In the second week of our Spring Series, we feature Kevin S Lin from Season 3, Episode 10. Kevin is a software developer, AWS (Amazon Web Services) Consultant, and Start-Up Founder of Thence. He has a background as a software engineer that specializes in backup systems like cloud architecture and AWS. Kevin worked at AWS for 6 years before setting off on his own and creating Thence at the end of 2019. Thence aims to help businesses put scalable systems in place, reduce costs and make sense of the cloud.

Since starting Thence, Kevin splits his time between consulting and building products. He now works with companies on optimizing their AWS stack. 

Kevin has a passion for data as well as Airtable. He uses Airtble to sort, track, and organize several aspects of his work and personal life. Kevin started using Airtable as soon as the platform came out. He immediately thought it was brilliant and began using the tool for many different projects. After fully immersing himself in Airtable, he quickly realized that he had all of his important information in Airtable and that it was only available online. This led Kevin to build himself a backup solution. After talking with other users and browsing the Airtable forums, he noticed that backups were something that was wanted and needed by many Airtable users. So, Kevin spent some time making his SaSS product, BackupTable, available for Airtable users around the world. 

Kevin’s next project is another SaSS product that works as a Knowledge Base. In Kevin’s words, “There is so much information available to us on the internet, in Airtable, etc., but the problem is that it is hard to find the one thing that you are looking for.” Kevin’s KnowledgeBase will have an emphasis on being able to find what you are looking for quickly. 

Another interesting fact about Kevin is that he is also a blog writer and podcaster. Although it’s not as frequent as he would like, Kevin writes posts or works on his podcast about once a month. Kevin uses Airtable to help plan his blog posts by entering his ideas on things he wants to write about. His podcast, called Folk Stories focuses on one on one conversations with interesting people. Again, Kevin utilizing Airtable to help track questions he likes that he can then used on his podcast.

Demo: BackupTable — allows you to back up entire bases, every field of every table for free

  • BackupTable backs up your Airtable bases and your attachments
  • He walks us through the entire process from setup to making your backup
    • Create Account at and confirm the email address
    • Import your bases. They have a bookmark link that lets you copy your bases over for ease of use
    • Connect your Airtable API key and it will automatically pick up your workspaces 
    • Hit Backup
    • Download. This gives you a zip file of all your tables and your attachments in CSV files. Every table is its own folder. Attachments are individual files within the table folder
    • If you want automatic backups, there is a paid option for this for $6 a month
  • This product is a really simple way to give you peace of mind that your important data is stored in case something were to happen


Kevin’s passion for Airtable, as well as all things data, has led him to create a truly awesome product. BackupTable definitely fills a gap that a lot of Airtable users all over were looking for and we are so excited that we had the chance to see it up close. 

Checkout BackupTable for yourself here

See Kevin’s company Thence.

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