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Calculation inside IF formula

[SOLVED] Search for separate words within separate columns

[SOLVED] Formula to begin a search from a specific row

IF X is empty, then Y Checkbox is checked

IF Formulas to List Multiple Fields

Lookup integer sorting order

Linking an Email Chain

SET_TIMEZONE and other time-related quirks

Display several IF results in one field

Can grid lines be made thicker or darker?

Product Suggestions

Look and feel of a universe base (without publishing)

New Record: Keyboard Shortcut

Function to count the number of words in a string or text field

Non-intuitive behavior of number or currency precision

Show And Tell

Using DATEADD formula to create Datetime from Date and Time columns


Setting up integromat to copy and update records between two airtable bases

Automation of a basic order workflow using Zapier

Airtable for Web Professionals Facebook Group

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Airtable Facebook Community

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  • Announcement about Airtable’s first ever live online Q&A

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