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On today’s episode, we speak with Jason Humphrey, software developer and career coach in Boston, Massachusetts. Jason is the founder of Coding Career Fastlane, an online community focused on improving developers’ skill sets by offering personalized feedback and creative approaches to handling a job search.

In addition to Coding Career Fastlane, Jason works full time as a Principal Software Engineer, runs his own YouTube Channel, and is extremely active on LinkedIn. He uses Airtable for everything from planning content for YouTube and LinkedIn posts, to a tool for his coaching business.

Jason shares two bases with us today, both of which are part Coding Career Fastlane’s 10-Day Job Hunt Challenge. The base is a Job Hunt Tracker, which features a table of positions the user is interested in, as well as tables to track resumes, interview questions, and message templates. Jason demonstrates how he has impressively programmed the web clipper block to seamlessly add job positions, companies, and contacts found on LinkedIn to this base.

The second base is an overview of the 10-Day Job Hunt Challenge. This base offers  directions for each day of the challenge, and includes places for the user to track things like important keywords being used in their industry of choice. Together, these bases leave no stone unturned, truly covering every step of the job hunting process. Check out the show notes for links to Jason’s bases on the Airtable Universe, his LinkedIn Profile and more about Coding Career Fastlane.

Coding Career Fastlane

Coding Career Fastlane’s 10-Day Job Hunt Challenge

Jason’s Universe Page

Jason’s LinkedIn


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