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Using a < and > together in a formula

Formula to calculate tiered pricing based on volume

How to determine the age of a company from its start/end date

Notifications when a specific field changes

Possible to combine two Linked columns without CONCAT?

Difference between A & B fields, but blank if B has no value

Upcoming Birthday Notification

Taking part of string from a long text field based on number list

Nest IF Formula – Help with automatic dates for deadlines

Having One Row Show Up In Multiple Groups (Grouping Feature)

Updating Student Files in Bulk

Attaching date to multiple select items

Counting records in a view that match a certain criteria

Common Tasks in Project Tracker

Recursive tree select

Product Suggestions

Create option for AUTO Snapshot

Show And Tell

Introducing BuiltOnAir Podcast and website [now live!] – post by yours truly 🙂


Can’t push data with Integromat into Single Select columns anymore

Help: Looking to use zapier to automatically send an e-mail to new clients with a dedicated attachment

Airtable for Web Professionals Facebook Group

Discussion this week:
  • Help with a formula with nested formulas

GAP Videos Community

Airtable Facebook Community

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BuiltOnAir Podcast


BuiltOnAir Slack Community

Recently created Slack community. Come join us here.

Openside Community

Recently re-launched community for questions about advanced Airtable integrations and functionality