Last Friday (September 18th, 2020), a small group of Airtable fans decided to host a free virtual conference to highlight the amazing things happening in the Airtable community.  We were honored to be involved in a small way to help make it happen.  The conference was the brain child of Airtable fan Chris Dancy (the most connected man).


The full agenda was as follows and a reply of the conference is embedded below for those who missed it.  Hopefully it will continue in the future and we will be sure to be involved as well.

See full schedule here.



  • 12:00-12:30 EST (GMT -4)Welcome & Keynote – Gareth Pronovost –Building your Airtable business with Airtable

    This time will be dedicated to a presentation on an interesting business use case solved with airtable.

  • 12:45 -1:00 EST (GMT -4)Group Breakout / Break – We will break out into groups of three-five people to talk about our experiences with Airtable. These small groups are to foster community and learning!


 1:00-2:00 EST (GMT -4) Base 101 is for newbies and people who want to get a better understanding and explore alternate airtable concepts!

  • Nate Peters – Personal CRM as a Student and Emerging Professional

  • Shae Redding – Rogers – Welcome to NRD🤓 –  NRD🤓 is where the world bends to Shae’s Desires. It’s a place where Energy🔥 aligns and lighting⚡️Strikes. Every ingredient🧪 is working unknown while the planets🌏 are turning to create a realm of pure🔮possibility. Welcome to Shae’s World!!

  • Edmund Amoye – The Yellow Brick Road to NoCode – Hi, I’m Edmund, narrator of the CodeLess podcast and organizer of the upcoming CodeLess Summit. Whether you call it NoCode, Visual Development, or CodeLess, the fact is powerful trends in technology are making it easier to design, automate, and optimize your imagination beyond its limits. I’ll be sharing my journey on how Airtable helped me unlock my creativity and redefine productivity.

  • Matthew Baggetta-Content Marketing Operations for B2B SaaS- Hi, I’m Matthew, Head of Content – Micro-Market at Personify, a B2B SaaS company helping nonprofits achieve their mission. Planning strategic content that meets your reader’s needs and achieves business outcomes can be a huge task. But with some elbow grease and a Content Asset Tracker base, you manage and monitor multiple asset catalogs, produced by multiple people with unique needs and workflows at scale. I’m going to show you how I do it.

  • TRACK ONE CHAIR: Shae Redding – Rogers


2:00-3:00 EST (GMT -4) Blocks -Automations / Blocks will focus on automations, blocks and any kung fu that makes airtable more useful.

  • Kuovonne Vorderbruggen –Adding Code to Airtable, even if you don’t code –Kuovonne is a self-taught developer whose never thought she could be a coder until she found Airtable. She will show you the different ways to incorporate code in an Airtable base.

  • Kamille Parks –Custom Apps – Kamille Parks is the developer behind the Scheduler App, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. Her talk will discuss the possibilities afforded by Custom Apps, how she developed Scheduler, and a demo of how the app  works.

  • Justin Barrett –Automation Basics -Justin Barrett is a Community Leader on the Airtable Community forums and host of the YouTube channel “All About That Base”. He’ll be walking through basic options for Airtable’s new Automations feature, which will allow you to give your base “life” through triggers and actions.

  • Chris Guthrie –Buttons… gateway to ON-DEMAND automation – Chris is a full-time e-commerce seller and self-taught Javascript newb that has built his business around Airtable. He’ll show you why buttons are fantastic and how you can use them as convenient on-demand triggers

  • William Porter –Beyond Airtable’s interface: Say hello to Stacker – William develops data management solutions for law firms doing litigation. He reviewed Airtable for Macworld five years ago and has been intrigued with it ever since.

TRACK TWO CHAIR: Chris Guthrie


3:00-4:00 EST (GMT -4) Add Ons / Vendors / Consulting / Tools is about letting partners, consultants and tool vendors show you their goods and services.

  • Dan Fellars –On2Air, the ultimate set of software apps to run your business on Airtable.-Dan Fellars (Founder, Openside) will showcase the BuiltOnAir community where you can find a ton of resources to learn more about Airtable. And do a walk-thru demo of On2Air, the ultimate set of software apps to run your business on Airtable.

  • Mike San Marzano –Airtable as a Website Database -We will be building a web application with multiple bases, user types, forms and workflows (in 15 minutes) – using Airtable as a relational database and media host, and Airconnex as the front end.

  • Jen Rudd -Cross-Platform Automation -Jen Rudd (President, Grow With Jen; Founder, Adept Interfaces) will discuss reasons for Cross-Platform Automation and share how Airtable plays a key role in business automation.

  • Cherry Yang –Sales for the New Age – Founder & CEO, AirOps Consulting will show you how she’s helping businesses grow exponentially with proven sales strategy, processes, and systems – all built in Airtable.



4:00-4:30 Closing Keynote Building a Value Based Life with Airtable by Chris Dancy

4:30-5:00 Closing remarks and small group Break out. You will be sent one last time to chat with small groups of three to five folks about what you learned and how you want to put it into practice.