Season 2 of the BuiltOnAir Podcast just wrapped up last week. 

Our guests came from California and New York, Florida and Texas, Colorado and DC, Missouri and Washington state. We even had people from Canada and Belgium. We had a guest who was an indy game developer, another who was a CFO of an e-commerce business. We had multiple founders of startups, two who either created their own non-profit or worked in a central role in one. We had a guy who started his own film festival. There was a woman who has been in the business of “crafting businesses” for years.

In short, it’s been amazing.

We here at BuiltOnAir are so honored to have had the chance to hear from so many experts and professionals using Airtable in their work. Our audience has been amazing in sharing the podcast, inviting their friends to subscribe, and overall making it grow exponentially from last season. As before, we didn’t do any marketing aside from word of mouth. 

Over the course of the season we’ve heard some great stories, and gotten a peek into some jaw-dropping database backends for several industries. We plan to continue finding people making amazing things with Airtable and inspiring each person listening to make their own masterpieces. If you’d like to be kept in the loop on future episodes and updates, consider subscribing (if you aren’t already) to help us spread the word!

All of last season and at the start of this one we were publishing a new episode every week. We loved doing that schedule and our audience was growing quickly, but after some great internal meetings and feedback from our audience, we decided to begin publishing every other week. This has allowed us to give more focus on great quality content, and develop some exciting new projects we’re planning to release during the summer months of 2019.


Following are some of the exciting reports we have on the podcast audience. Here are listener trends since the podcast started in December of 2018:

The other exciting statistic for us continues to be seeing the podcast audience sprout up around the world, as illustrated by this map:

Last Season we had 328 downloads, and 180 max/country reach (see below images):

Season 2 Quick Links

Below are brief reviews of each episode, including the guest featured, when the podcast aired, listening length, and a summary of what was covered. Click the links associated with an episode to be taken to the podcast page that includes the full video, an audio downloadable version, and show notes, as well as associated links to learn more about the expert’s work.

EPISODE 1: Sai Warang, Shopify Software Developer

April 1, 2019 5:00am PDT • 51 minutes

With the starting episode of the season we welcomed Sai Warang, a Shopify software developer living in Ottawa, Canada. Sai originally heard about Airtable from some of his fellow coworkers. The app piqued his curiosity as a possible solution for some of his ongoing, long-procrastinated personal projects, and he found that and more. He shares some fun personal bases he created to get organized around his house.

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EPISODE 2: Natasha Vorompiova, Capacity Architect

April 8, 2019 5:00am PDT • 38 minutes

Listen this week as we welcome Natasha, a “capacity architect” from Belgium and founder of SystemsRock. At SystemsRock, she helps her clients break through their “capacity ceiling” when they have reached the limits of their own homegrown systems.

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EPISODE 3: Sam Coster, Indie Game Makerareth Pronovost, Owner of GAP Consulting

April 15, 2019 5:00am PDT • 34 minutes

Say hello to Sam Coster, co-founder of Butterscotch Shenanigans, an independent video game studio based in St. Louis, Missouri. Sam talks about their evolution as a studio, how they’re learning to run a better business, and how their creative process flows.

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EPISODE 4: Jon Gann, Film Festival Consultant

April 22, 2019 5:00am PDT • 46 minutes

This week we welcome Jon Gann, an Events & Organizational Strategist from Washington, DC. Jon is probably best known for his contributions in the film festival world, and he’s done a lot to catalyze the sharing of institutional knowledge in what can be a fairly opaque industry.

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EPISODE 5: Will Christensen, Data Automation Innovator

April 29, 2019 5:00am PDT • 29 minutes

Will Christensen lives in Athens, GA and is the co-founder, innovation at DataAutomation, a systems integration and automation company that helps businesses become more efficient. Listen as Will talks more about how he uses Airtable in their internal processes and client work in the e-commerce world.

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EPISODE 6: Sherman Sanders, Board Game Master

May 6, 2019 5:00am PDT • 33 minutes

Say hello to Sherman Sanders, founding member of the Gryphon Games and Comics Cooperative in Fort Collins, CO. Now in its thirteenth year, Gryphon has evolved beyond a store into a popular play space, and on this episode Sherman shares how Airtable has been key in making it so successful.

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EPISODE 7: Mack McGowen, MercyShips Ambassador

May 13, 2019 5:00am PDT • 36 minutes

This week we welcome Mack McGowen from Garden Valley, Texas. Mack is Solutions Development Manager at MercyShips, a non-profit whose fully-equipped floating hospital ship provides free surgeries and medical care to patients in Africa and other places around the globe.

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EPISODE 8: Vincent Tang, Airtable Super-Producer

May 20, 2019 5:00am PDT • 45 minutes

Vincent Tang hails from Orlando, Florida, as an e-commerce product manager and workflow specialist. He works for a company that builds and designs restaurants, and uses both work and free time to build Airtable apps and databases for a huge variety of use cases, from franchise development to non-profit data organization.

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EPISODE 9: Remy Margerum, CFO of Nomad Goods

May 27, 2019 5:00am PDT • 36 minutes

Say hello this week to Remy Margerum from Santa Barbara, CA. As a key player of Nomad Goods, Remy has built an impressive Airtable database to manage the myriad of possible online orders for cases, cables, and other gear on their own e-commerce website as well as via wholesale channels.

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EPISODE 10: Robert DeLanghe, Creative Polymath

June 3, 2019 5:00am PDT • 54 minutes

Welcome Robert DeLanghe from Brookln, NY to the podcast this week! Robert uses Airtable to build out various projects and tools from his experiences and interests in a wide variety of subjects including the arts, data, design, manufacturing, coding, and more.

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EPISODE 11: Anton Preisinger, Non-profit Founder

June 17, 2019 5:00am PDT • 51 minutes

Si hi this episode to Anton Preisinger, founder and director of Northwest Hospitality. Anton lives and operates his non-profit from Washington state, and shares his story on the episode, then showcases the extensive database he developed to run all the tracking and operations that has made their service so effective.

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EPISODE 12: Nat Eliason, Founder of Growth Machine

June 24, 2019 5:00am PDT • 25 minutes

This week we welcome on the show Nat Eliason, founder of Growth Machine. Nat was a blogger, app developer and digital nomad for years before creating his current company. Now he uses Airtable internally to help businesses master their content strategy and development on any subject or market segment.

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Here’s to another great season starting in August! In the meantime be sure to get subscribed, and watch the Summer Series roll out until then. See you there!