to do three different apps.

[00:02:27] Scott's going to walk through simple texting using Make and Airtable. Then Kamille's going to walk through her own app called Master Calendar and some updates that are coming out there. And then a quick shout out to join our community. And then finally I'm going to walk through one of, another app called TabGraph and talk through a couple different ways to visualize your data.

[00:02:49] Intro: AROUND THE BASES - 00:02:50 

[00:02:50] Dan Fellars: So with that, got a couple updates from the Airtable world. First one is a new announcement, [00:03:00] AI related and AI is a very hot topic this week. We'll talk a little bit about that. So anyways, they announced that you can now do there's a now a. An action within the automation section to perform AI tasks.

[00:03:19] I believe this, you have to have the beta for the AI. Yeah, so everyone who's in the AI beta can, can use this now. And so you just set it up like an action, just like an update or run scripts action. And you can just pre fill it and I think in a future episode, we'll do a segment on this. Somebody I'm sure will.

[00:03:40] So we'll walk through the details of this, but it's pretty basic. I played with it. Pretty simple to set up. So any thoughts on this feature? 

[00:03:49] Kamille Parks: I'm not in the beta, so I haven't been able to use this. Well, 

[00:03:55] Scott Rose: yeah, well, you know, I signed up for the beta and I don't have it on my end. [00:04:00] Really? Yeah. 

[00:04:01] Kamille Parks: Post is from the 16th of November.

[00:04:04] So I would expect you would have it by now if it was like we're launching on that date. I don't 

[00:04:13] Scott Rose: know, or I'll post in that thread and say, Hey, I haven't received it yet like 

[00:04:17] Kamille Parks: account wide. Or is it for a specific basis? 

[00:04:20] Dan Fellars: Of specific bases. 

[00:04:24] Kamille Parks: Okay. So maybe, maybe double check whatever base you were testing the AI field in.

[00:04:33] And if it's not there, I'm sure you could reach out and say, Hey, I'm in this beta. And I might be, 

[00:04:37] Dan Fellars: it might be workspace level. That makes sense to me. 

[00:04:42] Scott Rose: Interesting. Yeah, I'd like to see it. I'd like to play with it and see what, see what it's like. Dan, you said you did play with it a little bit. Yeah, 

[00:04:48] Dan Fellars: yeah, I played with it and, yeah, it works.

[00:04:52] It works as expected. You just basically, you can insert your own variables. It's still at the record level. [00:05:00] So, and then you just save the output of the API request to chat GPT, and it saves it into a field. Well, actually, it doesn't even save it into a field. It just, it's the output of that action.

[00:05:14] And then if you want to save that, then you have to set up an update record to save the output. Right. 

[00:05:21] Kamille Parks: Were you able to test if it works as expected in a repeating action group? 

[00:05:26] Dan Fellars: I did not test in a repeating action group. 

[00:05:29] Kamille Parks: Well, that might be like a way to. You might be able to fire it on like a whole view or a hundred records in a view.

[00:05:37] And then, you know, put this in the repeating action step and do multiple at once. But yeah, it seems like it'd be helpful. I just haven't been able to use it myself. Yeah. 

[00:05:47] Dan Fellars: Yeah. So yeah, we'll, we'll do a segment on it. In the future, keep you up to date. But yeah, so, so Scott, are you saying you have access to the, the other [00:06:00] API stuff, or they haven't given 

[00:06:01] Scott Rose: it?

[00:06:02] No, I don't think I have access to any of the stuff. And I'm, I got to look in my enterprise workspaces to double check that because if it's workspace dependent, then I'm going to have to do some more digging. But I haven't seen any of the AI features pop up for me yet. 

[00:06:21] Kamille Parks: I am now wondering if maybe there was like a cut off point where they were like, except accepting signups up into a particular date and then just like, cut it off.

[00:06:34] I don't know. Maybe that's what happened. But, you know. Wouldn't hurt to reach out because I mean, surely they know you by now 

[00:06:43] Dan Fellars: for good 

[00:06:43] Scott Rose: or bad. Yeah, I'll reach out. I'll see so I can get in on this. Get in on the fun action. 

[00:06:51] Dan Fellars: Yeah. Yeah. If you, if you're on the Facebook community, they, [00:07:00] they talk a lot about it over there.

[00:07:04] Anyways, this is a good, good segue into if, if you're involved at all in the tech world, you've likely heard about major drama at open AI, the, the company behind chat GPT. Major shakeups. It's still not fully resolved. The board, relieved the CEO of all duty, and then he got hired by Microsoft along with the other co founder and there's a lot of drama there.

[00:07:35] And the reason I bring it up is because how it impacts Airtable is Airtable is currently only supporting chat GPT as an AI engine. And so it could be as possible. All almost like 90 percent of the employees at OpenAI said that they would leave unless the board, left and got a new board. And so [00:08:00] OpenAI and ChatGPT may not exist in a week.

[00:08:04] Scott Rose: This is tons of 

[00:08:05] Dan Fellars: drama. Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy. And so that could impact Airtable if, if, you know, if that stabilizes. So at some point Airtable is gonna have to support more engines, you know, more endpoints for, for its ai. 

[00:08:21] Kamille Parks: So as George RR Martin continues to, you know, delay the release of the final Game of Thrones books, we can instead.

[00:08:32] The world of 

[00:08:32] Scott Rose: AI, and by the way, does this not tie in directly to what Kamille said last week on the show where she's like, I'm just, I'm sort of just taking a, I'm just a wait and see approach to what happens with the whole 

[00:08:47] Kamille Parks: chaos is a ladder. I've learned. 

[00:08:53] Dan Fellars: Yeah, there'd be less drama if the AI engines were in charge.

[00:08:59] Kamille Parks: We [00:09:00] say that now. That's how Skynet happened. 

[00:09:03] Scott Rose: That's 

[00:09:03] Dan Fellars: true. So anyway, so yeah, there's, it's all over X, Twitter everywhere. So it's, it's, it's a lot of drama to, to stay on top of what the latest is. But it does impact Airtable, especially as they're working through their AI strategy. Alright, speaking of, speaking of AI, there's a couple other, actually I've got a couple here.

[00:09:36] These are coming from Reddit. Really good. Article. So I think we mentioned this before, like, and this actually, apparently the whole reason of outing the CEO at OpenAI is not fully public. They said that he wasn't being honest. That's what they said in their press release. But they didn't give any specifics, but there is speculation that it revolves [00:10:00] around him moving too fast, especially they just released their their custom GPT feature.

[00:10:06] Where anybody could kind of build their own, AI engine that you could use. And so on the heels of that, Kevin Cole, shout out to him, wrote a really good in depth article on how you would use that, that new functionality directly with Airtable and build an AI that can speak to the Airtable AI and communicate with, with Airtable.

[00:10:34] So this is pretty cool. If you want to play with that new feature, I heard that they had to shut it down. I didn't sign up in time to get access to it. And they got just so much interest in it. They've had to shut down giving people access to it. So you probably can't sign up for building your own, but you can use others that have built one.

[00:10:55] Scott Rose: Very cool. And this looks like it's Kevin dash coal. com. [00:11:00] Yep. Nice. 

[00:11:01] Dan Fellars: So shout out to Kevin. Come on our show. Walk us through how you built this. So yeah, that's kind of cool. If you're in the, if you're into into that kind of stuff. Very cool. And then is this from the same 

[00:11:19] Scott Rose: center? 

[00:11:20] Dan Fellars: Let's see. No, this is a different.

[00:11:23] So here's here is, a similar approach to somebody that built it and then they, and then they made it available. For people to use. So the other one's more a tutorial on how to build one yourself. This is somebody actually sharing it. However, you have to, be a paid subscriber to ChatGPT. So you have to, you have to sign up to, to get access to these custom ones.

[00:11:52] And so, so yeah, so that, that's one. If you do have access to it, then you can actually try [00:12:00] it out and see how that works. So that's in tandem.

[00:12:06] Yeah, so those are the, the custom chat GPT features. Next one we mentioned this a few weeks ago. About some of the drama around air table as a company, and it's about and it's valuation, and what's going on here. Here's just kind of really good summary. If you're looking for a summary, we'll, we'll have this link of kind of what's going on all the back and forth between the, the CEO and then he came on and clarified some of the information, but really good, good thread here of kind of the summary of all the back and forth on that front.

[00:12:43] Interesting. 

[00:12:44] Scott Rose: Interesting. 

[00:12:47] Dan Fellars: All right, let's get into some issues. I think, Scott, you actually pointed this one out. So this is from the air table community. How can I get rid of the cookie pop up in the embed view? You want to explain what's going 

[00:12:59] Scott Rose: on here? [00:13:00] Yeah, it seems like this is something new that air table has just changed when people when you share a view in air table.

[00:13:07] You've two choices. You can just share it using an airtable. com URL and it takes up the whole web page or you can share the view as an embed as an embedded view, meaning that they give you some code iframe code that you can then use on your own website and embed it within your own website. Your airtable view.

[00:13:30] And apparently over the last week or so airtable is now Putting up a, a pop up dialogue that is asking people to allow or accept or decline cookies. Yes. Thank you for bringing that up on the screen there. And so people are saying, so the one guy, so there's a bunch of people in that thread complaining about it, this new behavior.

[00:13:56] One guy said that it's significant. It is significantly decreased signups. [00:14:00] I guess maybe cause that's obscuring whatever is behind it that he wanted people to see, to sign up on his. And then other people are saying that not only does this obscure the view on their site, but even after people accept the cookies they say that when they keep coming back to when they come back to the site again, it keeps popping up over and over again.

[00:14:24] So it seems like there's a double problem here. It does seem a little weird, right? A little intrusive for, for a dialogue to come up, to accept or decline the cookies from within the air table. 

[00:14:38] Kamille Parks: Yeah. Yeah, that's deeply annoying. 

[00:14:46] Scott Rose: That is the perfect, that is the perfect way to sum that up. Deeply annoying.

[00:14:50] Cause 

[00:14:50] Kamille Parks: I, I know that a lot of websites have to be careful about. Being compliant with, you know, certain rules [00:15:00] about, like, you must disclose when you are storing information at all about any visits or traffic to the website. But when you're embedded in another website that might have its own cookies, you know, dialogue box, and then there's another 1 inside of it, and then it's covering information and it's it is pretty. You know, from an end user perspective, it's, it's intrusive and I, I don't, I don't know what you do if you have to have it there. If they didn't just add it just because if they're required to have that there, even if it is an embed, I don't know how you would do it without being so intrusive.

[00:15:42] Surely there's a way for it to remember that you've already said except. So I think that might be a little bit buggy if it's not going away upon revisiting, but. Yeah. Yeah, just just annoying. 

[00:15:56] Scott Rose: Yeah, and what's weird is in the and I guess the big question is what has [00:16:00] changed in the last Seven days where they weren't doing this You know, in the seven years leading up to now, all of a sudden now they're doing this, which 

[00:16:08] Dan Fellars: is so here they got a response from air table saying this pop up is actually part of share link behavior.

[00:16:15] As of now, it's a feature that was implemented by our team not long ago and still in its early stage of impact assessment, 

[00:16:24] Scott Rose: I'd say the impact assessment has been poor so far. Yeah.

[00:16:30] Yeah, I think that would really annoy me if I was embedding air table on my website for my customers to see data and every time they came, they had to keep accepting that or even the first time, even one time obscuring all the data that I'm trying to present. Yeah. 

[00:16:45] S16-E08-video-full: Yeah. 

[00:16:45] Kamille Parks: If it would just put it below the data itself, cause it's an embed, meaning like the, like air table stops at like where the, the grid ends and there's a scroll probably in [00:17:00] there, but underneath that, if they just put the, do you accept cookies thing, it is not on top of stuff.

[00:17:07] Scott Rose: Right. Yeah. That's amazing. Yeah, totally. That's how so many websites do it. You know, that it's taken up the bottom. Inch of your screen and you just accept it, but it's not obscuring anything. 

[00:17:21] Dan Fellars: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That is frustrating. Well, we'll see. We'll keep an eye on this. See if they take the feedback. You know, it's an issue when you get this many responses on the air table community, because it's usually pretty dead.

[00:17:36] But here you see, it's not. 

[00:17:40] Scott Rose: I totally agree. And the other weird thing about. You know, the new air table community is that, you know, in the old community, new applies would push reds up to the top now that never happens. So to your point, Dan, the fact that so many people have found this thread, which [00:18:00] is buried many pages down now and responded to it shows that this is a.

[00:18:05] Alarming issue for people. 

[00:18:06] Kamille Parks: I have a question about the Airtable Community UI. It looks like this post has two likes, 77 views, and no comments, but there are comments. Right . Is that how I'm reading that? ? 

[00:18:21] Scott Rose: You are reading that correctly. Wow. 

[00:18:24] Kamille Parks: what? . Whoops. What? What? Oh my gosh. Alright. And it has 10 likes or 10 kudos, if you will.

[00:18:32] Scott Rose: Oh my gosh. Yeah. I think 

[00:18:34] Dan Fellars: you just, wow. If you count up all the kudos. 

[00:18:38] Scott Rose: Do, do we fi, do we, Kamille? You find the best bugs. Yeah. All right. 

[00:18:46] Dan Fellars: It's not like this software is new or beta. 

[00:18:49] Kamille Parks: No, I, I, I'm not a fan of this platform. I think it's 

[00:18:57] Dan Fellars: there was a comment. One of the, one of [00:19:00] the community managers, I think in response to Kavon said that they are working to address the community issues.

[00:19:07] So whether that means a new platform or bug 

[00:19:10] Scott Rose: fixes, I don't know. Well, you know, we addressed it with tableforms. com. That is, that's the greatest forum for discussing Airtable. 

[00:19:21] Kamille Parks: It is certainly easier to use. That's for sure. 

[00:19:26] Scott Rose: Yeah. And there's no known bugs. 

[00:19:30] Dan Fellars: All right. Well, more so. Yeah. If you, if you rely on embedding, embedding views into your website, be aware, you, you now have to deal with this pop up.

[00:19:42] Scott Rose: You know, can I say one more thing about the embedding views thing? What's interesting about Airtable is that their embedded views have actually never really fully worked on mobile anyways, because they, if you embed it, On your website, and then you load your website on [00:20:00] a mobile device. The toolbar never appears the toolbar for searching, sorting, filtering, coloring.

[00:20:07] The only thing you can do on mobile is just scroll through the list. Like if it's a grid view, for example, you could just scroll through the list. So it's always been a rather ineffective thing. If you have people visiting your website and you want them to be able to filter, sort, search or whatever, because you're presenting them with data, you have to hope they're visiting on a desktop or a laptop, basically.

[00:20:32] Yeah, 

[00:20:33] Dan Fellars: yeah, that's fair. All right, next one. Going back to the built on air community. I thought this was an interesting question. I don't know if we know the answer. It says, does anyone know if I change out the primary field in a table, which is a relatively new feature that Airtable added, will it disrupt APIs like make.

[00:20:54] com or other automations or formula fields, or will it continue tracking that column as it did [00:21:00] before? 

[00:21:01] Kamille Parks: I will say it won't affect formula fields. Unless and, you know, there's a caveat there. If you have table a and table B, and they're linked together, right? If you change the primary field in table a to something else, and there's a formula in table B, that references that linked field.

[00:21:23] It's values are going to change, right? Because the name of your record is now different, but the formula will be intact. If that makes sense, it's not going to throw an error, but you're, you've named your records differently, right? So all the outputs of your formulas are therefore going to be different.

[00:21:42] So in that regard, it's going to work, but you should be aware that multiple things might change. I haven't tested, but you might also want to double check that might affect last modified times for [00:22:00] formulas. Technically last modified times don't. Can't target formula, formula fields, but last modified automations can.

[00:22:13] So if you're targeting a formula field that is in some way referencing the primary field of a record, it might recognize that the value has changed and therefore it might trigger an automation. That's something to consider. Again, I haven't tested that, but I suspect that it will because you are changing the value of the record.

[00:22:36] In terms of how make and Zapier and Parabola and NNN and how all of those work, it kind of depends on what you've done. Because speaking about make there's the search records, [00:23:00] module, and it's not asking for a primary field. So, you know, that doesn't matter necessarily. And then the update and absurd, I'm pretty sure they ask for a record ID and that's not changing.

[00:23:17] So that doesn't matter. So you might, you might be fine. Maybe the 

[00:23:24] Dan Fellars: 1, the 1 scenario. I think it could be an issue because. So one thing is if you do switch out your primary field, the IDs do, do stay consistent. So, Mm-Hmm, , the fields keep the same IDs they had, it just switches. Which one's the primary?

[00:23:41] Yeah, the one, the one scenario where it could mess things up is. If you're using linked records and you're inserting the name of the linked record, you now need to use the value of the new primary field for that. So that is a scenario where you need to update the value [00:24:00] you're inserting for the linked record field.

[00:24:03] Kamille Parks: Great call out. 

[00:24:04] Scott Rose: Right, right. You're talking about like in Make, Dan? Or you're talking about anything, scripting, 

[00:24:11] Kamille Parks: yeah, anything API, I guess. 

[00:24:14] Scott Rose: Right. That's a really good point. Yep. And you know, and make does have that feature where you can specify, where you can tell make to only use field IDs for things. And so if you've turned on that option in your scenario, then it would be pointing the wrong field then basically, if you were, well, actually, no, it wouldn't be right.

[00:24:34] Cause they're keeping their field IDs. So you'd probably still be expecting it. Yeah. I think there would probably be minimal disruption except for what you were saying, Dan. 

[00:24:42] Kamille Parks: Yeah, I do think that might be the one piece that is likely it's definitely consistent for make and Zapier and all of the other like integration hubs.

[00:24:54] If you were counting on that same scenario, table A and table B are [00:25:00] linked and you are creating or modifying a record in table B, including the linked record. Relationship to table a and you're inserting the name of the record, you want to make sure that your automation is now inserting the correct name of the record because you switched what the name is.

[00:25:19] So you need to point it to whatever the other field 

[00:25:22] Scott Rose: is. Right? Right. That's such a good point because I bet a lot of people are doing that. Yeah. Great point. 

[00:25:31] Dan Fellars: Yeah. There's more. And 

[00:25:33] Kamille Parks: that does apply to Airtable automations as well. If you're not linking explicitly by record IDs, you're doing record name everywhere.

[00:25:43] Just every automation you have, I guess, just double check.

[00:25:49] Dan Fellars: Be cautious of that. All right, next one. This oops. This is a new feature that [00:26:00] apparently Meredith found. This clear data option. So if you click on the drop down of a table, they now added this clear data right above delete table. So we tried to figure out what it actually means, and it basically means delete the record, all the records in that table.

[00:26:20] But not delete the table itself, the structure. 

[00:26:26] Scott Rose: Yeah, it's interesting because it doesn't come up too often. Although I think a good use case scenario would be if you're duplicating your base because you want to make like a, an archive. Of your old data, and then you want to start all over again with fresh data.

[00:26:39] And 1 of the 2 bases, you could just clear out the table. Yeah. 

[00:26:45] Dan Fellars: Yeah. So that's interesting. Let me double check. See if it's 

[00:26:48] Scott Rose: here. I don't really know. It doesn't come up that often though. So I don't know 

[00:26:53] Kamille Parks: and it, it will have the dialog box, right? That's what we saw in that screenshot. Like, are [00:27:00] you sure you want 

[00:27:00] Dan Fellars: me to easily just click the checkbox here?

[00:27:03] Like, it's two steps to delete all records. 

[00:27:07] Scott Rose: Yeah, 

[00:27:08] Kamille Parks: it is like, you have to have a great view. Air table won't let you not have a grid view, but you can't do that in like a, if you're looking at a calendar or a gallery or something, but if you have like thousands, thousands, thousands of records, sometimes air tables really slow with the select all thing.

[00:27:27] So I'm wondering if this is just more. Hmm. It's prepared for mass deletions, if that makes sense. 

[00:27:34] Scott Rose: Yeah, right, right. It 

[00:27:38] Kamille Parks: feels conditionally useful, but to your point, Scott, I don't think it's going to come up very often in most people's experience with their table. It's going to be like, you know, once in a blue moon, you'll need to clear everything out of a particular table.

[00:27:57] Scott Rose: Yeah, it seemed like at [00:28:00] first when I First learned about this. If it seems slightly alarming, they're like, Oh my gosh, someone could accidentally clear all the data. But then I realized, well, right underneath it is delete table. So either one of those could be potentially alarming. And so I guess that as long as people don't accidentally choose those two, you're fine.

[00:28:21] Dan Fellars: So, yeah. Yeah, Carlson says, maybe it makes your data less confusing and it clears it up like an AI 

[00:28:28] Scott Rose: feature to 

[00:28:30] Kamille Parks: clarify data.

[00:28:35] Scott Rose: It's the newest AI feature, but they spelled it wrong because it has to be clarified. Yeah, 

[00:28:40] Dan Fellars: clear it up. All right. Next one. Oh, this is just discussion on the new AI automation feature. If you want to see feedback of what people are saying about it, and it does support, I guess, 1 thing it supports [00:29:00] version 3.

[00:29:00] 5 as well as GPT version 4, GPT version 4. So that's that. Okay. Here's another one. Ben Green points out that they now on an automation, you can actually see, 

[00:29:20] Kamille Parks: let's see, 

[00:29:21] Dan Fellars: number of runs per month, number of runs per month or that have happened this month right there, because before they only gave you like in the account sending across all automations, the total runs.

[00:29:36] Scott Rose: Wait a second. I'm not seeing this either. Is this why am I not seeing any of the new features? 

[00:29:42] Kamille Parks: Scott, you need to turn your computer up and turn it back 

[00:29:45] Scott Rose: on. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Are you guys seeing this on 

[00:29:49] Kamille Parks: your end? I haven't noticed it. 

[00:29:54] Scott Rose: I would feel so much better if Kamille wasn't getting these features either.

[00:29:58] Kamille Parks: I don't know. Let [00:30:00] me see. I think it was automation. 

[00:30:05] Scott Rose: What was that? 

[00:30:08] Dan Fellars: And he was seeing it in here, right? On this view. Yeah. 

[00:30:14] Scott Rose: Wait, can we, let's take screenshot. Yeah. That's on that view. Yeah. So you're not seeing it on your end either. I don't see it. Is Ben punking us? Ben? 

[00:30:24] Dan Fellars: Ben, Ben might have access to some top secret betas.

[00:30:28] He's, he's very 

[00:30:31] Scott Rose: well connected. Yeah, 

[00:30:33] Dan Fellars: so that could be it. 

[00:30:36] Scott Rose: I'm so glad that none of us are seeing this. 

[00:30:39] Kamille Parks: Well, it sounds like it would be useful just as a quick. Visual thing. They still need to allow you to search automations. That's, that's not a thing. And we need a more visible place to see what you've added as the description for an automation.

[00:30:56] The description for automation steps is plainly visible, but the [00:31:00] whole automations description, you only get if you hover over the tool tip. So whenever they launch this, they should also launch those other 2 things. 

[00:31:10] Scott Rose: I agree. 

[00:31:11] Dan Fellars: Yeah. Yeah. All right. Last one coming from, we talked a little bit about table forums.

[00:31:17] Here's a really good review. Last week we talked about the new form builder and Kamille, you walked through how to use it that's inside the interfaces. So here's a good review of that. And Kamille provides that good review. Yep. 

[00:31:34] Scott Rose: Yep. Yeah. And as Kamille said last week, they, it is, they're confusing people by using the word upgrade.

[00:31:42] Because it's not an upgrade. It's you get to choose. Do you want the interface form builder or do you want the form view builder? 

[00:31:50] Kamille Parks: I think migrate might be a better word and it's not quite an interface form, which is why I was struggling with [00:32:00] not calling it that last week because, the in interfaces.

[00:32:07] There's a, there's buttons that's like open it, open a record form and that's, that's an interface form. These are the form builder. And if you look at the like, description or the help article for it, it's not called an interface form. At least not yet. Even though you get there from the. Interfaces tab, 

[00:32:37] Scott Rose: right?

[00:32:37] It's, 

[00:32:38] Kamille Parks: it's, there's a layer of separation there because there's different features in it than in the full page and the modal versions of interface forms. And so there's 3 different types of forms you can make right now. And they're all very similar, 

[00:32:58] Scott Rose: but it's so true. 

[00:32:59] Kamille Parks: [00:33:00] I'm I imagine the interface forms are going to go away in favor of the form builder.

[00:33:06] That makes sense to me and form views might stay. They might not ever be depreciated. I don't know, but they are probably going to push people more towards the. No, the form builder. That's my guess. And next season, I'm sure I will be proven wrong. 

[00:33:26] Scott Rose: But I think that the three of us, we could go, you know, over the Thanksgiving weekend and come up with better names for all these things.

[00:33:32] But then present the air table next week. Yeah. 

[00:33:37] Dan Fellars: Cause yeah. Cause you had, cause if, if you upgrade. You still have access to the original form, you know, so if I would think upgrade means it converts that current, you know, that existing 1 to the new version, but you're not really doing that. So that would be a fear of like, okay, if I click this button, like, this is what this thread is about.

[00:33:58] Like, what happens to my old [00:34:00] 1? If I, if I don't like the new 1, 

[00:34:02] Kamille Parks: if you've already distributed the link, does that mean you have to send a new link to people? It does want to use that new. Okay. Form builder experience, but like you your existing form will remain in place. Yeah. 

[00:34:14] Dan Fellars: Yep. Yep. Yep. Yeah, that would be cool if they had a redirect feature where if you had links out to your old 1, you could say automatically redirect everything to the new 1.

[00:34:25] Scott Rose: Oh, that's true. You could, I guess you could put on your manual link for people to click on, but that's it though. It wouldn't be an automatic 

[00:34:34] Dan Fellars: redirect. You could update. Yeah. You could update that form and say, go here now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyways, that concludes our our around the bases and keeping you up to date with everything air table related.

[00:34:49] We'll see. We'll be off for a month or so. We'll see what they announced by the end of the year. 

[00:34:55] Scott Rose: Oh, we got a comment from Alicia. Oh, yeah. Yes. Upon submit is lacking in the [00:35:00] new form builder. Yeah, that's correct. 

[00:35:02] Kamille Parks: That is the 1 sort of piece it's the submission options for the new form builder. It that limitation is also present in interface forms, which again are very similar, but not quite.

[00:35:16] But form views remain the only ones that can redirect to a specific URL after submission. And they also have the baked in email, whoever is logged in and email the person who submitted the form. Those aren't features in. The new form builder experience. I feel like they will probably probably be added at some point.

[00:35:40] I don't think they are going to be like. Abandoned necessarily as features, but you cannot do them today.

[00:35:50] SPONSOR HIGHLIGHT - 00:35:51

[00:35:51] Dan Fellars: All right. Quick shout out to On2Air backups. If you need to, if you're relying on your data for anything mission critical in your [00:36:00] business, you need to be backing it up outside of our table and onto where is the leading provider for backup solutions specific to our table. Check us out at On2Air. com. 

[00:36:10] And over the break, we will be releasing some new functionality. So I'm excited next season to showcase some of that. The last few months, we've been working on stability and making some underlying improvements, but now we're back to feature development. So we will be announcing some new functionality coming up during the break.

[00:36:31] So. Shout out to On2Air. Join it. Sign up there. Use BUILTONAIR as a coupon code that gives you a discount and get started backing up your data. 

[00:36:41] AN APP A DAY - SIMPLE TEXTING - 00:36:44

[00:36:44] All right, Scott, share your screen. Yes, this is the Twilio killer, 

[00:36:51] Scott Rose: the Twilio killer. We're going to talk about simple texting today. Oh, you know, I'd love to share my entire [00:37:00] screen if it'll let me.

[00:37:00] Let's see. Does this Is this readable or can you, is this good? Can you guys see my screen? Okay, cool. Cause I want to show you text messages in the background. Yeah, so this came up this week with a client of mine. He's actually a friend of the show. He listens to us on Spotify and his name is Nick.

[00:37:21] I've been creating all sorts of cool things with him. He's up in Toronto. And so I want to say a shout out to him. He's probably listening to us. Right now. And, and what I was going to say, just kick this off is that, you know, I've created like an uncountable number of text messaging systems with air table.

[00:37:42] And in the past I've historically always used Twilio, you know, cause they're sort of the biggest player. They have the Twilio extension for air table and it's sort of like just real easy to just. Seems like it's really easy to just dive in because Twilio is everywhere, but if you've actually ever used [00:38:00] Twilio, it is so complex.

[00:38:02] I don't know if you guys have had experience with Twilio. Their API is unbelievably complex. Their documentation is so complex. It's so, it's so difficult. And, and when Nick came to me a couple of weeks ago and said that he wanted to do a text messaging system, I took it as an opportunity to say, you know what, I think it's time for us to start exploring other text messaging platforms.

[00:38:31] So we looked at a bunch of different text messaging platforms and together, and we discovered simple texting. And it lives up to its name. It is so simple. You would not believe it. It's like, it's such a breeze compared to Twilio. So I know that I actually on this podcast, I actually showed a Twilio text messaging solution back in 2021.

[00:38:57] So here we are two years later, and I'm going to show you a simple [00:39:00] texting solution. So one cool thing. That I really love about simple texting is that when you log into their website and you have your number They actually give you an interface here where you can send and receive text messages Right here right from their website.

[00:39:17] So you actually can do everything right here, you don't even need like a front end database like air table or Or make or anything, you know to actually control it. It could all be done here And it just groups all your text messages together based based on the person that you're communicating with and There was one other thing I was going to say, but I forgot i'll probably remember in a moment But anyways, let's go into our air table base here for a moment now today i'm going to show you how you can use an air table interface or an air table grid view To send and receive messages with people with your [00:40:00] customers, for example But just so you know what i'm doing with nick we're doing something completely different with him.

[00:40:05] We're doing a completely Automated text messaging system for him once a day His system is sending out text messages to all the employees that are on the schedule that day To make sure that they have taken their that they that their supervisors have given them their break for the day And so at a certain time of the day Everyone that's on the schedule gets an automated text message and they reply With either one or two whether they've gotten their break or not And if they say Two they haven't gotten their break Then the supervisor will get a text message letting them know that this employee needs to take their break and that is it's all automated and it's powered by air table and make but I thought that that might not be as fun to show because there's really no human interaction with that.

[00:40:58] It's really just the text [00:41:00] messaging table in air table. It just keeps showing what's happening throughout the day. The text messages just keep loading. You see the responses and it goes from there. So I thought it would be more fun to show you more of an interactive video. Demo where the humans are involved.

[00:41:15] So what I've got here is I've got our flower order database and we've got our list of customers here, and then we've also got a text messaging tab and each text message is linked to a particular customer. So we have one customer here and it's grouped by customer and you could see the. The chain of text messages that have come in so far.

[00:41:39] And if we look at this from an interface point of view, this is where it looks even nicer because what you can do is you can click on one of your customers here on the left and then right over here, you can have the whole chain of text messages going right here. So if I want to send a new message to this customer.[00:42:00] 

[00:42:00] And by the way, I'm on the demo version of simple text, so I think I can only send to my own phone number. I'm on the free the free plan right now. So I'm going to just send this to myself. And so right here from the interface, you can click. Let me go back and show you what I clicked on. I clicked on add message right here, and the customer is already pre selected for me because I'm on this customer.

[00:42:25] And I'm just going to say hello and thank you for watching the show. And then if I want, I can also attach images as well. So on my desktop, I have a whole bunch of images. Oh, I don't have the dog images out, but I have cat images here and I'm going to upload this so you can send MMS messages as well. And I'm going to say, create, and then that will show up in a moment.

[00:42:55] Now it hasn't shown up here yet because it hasn't yet been processed by [00:43:00] simple texting and make. com, which is. In the background doing this whole thing, but there it is. It now came into air table. This actually means that it was successfully sent by simple texting. And it shows me that this is an outgoing message.

[00:43:16] Here's the date and the time. Here's the message and here's the media. And then, you know, I could just click in on this and. Oh, you know what? I didn't actually put the media here on the screen, but you know, you could just add that there, then see it. Then here in the background is my text messaging app.

[00:43:34] And so you can see that I got the photo and I got the message and it's adding the word simple texting here because I'm on the free plan, but of course, once you start paying for it that disappears, so there it is, it says, hello, and thank you for watching the show and then in reply, I can respond. And I could say, you are welcome.

[00:43:57] Take a look at my pretty [00:44:00] cat and I will put in another cat photo here

[00:44:07] for all you dog lovers, the next demo I do, it'll be all dog photos. So I just sent that and, and then in a moment after simple text processes, this, and it gets sent, it should only be a couple of seconds. Then it'll show up here as an incoming text message. And if we're curious to see where things are in the process, we could just look at our inbox here on the simple texting website.

[00:44:39] And we can actually see that the message has actually not yet gotten to simple texting. Sometimes, you know, there's typically this happens pretty instantaneous. And let me just make sure there wasn't an error here as well. So 

[00:44:59] Kamille Parks: as we're [00:45:00] sort of talking through because like sending a text message back and forth, I'm sure in the back end of it all, it's going to be pretty similar between what Twilio is doing behind the scenes and what Simple Texting is doing behind the scenes.

[00:45:13] But you mentioned that working with Simple Texting is so much easier than Twilio. What about this? Is easier to manage in simple texting. Cause I'm sure like they both have a, a predefined make module, but like, what about it's connecting points is easier to work with. 

[00:45:33] Scott Rose: Yeah. Yeah. It's a great question. It's, and you are right.

[00:45:35] That may, cause I'm going to show you sort of the underpinnings of this in a moment. And by the way, you could see that that message did actually come in here, although it didn't download the. 

[00:45:46] Kamille Parks: That might be an air table thing. It might be an air 

[00:45:48] Dan Fellars: table. Ah, okay. Cool. Long standing air table bug. 

[00:45:52] Scott Rose: Oh, okay. Yeah, you can see I did all these tests earlier today and you can see that they, it was processing the images properly.

[00:45:58] So [00:46:00] maybe yeah, maybe that'll come in in a little bit. But the, but to answer your question, you are correct that if you go to make. com and you look at all the apps they support, they do have, you know, native support for Twilio. And they also have native support for simple texting. And I think that what some of the complexity comes in with the way that Twilio handles a lot of.

[00:46:31] The different things that could come up, like, for example, I'm trying to think of some great examples here. A lot of it has to do with the downloading of the media, which Twilio makes a lot more difficult through their API, and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to do that. There's also, even before you.

[00:46:48] Get to the automation part. Twilio makes you go through a very confusing process to register the numbers. If you do have a, you're, you have to now have to register your text messaging [00:47:00] numbers, and it's a very lengthy process that takes multiple days and it's not clear how to do it on their website. So just the setup process can take you many days with Twilio and with simple texting, it's, it's almost immediate.

[00:47:14] You get your number immediately and you could start text messaging within a few minutes. Going back to the API stuff it can be very challenging to communicate with Twilio when you're trying to download messages that have already been sent in the past because you want to see what their current status is.

[00:47:34] And one, that's sort of one key difference that I've noticed between simple texting and Twilio where Twilio will report back to you. That the message was sent, but it may not have actually been successfully sent yet. It actually may have been bounced back to you. And I've noticed that with simple texting, they don't do that.

[00:47:52] They don't report back to you that the message was sent unless it was successfully sent. And so in my [00:48:00] personal experience, it's lots of little baby things, little tiny things that add up and make it a much more complex process. But a lot of times you actually have to dive into the API code because in both simple texting and Twilio.

[00:48:15] And the reason is because when you look at make and what they support, they don't necessarily always support every single function. So, for example, with simple texting, they have 18 different modules, which is quite a bit. But what they don't have, let me just make sure I'm saying this correctly. Yep.

[00:48:36] What they don't have is the get a media function where you can actually download the images. Wait, where did this go? Here it is. And so every once in a while, and same thing with Twilio, right? Where make might have access to some of the things that are pre built in but Then there's a couple of specialized things or a couple of [00:49:00] extra things you might want to do Where you need to start diving into the api itself and you have to make a custom api call And if you compare the api documentation of simple texting to twilio It, this is where it really lives up to the name, simple texting, because you can see everything is just clearly laid out here very, very simply.

[00:49:23] It's very, very easy to read the API. It's very easy to use the API. And when you go to Twilio, you can really, really get lost in the jungle. Even just something as simple as setting up web hooks in Twilio. If you've ever done that before, it's really, really difficult to even find on their website where you go to configure the webhooks for receiving incoming messages.

[00:49:50] And it is so simple in in simple texting. It's just right here on the integrations page. You just go right here. And here you go. [00:50:00] Here's your web hooks. You just set 'em up right here. It was like two clicks away, and you could be scrambling all through the Twilio website for 10, 15 minutes. So I feel like in general, it feels like the people who created simple texting, and apparently this has been out for a really long time.

[00:50:16] I just didn't know about it. This has been out for years and years and years. It feels like they are, they've made everything much cleaner, clearer. And I really do think they're trying to live up to that name. Simple texting. Do you want me to show you briefly how it works behind the scenes or no?

[00:50:39] Dan Fellars: Real quick. 

[00:50:40] Scott Rose: This is the incoming text. By the way, this shows you how easy it is. If you were to do this in Twilio and you were processing media, for example, you would need a lot more modules than this. But right here, you just watch for incoming messages. And then you, I add in this search [00:51:00] records here because the phone number that comes in from simple texting, you want to be able to link it to a customer in air table.

[00:51:07] So you just search for the right contact in air table, and then you create the new record in air table with whatever values you want. And that's it. It's just three simple modules. Same thing with the outgoing text. It's just as easy. And hopefully it'll load. If not, you can imagine how easy it is.

[00:51:30] I'm sure it's just a simple. Yeah, it's just a simple. 

[00:51:36] Dan Fellars: So you're using an air table automation to send a webhook post. 

[00:51:41] Scott Rose: That is correct. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. And you could do it, you know, a bunch of different ways as well. Like, of course, you could write your own javascript calls directly to simple text like you don't need to.

[00:51:52] You know, get make involved. I always like using make for everything cause it's so easy, but yes, I have an air table automation [00:52:00] that triggers this web hook right here, and then I just download all the information from that record. Into make, I could also just send all the information directly into the web hook, but I like just sending the record ID and then downloading the whole record right here and Then that's it.

[00:52:19] Then you just send it to Simple texting you just put in the customer's phone number any media that they've attached and the message and that's it. And then after it sends, you always get an ID code, so you'll always get an ID whether the message was sent or received. So I like to go back into air table and update that.

[00:52:38] So if I show the message ID, this will let me know the message ID in case I ever need to redownload that message from from simple texting and, or if I need to troubleshoot and say, Hey, why didn't this media item come in? I might've done something wrong in the code or something like that. So I like to store the message ID.

[00:52:59] And then one [00:53:00] other thing, if I, if they do want to. Send a message right from the grid view. What I like to do is I like to create a little action button here. So this is not a button, but a drop down single single. Thank you. I'm already forgetting my terms. And they would just choose send message so they could do it right here on the grid view, put whatever they want, then choose send message.

[00:53:25] And then this can trigger an automation also, and then do it from there. So that's sort of a brief overview of simple texting. You could literally be up and running with it in about 15 minutes, probably. Yeah. So I'm going to stop. Very cool. So I'm super excited about about it. Yeah, 

[00:53:47] Dan Fellars: that's cool. I'm going to check it out as well.

[00:53:49] That's awesome. Very cool. 

[00:53:51] AN APP A DAY - MASTER CALENDAR - 00:53:54

[00:53:54] All right, Kamille, we'll wrap up with yours. So take your time, walk us through master [00:54:00] calendar and what we got coming. 

[00:54:02] Kamille Parks: All righty. So I have a couple of different extensions that are available on the marketplace. One of them is master calendar upon its release, I sort of promised to the world that I would not bother people about it until there was an update.

[00:54:20] And I'm talking about it now because I am actively working on adding a couple of features to it upon its next release. I'm tentatively calling it master calendar too. But, just so that everyone's aware, I'm You Thinking the way this might end up being released as a separate extension from the marketplace, just so that if you have master calendar already installed in your base, and there's something wonky about the upcoming release, or you don't like some of the implementations of master calendar You can keep everything How it currently is.

[00:54:56] So hopefully that makes sense. [00:55:00] And before I begin, I will just give another shout out to full calendar dot io, which is the thing that master calendar is built on top of. And a lot of the features that I'm adding are possible because they are possible in the, underlying calendar full calendar dot io.

[00:55:18] Great open source platform. Can't recommend them enough. So here is just a preview of what master calendar 2. 0 might look like has a slightly different design that is a little bit more consistent with air tables, more recent styling, but more importantly, what are some of the features that I'm thinking of adding?

[00:55:41] One of the features that's been requested before is being able to color code events on the calendar by their view. Currently, you can color code your different feeds or selected calendars using this color picker. But if you wanted the [00:56:00] events on the calendar itself to be color coded by whatever they are in the selected view.

[00:56:06] So, in this case, I've said content pipeline is my view I'm pulling in records from. I would be able to use that views color configuration. Second one is pretty simple for whether or not to show or hide weekends. The third one, time slot duration, this came up. Actually, last week, I think someone said they were working on events that last 2 to 5 minutes long and.

[00:56:36] Obviously, master calendar is sort of on a 30 minute basis at the moment as the slot width, but I am allowing the ability to control how long the time slots are. So if I do done and then just demo, you can see the color of my records have changed based on that view that was selected. But if I go into week or [00:57:00] day mode, you'll see my day is really long now because the time slot is five minutes because that's what I've controlled 115 to 120.

[00:57:10] So that's really simple an option that I'm adding in and then the default will be 30. So consistent with what it is now. Another thing that I'm adding is business hours. So, if you wanted, you can disable this entirely. But if you wanted to say highlight 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. and I go back to my week, you, you'll be able to see that, highlighted here.

[00:57:43] So these are the working hours. If you will, that can be controlled. Another thing that I haven't implemented in the demo that I'm currently showing now, but I am actively working on the other main [00:58:00] app that I have in the marketplace is called scheduler, which will present you with a very similar looking calendar and will, basically disallow you from having overlapping events. So if you are scheduling appointments, for instance, you don't necessarily want to have overlapping records because everybody gets their own time slot. I'm working on adding that functionality to master calendar as well and. How that might be implemented.

[00:58:32] I haven't yet decided, but I'm thinking of having that being controlled at the feed by feed basis. So maybe these dates should be able to overlap, but maybe these dates shouldn't and. I'm having that as a toggle. So this might move, which is why it's not actively implemented yet. And then the last thing I'm just going to point it out because it is visible in the [00:59:00] demo version I'm using.

[00:59:01] I'm working on the ability to show events that don't come from this space. So I'm currently in my master calendar block demo base, So But the idea of this implementation is the ability for you to insert an iCal subscription link and have those appear on the calendar. That is a feature in full calendar.

[00:59:28] io, which again is what master calendar is built on top of, but I haven't been able to get this to actually work yet. So I can't necessarily promise that this will be present in master calendar 2. 0, which I'm sure is disappointing to many. I think that's the number one thing that has been requested and it is by far the most complex to implement, which is why it still isn't in there.

[00:59:55] But I am actively working towards trying to get at least some version [01:00:00] of it available, but everything else I've gone over will definitely be there. Some things that were changed under the hood also make master calendar a little bit. Speedier. And, another thing I didn't really go over, but has been requested before.

[01:00:18] If you expand out the sidebar, the list of all of your different feeds, which might come from different tables, across your base, the ability to sort of conditionally or quickly, like, toggle these on and off rather than deleting the whole feed. So there'll probably be a checkbox of some sort up at the top or an implementation similar to how air table has this sort of drop down.

[01:00:46] And you would, select these on or off. So things that I'm working on. The hope is that this will have launched by the time we come back for our podcast, but that I can't [01:01:00] necessarily guarantee because when I finish my code and submit it to Airtable, of course, they have their review process. The holidays are coming up, so I'm unsure how long that review process will be, but most of the things I've talked about have already been implemented and tested, so I'm crossing my fingers for a quick turnaround on its official release.

[01:01:19] Scott Rose: Now, Kamille, I'm not sure if you mentioned this at the very, very beginning, but one of the key things that brings people to Master Calendar to begin with is the ability to display events from many different tables. 

[01:01:33] Kamille Parks: Yes. So thank you, Scott. Again, you, you advertise better and more often for Master Calendar than I do.

[01:01:40] So the whole point of Master Calendar is I'm pulling in multiple different date fields from the same table. And they happen to be from the same view, but the more important pieces, I can pull in [01:02:00] things from a completely different table and a completely different view, of course. And then give them a name that's not necessarily the primary field.

[01:02:10] And then. Have my calendar now load in records from 3 different sources. So, and then just as a, as a note, you'll see that this is coming in gray, but the feet color is this sort of teal. And that's because I have color by view turned on. I go back to color by feed. You can see that's already. Updated and working, but yes, the whole point of master calendar is to show multiple different tables on 1 calendar based on whatever start and end dates that you give it and the hope.

[01:02:49] Is that in the future, we'll be able to do iCal subscription links as well. Again, I haven't quite cracked the code on getting that to be enabled, but I am cautiously [01:03:00] optimistic. We will see if it's not available, I will make that abundantly clear. As a matter of transparency, if you already have a subscription, you will just sort of get all of these features.

[01:03:14] There will be no price increase at all whatsoever. Also in the spirit of scheduler, which is what the prevent or allow event overlapping is going to be inspired by scheduler is an open source extension. So this feature will be available. Whether or not you have a subscription for master calendar you'll be able to basically replace the scheduler extension with master calendar.

[01:03:43] If you so choose. 

[01:03:45] Dan Fellars: Very cool. And that's your extension, the scheduler. Yes. 

[01:03:50] Kamille Parks: So that's the other one. Just called scheduler. Yeah. So, [01:04:00] this one could also use an update, but the, the most, because all of it can be housed inside of master calendar. That's why I'm kind of. Leaning more towards you just just moving it over 

[01:04:13] Dan Fellars: just use this.

[01:04:14] Yeah. Yeah. This is this is 1 of the most beautiful apps in the marketplace. 

[01:04:22] Kamille Parks: Thank you. This is very difficult. I just want to say a very, very. Very difficult thing to build. And I'm very thankful for everyone who's given it a try over the year since its release and given me a lot of great feedback on how it can be improved, including everything that I've basically gone over over here.

[01:04:45] But yeah, getting it to look even halfway decent was very difficult. There's, I empathize with their table, not having this being a real feature. Yeah, I, 

[01:04:59] Dan Fellars: yeah, this is [01:05:00] hard. We just need this to be able to be embedded inside of interfaces. I 

[01:05:10] Kamille Parks: feel like you figured it out with ListView being able to have multiple different tables represented on a single.

[01:05:17] Element and you could, you could do it with calendars. I've, I've done it. It's, it's certainly possible directly with their API. So, yeah, if they want to take some notes, I'll be 

[01:05:30] Dan Fellars: happy to, I want to allow for extensions to be, yeah, because 

[01:05:36] Kamille Parks: again, I've already done it rather than reinvent the wheel.

[01:05:40] Just just put this thing in here. 

[01:05:42] Scott Rose: Exactly. Exactly. And if you're watching and you haven't already figured it out, if you're doing anything with calendaring in Airtable, you've got to be using this extension, Master Calendar by Kamille. Thanks, Scott. Like a little commercial there. 

[01:05:57] Kamille Parks: Alright, I promise to not talk about Master [01:06:00] Calendar again until it's 

[01:06:01] Scott Rose: officially released.

[01:06:03] Until they allow extensions in the interface. Oh, no, no, that would be way too long. We're probably be waiting a long time for that. And I'll 

[01:06:08] Kamille Parks: never speak of it again. 

[01:06:10] Dan Fellars: Probably too, unfortunately. Very good. 

[01:06:14] Well, join our community, please BuiltOnAir.Com slash join. We'd love to have you in subscribe to our YouTube channel.

[01:06:20] And we appreciate everybody and joining us this season. If you have something, if you're doing anything in air table, we want to hear about it. We want you to come on the show. Please join us, reach out and we'll get you on. In next season. So we'll be back in January. Everybody have a great holiday and we'll 

[01:06:37] Scott Rose: see you then.

[01:06:38] Thanks. Happy holidays.

[01:06:55] OUTRO - 01:06:56

[01:06:56] Thank you for joining today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it. Be [01:07:00] sure to check out our sponsor, Ontoware backups, automated backups for air table. We'll see you next time on the built on air podcast.