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Here are a few things we wanted to share with you this week from the Airtable and the BuiltOnAir Community! 


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In episode 2 of season 12 our hosts are joined by Lorenzo Lee. We dive into a full working base that Lorenzo Lee will showcase a full working platform to handle dispatching of drivers to assist with community needs for transporting people to different locations.


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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights

Image Markup – With the image markup app, you can annotate images, leave comments, draw shapes, add emojis, and more—all using the data directly from your records.


Scheduler – With the scheduler app, you can select one or more records in a grid view and display all of the related records on a calendar interface. You can click and drag dates on the calendar to select a start and end time subject to a set of constraints. Knowing what resources are taken or occupied and planning around them is as simple as a drag and drop.

Airtable Universe Highlights

House Plant Tracker – The House Plant Tracker is a catalog of your plants where you can track watering schedules, light and moisture requirements, repotting dates, and more.


Class (or team) Roster -Do you need a place to keep track of your class or team? The students/players, the parents, photos of everyone, siblings, birthdays, which class or team they are on are all centralized into one place. 

BuiltOnAir.com Resources

AIRPRESS – Airpress is a robust tool that allows users to integrate their Airtable databases with their WordPress websites.

TABLE2SITE – Table2Site is is a time saving tool that allows you to build a website straight from data within an Airtable database. The main specialty of the tool is doing websites with continuous-updating lists (like job listing sites).


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