9/6/2022 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S12-E01

Duration: 60 minutes

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In This Episode

Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

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Todays Hosts

Alli Alosa – Hi there! I’m Alli 🙂 I’m a fine artist turned “techie” with a passion for organization and automation. I’m also proud to be a Community Leader in the Airtable forum, and a co-host of the BuiltOnAir podcast. My favorite part about being an Airtable consultant and developer is that I get to talk with people from all sorts of industries, and each project is an opportunity to learn how a business works.

Dan Fellars – I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

Show Segments

Round The Bases – 00:03:35 –

Field Focus – 00:37:06 –

A deep dive into the Formula Progress Bars Formula – Using Formulas to generate Progress Bars 

Base Showcase – 00:47:01 –

We dive into a full working base that will Provide a form to select a timeslot available from Airtable. See solution here: https://community.airtable.com/t/how-to-create-a-single-date-calendly-like-reservation-form/30614/2?u=scottworld

Automate Create – 00:55:02 –

Watch as we review and work through automations. Technique for linking two synced tables back together

Full Segment Details

Segment: Round The Bases

Start Time: 00:03:35

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Segment: Field Focus

Start Time: 00:37:06

Learn about the Formula Progress Bars – Using Formulas to generate Progress Bars

A deep dive into the Formula Progress Bars Formula – Using Formulas to generate Progress Bars 

Segment: Base Showcase

Start Time: 00:47:01

Calendly Like Reservation Form

We dive into a full working base that will Provide a form to select a timeslot available from Airtable. See solution here: https://community.airtable.com/t/how-to-create-a-single-date-calendly-like-reservation-form/30614/2?u=scottworld

Segment: Automate Create

Start Time: 00:55:02

Airtable Automations – Linking Synced Tables

Watch as we review and work through automations. Technique for linking two synced tables back together

Full Transcription

The full transcription for the show can be found here:

[00:01:41] Welcome to the BuiltOnAir podcast.
[00:01:44] We are starting our new season season 12,
[00:01:47] episode one.
[00:01:48] It's good to be back with you.
[00:01:50] We had an enjoyable month off.
[00:01:52] Hopefully everybody enjoyed
[00:01:55] their last summer month
[00:01:57] and ready for the fall and
[00:01:59] we're excited to be with you
[00:02:01] for another season.
[00:02:03] 12 more episodes before the end
[00:02:05] of the year.
[00:02:06] And we've got myself Dan Fellars
[00:02:08] and Alli Alosa a regular host with us.
[00:02:10] Kamille couldn't make it today.
[00:02:13] So we've got Scott Rose with us.
[00:02:15] A regular. Good to see you Scott.
[00:02:17] Good to see you guys. Thank you.
[00:02:19] Always glad to have Scott on.
[00:02:21] He's been with us
[00:02:22] I think the most as a guest
[00:02:24] appearance.
[00:02:25] So we're always glad to have Scott.
[00:02:26] Did you call the Guinness Book
[00:02:28] of World Records on that one yet?
[00:02:29] That's right, that's right.
[00:02:31] If you don't know Scott's name,
[00:02:33] then you have not
[00:02:34] spent much time in the community.
[00:02:36] He is everywhere.
[00:02:38] So, always glad to have you
[00:02:39] chime in. Thanks.
[00:02:42] Okay, so we'll go through
[00:02:43] a run through of what we're
[00:02:45] gonna be talking about
[00:02:45] today. As always,
[00:02:46] it's roughly an hour long.
[00:02:48] We'll go through a couple of
[00:02:49] different segments.
[00:02:50] We always start off with our
[00:02:54] with our Round the Bases,
[00:02:56] talking about what's going on
[00:02:58] in the Airtable
[00:02:58] community
[00:03:00] and then we'll do a spotlight
[00:03:02] on On2Air our primary sponsor.
[00:03:03] Then Scott will walk us through
[00:03:06] a couple of segments,
[00:03:07] first focusing on formulas,
[00:03:09] and implementing progress bars,
[00:03:12] then showing how to
[00:03:13] build a base and a form
[00:03:15] similar to Calendly for reservations
[00:03:18] and then another quick shout out to
[00:03:21] our community at BuiltOnAir
[00:03:23] and then finally Alli's
[00:03:24] gonna walk us through and
[00:03:26] Automate Create segment
[00:03:28] on linking synced tables.
[00:03:30] So with that we're going to do
[00:03:32] Round the Bases and
[00:03:34] there's a lot that happened
[00:03:36] in the month that we were off
[00:03:38] Airtable was busy
[00:03:40] making some releases and so
[00:03:42] hopefully we'll catch all.
[00:03:44] I've got six different
[00:03:45] features that Airtable
[00:03:46] released over the month
[00:03:48] of August or since our last episode.
[00:03:51] So hopefully I captured everything.
[00:03:53] If I forget one, let me know
[00:03:55] either the two of you
[00:03:57] or in the segments.
[00:03:59] So first they released this in early
[00:04:01] August, the ability to search for
[00:04:04] field names in grid view.
[00:04:07] What do you guys think of that?
[00:04:09] Exciting. This is like my favorite.
[00:04:13] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cut you off,
[00:04:15] I didn't mean to cut you off either.
[00:04:17] I'm just saying it's a small thing
[00:04:19] but it's super powerful
[00:04:20] and it's been sorely
[00:04:21] missed for a long time.
[00:04:22] So I'm glad that they
[00:04:23] finally implemented that.
[00:04:26] Yeah, totally agree.
[00:04:27] This is huge.
[00:04:28] This is
[00:04:29] one of the hardest things has always
[00:04:30] been to find that field
[00:04:33] on the screen and this makes it so easy.
[00:04:36] This is perfect. Yeah, yeah.
[00:04:38] So you basically can search,
[00:04:40] I wish you could like
[00:04:42] say I only want to search field,
[00:04:44] I wish that it would do that.
[00:04:46] But the cool thing is
[00:04:48] it does move your cursor
[00:04:50] over to where that field is.
[00:04:51] So that's kind of cool.
[00:04:52] That's really, really nice.
[00:04:54] Like usually what I'll do
[00:04:56] is I'll create a new view,
[00:04:57] I'll hide all the fields
[00:04:58] and then just unhide the
[00:05:00] one that I'm looking for.
[00:05:01] But this is particularly useful for like
[00:05:03] when you actually have a view that
[00:05:05] people are using
[00:05:06] and you want to not
[00:05:07] you want to see it in context with
[00:05:09] everything else helpful.
[00:05:11] Yeah. One thing you could do,
[00:05:13] yeah, you could create a view
[00:05:15] that filters out all
[00:05:15] the records
[00:05:16] and just has the fields
[00:05:18] and then that's I guess
[00:05:19] how you could create
[00:05:20] like a view for searching fields.
[00:05:23] There's also a very subtle thing
[00:05:25] here that they added also
[00:05:27] where it's not just
[00:05:28] searching for field
[00:05:29] I mean it is searching for field names.
[00:05:30] But the other cool
[00:05:31] thing is that
[00:05:32] if you're searching for data itself,
[00:05:35] it now doesn't just show you
[00:05:36] the number of times
[00:05:38] that the word will appear,
[00:05:39] but it shows you the number of
[00:05:40] records. So like let's say
[00:05:42] you're searching for the word, you know,
[00:05:45] cat
[00:05:46] And it says that cat
[00:05:48] has appeared 17 times in your table.
[00:05:52] But all those only are
[00:05:54] just two records.
[00:05:55] It'll say 17 times two records.
[00:05:58] So you know that you actually
[00:06:00] don't have 17 different records
[00:06:01] that have the word cat in it.
[00:06:02] It's actually somebody typed up
[00:06:05] the word a lot in like one or two records.
[00:06:07] Which is so helpful.
[00:06:10] Yeah, it was before
[00:06:11] like it would just tell you
[00:06:13] the number of times and that
[00:06:14] could have all been on one record
[00:06:16] so it's kind of frustrating so that's
[00:06:18] definitely an improvement.
[00:06:20] So this one I think
[00:06:22] for the most part gets a thumbs
[00:06:23] up from everybody.
[00:06:25] I thought we'd start off
[00:06:26] with the positive.
[00:06:29] All right well actually
[00:06:31] we'll do some more positive
[00:06:33] some somewhat positive.
[00:06:34] So the other one
[00:06:36] came out also mid August
[00:06:38] new button types in Interface
[00:06:40] Designer,
[00:06:41] anybody wanna walk through
[00:06:43] what they added here?
[00:06:45] Yeah they added the ability
[00:06:48] to run an automation
[00:06:50] which is get into the specifics
[00:06:53] of each one afterwards.
[00:06:55] I guess
[00:06:56] you can also go to
[00:06:57] another interface page or an
[00:06:59] external URL
[00:07:01] And the coolest one to me
[00:07:02] is that you can actually navigate to
[00:07:04] a URL that's within a record.
[00:07:07] So that's super useful
[00:07:08] so that actually will be
[00:07:10] able to like change the
[00:07:11] destination depending
[00:07:12] on the record that you're looking at
[00:07:13] or depending on that
[00:07:14] window in which you're actually
[00:07:16] viewing the data.
[00:07:18] Which that's probably my
[00:07:19] favorite out of all of these.
[00:07:21] I also like the copy link
[00:07:23] to record one that's
[00:07:24] actually kind of
[00:07:25] I've never used it
[00:07:26] but it might come in handy.
[00:07:30] Yeah.
[00:07:31] Yeah so I just like that they're
[00:07:33] that they're adding
[00:07:34] you know they're they're
[00:07:35] making interfaces more
[00:07:38] of an app like environment.
[00:07:40] And not just kind of viewing
[00:07:43] your data so it's kind of cool.
[00:07:46] My the cons that I have to
[00:07:48] bring up are the buttons
[00:07:51] you can only link to one
[00:07:52] automation. So it's like one button,
[00:07:57] one automation.
[00:07:58] So if you have two different interfaces
[00:08:00] and you want to be able
[00:08:00] to trigger the same automation,
[00:08:03] no dice.
[00:08:03] I mean unless you just use the work
[00:08:05] around that I think
[00:08:07] I think a lot of people
[00:08:08] have been using including myself
[00:08:10] where you can,
[00:08:11] you know, set a single select field
[00:08:12] to something and then that
[00:08:13] would trigger the automation
[00:08:15] but that doesn't require
[00:08:17] any of these new features
[00:08:19] to do. You were able to do that
[00:08:21] with the button before
[00:08:23] but let's see other con I
[00:08:24] want more colors
[00:08:26] and disable features or functionality.
[00:08:29] So you can say if it meets these
[00:08:31] conditions
[00:08:32] don't let somebody click the button.
[00:08:35] Right. Right.
[00:08:35] Yeah.
[00:08:37] Yeah. My only
[00:08:39] my only real complaint
[00:08:41] is just a minor complaint is that I
[00:08:44] would love to see buttons
[00:08:46] in the interface
[00:08:48] and buttons in the grid view all be
[00:08:51] the same. You know,
[00:08:53] I mean like all the functionality
[00:08:55] combined and I know
[00:08:56] that some things
[00:08:57] might not apply in different environments.
[00:08:59] So those choices should just be dimmed
[00:09:02] if it doesn't match. But
[00:09:03] yeah, I would sort of like to see
[00:09:05] sort of a convergence of features,
[00:09:06] there were some other interface feature
[00:09:08] that was diverging from the grid view.
[00:09:10] I'd love things to sort of
[00:09:12] be the same.
[00:09:14] I don't know
[00:09:15] if I'm explaining that very well. But
[00:09:17] yeah, it's confusing
[00:09:18] because you're like
[00:09:19] create a button and you're like,
[00:09:21] okay, where what kind of button now?
[00:09:23] There's two different types of buttons and
[00:09:26] yeah,
[00:09:29] like do some like hacky stuff
[00:09:32] in the interface
[00:09:33] to be able to pull in the button
[00:09:35] from a record onto the page.
[00:09:37] So that not actually
[00:09:39] using the built in buttons
[00:09:41] from interfaces, I'm actually using like
[00:09:43] it's always to open a URL
[00:09:44] right? But like, I have a navigation
[00:09:47] at the top with buttons not use not
[00:09:49] the interface buttons
[00:09:51] but like the actual grid
[00:09:53] view buttons which I like
[00:09:55] better because there's more
[00:09:57] like flexibility with
[00:09:59] actually one of my colleagues
[00:10:00] came up with,
[00:10:01] we have a set of buttons that stays
[00:10:03] consistent across a set of interfaces,
[00:10:05] but the one that you're on is the white
[00:10:07] version of the button.
[00:10:08] And then when you're not on that page,
[00:10:10] it's the colored version.
[00:10:11] So it's really nice.
[00:10:13] It looks really slick.
[00:10:14] Like when you're clicking
[00:10:15] on the buttons
[00:10:15] it's like you're actually you can
[00:10:17] see what page you're on.
[00:10:18] I have to
[00:10:19] I can put a screenshot of that
[00:10:21] in the community.
[00:10:23] Be interesting.
[00:10:24] That's beautiful. That's a great idea.
[00:10:26] Cool. So yeah, so definitely useful.
[00:10:29] I think, you know,
[00:10:31] we'll just see over time,
[00:10:32] you know, interfaces I think
[00:10:34] is going to be sort of their
[00:10:37] environment for really building out
[00:10:39] on top of Airtable and and so I think
[00:10:42] we'll see more and more
[00:10:45] improvements on that
[00:10:46] and we'll talk a little bit
[00:10:48] later about the interface
[00:10:49] contest as well
[00:10:51] that's been out there,
[00:10:54] so that will come up
[00:10:57] Alright, next one,
[00:10:59] this one's a bit more recent.
[00:11:02] Time zones formatting Scott.
[00:11:05] I know you were
[00:11:06] you brought something up
[00:11:07] interesting on that earlier.
[00:11:08] Yeah, well in general
[00:11:10] this is a huge, huge improvement
[00:11:13] because time zones have
[00:11:14] been a real pain point I think for people
[00:11:16] and I actually created something
[00:11:18] in the Airtable universe a while ago.
[00:11:20] It's a sample time zone base
[00:11:23] with an instructional video
[00:11:26] showing how you
[00:11:27] can manage
[00:11:28] different time zones in your base.
[00:11:31] But this is such a great addition
[00:11:33] because this eliminates
[00:11:35] all the workarounds
[00:11:36] or at least many of the workarounds
[00:11:38] that we used to have to do,
[00:11:40] because now you can
[00:11:42] actually specify a time zone for
[00:11:44] a date field, a date and time field.
[00:11:46] So they have not rolled this out
[00:11:49] to just date fields that don't have times
[00:11:51] attached to them,
[00:11:52] which might be confusing
[00:11:55] for people because the date fields on
[00:11:57] their own will under the hood,
[00:12:01] they'll be in GMT time zone
[00:12:03] so that can cause some problems
[00:12:06] behind under the hood,
[00:12:07] so hopefully at some
[00:12:08] point they'll roll it out
[00:12:10] to date fields as well.
[00:12:12] But for now this is a great
[00:12:13] addition to be able to explicitly
[00:12:16] choose a time zone for a time field.
[00:12:18] However you have to sign up
[00:12:21] for a beta for this and I signed up,
[00:12:24] I got it into my base
[00:12:25] then this morning it disappeared.
[00:12:28] So I don't know I
[00:12:29] actually posted at the bottom
[00:12:31] of this thread
[00:12:31] to see if there's something I need
[00:12:32] to do
[00:12:33] or I don't know if they pulled it back
[00:12:35] or I don't know. I wonder if there's a
[00:12:37] response yet. No.
[00:12:42] Yeah, interesting.
[00:12:45] Yeah, so definitely
[00:12:46] so sign up for the beta
[00:12:48] if you want access to this.
[00:12:49] This does impact API usage as well.
[00:12:53] I got notified about API how this
[00:12:56] impacts your API
[00:12:58] if you're using that or scripting.
[00:13:02] So this definitely
[00:13:04] could, can mess things up if,
[00:13:06] if you're not aware
[00:13:07] of what's going on here,
[00:13:09] I believe if I'm not mistaken
[00:13:11] and I have to review this.
[00:13:13] I think that when you
[00:13:14] use the API now it will,
[00:13:16] unless you specify the
[00:13:18] time zone in your api call,
[00:13:20] it will now default to
[00:13:22] whatever your fields time zone
[00:13:25] is. I believe I could.
[00:13:26] I actually have to review
[00:13:28] the email they sent us.
[00:13:29] So in general,
[00:13:30] this should be,
[00:13:31] I mean this is just such a
[00:13:33] phenomenal improvement
[00:13:34] across the board
[00:13:36] and Scott, I do have to say
[00:13:38] thank you so much for setting up that
[00:13:40] table universe base
[00:13:42] because I have used that
[00:13:44] as a reference point for a long
[00:13:46] time. Oh my God,
[00:13:47] that's so great to hear.
[00:13:49] Thanks Alli. I'm so happy
[00:13:50] it's been helpful for you.
[00:13:52] It really has like
[00:13:53] That's so great. Thank you.
[00:13:55] It'll soon go obsolete.
[00:13:56] If they roll this out to
[00:13:57] date fields then nobody
[00:13:59] will ever need to use that again.
[00:14:03] Great.
[00:14:03] Thank you so much.
[00:14:06] Good stuff. Yeah.
[00:14:07] So this is good. I think this is
[00:14:11] I mean even even with this
[00:14:12] time zones is still going
[00:14:14] to be a challenge.
[00:14:15] It's just always tough
[00:14:16] to deal with time zones
[00:14:18] in different time zones.
[00:14:19] But this definitely helps.
[00:14:20] The one, the one thing
[00:14:22] I wish that you could do is
[00:14:23] you have to configure this for
[00:14:25] every date field right?
[00:14:27] Every day time field.
[00:14:28] I wish there's a way where
[00:14:29] like at the base level
[00:14:31] you could say all my date
[00:14:32] times because
[00:14:33] if you don't do that
[00:14:35] if you forget.
[00:14:36] And one field isn't configured
[00:14:38] and all the others are
[00:14:39] that's gonna be tough
[00:14:41] totally. Which also brings
[00:14:42] up a good point. Which is they also added
[00:14:45] recently that new toggle
[00:14:47] where it shows you the time zone,
[00:14:49] it displays it in the
[00:14:50] field itself.
[00:14:51] I think they released that
[00:14:53] maybe a month ago and that can actually
[00:14:55] help
[00:14:56] when to let you know
[00:14:58] if that field has been
[00:15:00] configured properly or not.
[00:15:01] That's true. That will help.
[00:15:04] Very good.
[00:15:05] And maybe it will be in the managed
[00:15:08] field tab where maybe it will
[00:15:11] show that. I don't know. Maybe
[00:15:14] Kuovonne is saying
[00:15:17] does show a found field names
[00:15:20] or field values
[00:15:21] including how many records.
[00:15:23] I think that's on the
[00:15:25] the search feature.
[00:15:28] Alright, moving on.
[00:15:31] This was another quick tidbit
[00:15:33] Airtable launched a new
[00:15:35] help center so they
[00:15:37] moved all their support library
[00:15:39] and articles over.
[00:15:41] I haven't spent a ton of time
[00:15:43] in here.
[00:15:44] What's your opinion Scott assume?
[00:15:46] Have you spent time in the new help
[00:15:48] center?
[00:15:49] Yeah, I have
[00:15:50] I don't know,
[00:15:51] I sort of have some mixed feelings.
[00:15:53] I think it's I think it's a step
[00:15:54] in the right direction
[00:15:55] or I think it's a big
[00:15:55] step in the right direction
[00:15:57] because it shows like
[00:15:59] the table of contents on the
[00:16:00] left and then and it shows like
[00:16:03] the different subcategories of the article
[00:16:06] you're looking at
[00:16:08] and I think that that was
[00:16:09] more challenging in the past.
[00:16:11] I can't I actually can't remember
[00:16:13] how it used to be in the past,
[00:16:14] but I like that they've got this
[00:16:17] this ongoing
[00:16:18] table of contents in the left.
[00:16:19] Yeah, yeah,
[00:16:22] yeah, true. So anyways,
[00:16:24] I thought that was worth pointing out
[00:16:27] if you're if
[00:16:28] you're in the help center
[00:16:29] then you're you're going to
[00:16:31] get a new experience there.
[00:16:34] Alright, here's another little one
[00:16:37] I know this one had mixed review new
[00:16:39] shortcuts in the workspaces.
[00:16:41] So on the main page
[00:16:43] that lists all your workspaces
[00:16:44] they now have these new menu items
[00:16:47] opinions on those?
[00:16:51] I mean I don't think they look terrible
[00:16:54] but I do think that like new form feels
[00:16:56] misleading
[00:16:57] but I think they're
[00:16:59] just trying to point out
[00:17:00] You can use
[00:17:01] Airtable for forms but
[00:17:04] for some reason I
[00:17:05] can't really quite put my finger on
[00:17:07] why I think it's misleading.
[00:17:09] But I just feel like it's like
[00:17:11] taking away from the
[00:17:12] database aspect of it I
[00:17:13] guess. But maybe that's what they want.
[00:17:18] I have not actually seen this
[00:17:21] on my workspaces yet. Yeah. And even after
[00:17:24] clearing my cache and everything,
[00:17:26] so I don't have first hand experience with
[00:17:29] this, but hearing what other people
[00:17:31] have said about this, this would be a big
[00:17:33] thumbs down for me.
[00:17:36] Because it's doing things
[00:17:39] like apparent. I actually don't know
[00:17:41] since I haven't played with it.
[00:17:43] But apparently if you click on new form
[00:17:45] does it does it actually create a new
[00:17:47] base? Yes.
[00:17:48] With that form,
[00:17:49] I think it's very misleading
[00:17:51] and it's also things that
[00:17:52] people are not doing regularly.
[00:17:54] Like once you actually set up your forms,
[00:17:57] like
[00:17:59] I don't actually know
[00:18:00] what they're going for here.
[00:18:02] When would you,
[00:18:03] you're not going to set up a form
[00:18:05] before you create your fields right?
[00:18:07] Like the form comes after
[00:18:09] the schema definition.
[00:18:12] Yeah. Yeah, Jen I see
[00:18:13] is giving some good comments about it.
[00:18:15] She goes it trains casual users
[00:18:17] that they should make a base on a whim,
[00:18:19] right? It creates a whole new base
[00:18:20] with the form.
[00:18:21] Like it doesn't make sense,
[00:18:22] like bases, you create once
[00:18:24] and then you work on
[00:18:26] the data and the structure
[00:18:28] after that,
[00:18:28] you don't want to have users
[00:18:30] continually creating new bases for
[00:18:32] different things.
[00:18:34] I don't know,
[00:18:35] I think this is a misstep
[00:18:36] to be honest with you.
[00:18:37] I totally agree and think Jen,
[00:18:38] Jen, I think hit the nail on the head,
[00:18:40] that's exactly what
[00:18:41] I was trying to articulate and could not.
[00:18:44] That's like I think
[00:18:45] on the pop up with you click new form,
[00:18:49] it says new form in
[00:18:50] existing base
[00:18:51] and had like an option
[00:18:53] to create new base, you know,
[00:18:54] as a button but you select
[00:18:56] which base you want to create a new form.
[00:18:58] I think that would be a better
[00:19:02] hybrid solution.
[00:19:03] You're suggesting that
[00:19:04] you're saying it does do that? Or you're
[00:19:06] suggesting, no it doesn't
[00:19:08] and it should do that. Yeah,
[00:19:11] yeah, yeah, Jen says
[00:19:13] it's a database, not a google sheet. Yeah.
[00:19:17] Yeah, it's true, it's true.
[00:19:19] It's, I think it's really breaking
[00:19:22] the concept of
[00:19:23] what people are using Airtable for.
[00:19:25] I think it's training them
[00:19:26] on bad practices
[00:19:26] as opposed to good practices. Yeah,
[00:19:30] yeah, very good.
[00:19:31] Alright,
[00:19:32] so that one's kind of mixed, I think,
[00:19:35] you know there
[00:19:36] there's a whole team dedicated
[00:19:38] to making the product
[00:19:39] simpler and easier to engage with
[00:19:42] and so from their perspective
[00:19:44] like I see value
[00:19:45] in this,
[00:19:46] but for anybody that's created
[00:19:49] more than a base, it's probably a
[00:19:52] nuisance.
[00:19:55] So anyways, next one,
[00:19:58] our favorite
[00:20:00] custom record terminology.
[00:20:03] So they added the ability when you go
[00:20:07] to, if you click on
[00:20:08] the task where you can
[00:20:10] or the table where you can rename the
[00:20:12] table, it now gives you an
[00:20:14] option to specify
[00:20:15] what you call a record in that
[00:20:18] table.
[00:20:18] So you can create your own label,
[00:20:21] but you're only limited to the subset
[00:20:24] that they've defined for you
[00:20:27] who wants to go after this one?
[00:20:29] All right.
[00:20:31] No one was really asking for this,
[00:20:33] you know.
[00:20:36] Perfect. Well the weird thing is
[00:20:39] right before our podcast today
[00:20:41] I went I logged
[00:20:42] on to dictionary.com
[00:20:43] and the crazy thing is
[00:20:44] it turns out there's more than
[00:20:45] 40 nouns in the English language.
[00:20:48] Apparently as of this morning,
[00:20:50] the no, this is ridiculous.
[00:20:52] Nobody was asking for this.
[00:20:54] It confuses people
[00:20:55] and you know what else
[00:20:57] is crazy about this
[00:20:58] is that it makes guesses as to what
[00:21:00] your records should be called.
[00:21:02] I had a client the other day.
[00:21:03] They set up a new table called
[00:21:05] company requirements.
[00:21:06] And each record is a requirement
[00:21:09] and
[00:21:10] this thing automatically chose
[00:21:12] the word company for them. So now it's
[00:21:15] add a company.
[00:21:16] New company,
[00:21:17] number of companies
[00:21:18] and they're like what is going on here.
[00:21:19] This is a list of requirements,
[00:21:20] Not a list of our companies,
[00:21:22] but it automatically chose
[00:21:23] the word company for them.
[00:21:25] So silly.
[00:21:28] Yeah, this one
[00:21:29] this one might need to maybe
[00:21:31] go back to the drawing board and
[00:21:33] this one needs to cook a little longer.
[00:21:36] They also don't have proper plural.
[00:21:38] They choose person and persons,
[00:21:39] which I know is grammatically correct,
[00:21:42] but you don't go around talking about
[00:21:43] persons typically outside
[00:21:45] of legal environments.
[00:21:47] It's like just make it
[00:21:48] custom for people,
[00:21:49] choose a, choose a plural
[00:21:52] and that's it, the
[00:21:53] whole team apparently that is now
[00:21:55] curating the list of nouns that they will
[00:21:58] accept in this list.
[00:22:00] I can't think of a bigger
[00:22:01] waste of resources
[00:22:03] that they have a curation team for
[00:22:05] these nouns.
[00:22:06] I'm really down on this one. I don't know.
[00:22:10] Yeah, I know, I just,
[00:22:12] I just envisioned
[00:22:13] the planning meeting around this and
[00:22:16] nobody pushed back on it.
[00:22:18] I mean, and I could see like,
[00:22:21] I'm sure like I think
[00:22:23] people mentioned like
[00:22:25] I imagine there is a big potential
[00:22:27] enterprise client that
[00:22:29] said we'll sign up
[00:22:30] if you have this one feature
[00:22:33] and that's like the only thing I
[00:22:35] could think of
[00:22:36] and it's like under that scenario, like
[00:22:39] they need to make a way to make this,
[00:22:42] you know, only, you know,
[00:22:43] make it a beta
[00:22:44] where you at least have to
[00:22:47] opt into it, you know?
[00:22:50] Yeah.
[00:22:51] So yeah, this is an interesting one.
[00:22:57] Well that kind of did
[00:22:58] did I miss any features? I do wanna talk,
[00:23:00] I thought I had a link to the
[00:23:03] Interface Designer,
[00:23:04] but so we'll talk about
[00:23:06] that. Any other features
[00:23:08] that I missed
[00:23:09] that they released this month or
[00:23:11] recently?
[00:23:12] One thing Scott you might have
[00:23:15] brought this up too
[00:23:17] is in slack somewhere I
[00:23:20] believe. I don't know that they actually
[00:23:22] released it or like put it on like
[00:23:24] the what's new or made a post about it.
[00:23:27] But there's now a new way to import data
[00:23:29] where you can email a CSV File
[00:23:32] to a specific email address that they give
[00:23:35] you
[00:23:35] and it'll populate that table
[00:23:38] with that data.
[00:23:38] Yeah, so that kind of interesting.
[00:23:42] It's been around a couple of months.
[00:23:45] We talked about that one last season but
[00:23:48] it's getting more traction.
[00:23:50] I think somebody brought it up
[00:23:51] and I know it's not
[00:23:52] well known because
[00:23:53] because I've talked to people
[00:23:55] that hadn't heard about that
[00:23:56] but definitely we're starting
[00:23:58] to use that in our consulting projects.
[00:24:01] So yeah, if you need to get input data in
[00:24:05] it has to be an attachment
[00:24:07] to an email CSV
[00:24:08] or the support excel as well.
[00:24:10] But it's an attachment
[00:24:13] and then it's,
[00:24:15] we'll sync it into the data.
[00:24:18] What what Jen is saying
[00:24:19] in the comments right now
[00:24:21] saying I wish it was just raw
[00:24:22] data to record. I agree. I
[00:24:25] yearned for
[00:24:26] there was a time when
[00:24:27] you could,
[00:24:27] I don't remember what app
[00:24:27] it was but you just like forward
[00:24:29] the email and it just logs
[00:24:30] it as like a new record,
[00:24:32] you know with the subject body
[00:24:34] like
[00:24:35] yeah yeah that I do that
[00:24:38] through zapier or make. But yeah,
[00:24:42] it'd be nice if that was direct.
[00:24:45] Yeah, like Jen said
[00:24:47] without needing glue.
[00:24:48] So how do you trigger that?
[00:24:49] You go to the import options
[00:24:51] and it's one of the new options
[00:24:53] that they give you
[00:24:55] something. That's the other
[00:24:57] annoying thing
[00:24:59] is you can't do it to an existing
[00:25:01] table, you have to create
[00:25:03] a new table
[00:25:04] that it links that it syncs to.
[00:25:06] So that's annoying because
[00:25:08] we already had a table
[00:25:09] that we then wanted to import,
[00:25:11] you know, sync from external
[00:25:13] and so now we're gonna
[00:25:14] have to create a whole
[00:25:15] another table
[00:25:16] and then map that data
[00:25:18] into our live feed, you know,
[00:25:21] data source table.
[00:25:23] So that part's annoying.
[00:25:25] Yeah, so
[00:25:30] yeah,
[00:25:33] okay, moving on.
[00:25:34] So yeah, we'll talk about,
[00:25:37] so interface design contest ended
[00:25:40] mid August
[00:25:44] or September?
[00:25:45] I think at the beginning just last week.
[00:25:49] Oh, so is it still live?
[00:25:50] They're still judging
[00:25:52] their,
[00:25:53] they were supposed to,
[00:25:55] they said that they were going to
[00:25:56] announce the winners
[00:25:57] late August,
[00:25:58] but then on August 31
[00:26:00] at like eight PM Jordan was like,
[00:26:02] we got so many submissions
[00:26:03] that we need more time
[00:26:05] to look through them all.
[00:26:06] So I respect that.
[00:26:07] So they said, I think by tomorrow
[00:26:09] they're gonna announce the
[00:26:11] winners, I believe
[00:26:12] I could be getting that date wrong.
[00:26:14] Okay, so tomorrow
[00:26:16] those are coming out.
[00:26:18] So Alli you do you submit? I did.
[00:26:20] Okay. Scott. Did you?
[00:26:23] I actually did not.
[00:26:24] Put my chips on Alli to win
[00:26:27] Dan. Did you? I did not submit. No
[00:26:33] Jen saying by Friday,
[00:26:36] the 9th
[00:26:37] odds. Are there any bookies
[00:26:39] taking odds on who they
[00:26:40] think is gonna win?
[00:26:41] So we can,
[00:26:43] Well, I'll bring up one,
[00:26:45] we'll go to this one. So,
[00:26:49] if you are familiar with Chris Dancy,
[00:26:53] a friend of the show, he,
[00:26:55] I assume he submitted,
[00:26:56] I can't, I don't know if Oh yeah, yeah,
[00:26:58] he did say he submitted this.
[00:27:01] So if you've ever seen
[00:27:02] him talk about how he
[00:27:04] organizes his life,
[00:27:05] he's now made it public
[00:27:07] and created a website around what he
[00:27:09] calls his care table.
[00:27:11] And this thing is just
[00:27:14] ridiculous how much is in here.
[00:27:18] just the amount of hours
[00:27:20] to create this, I can't imagine.
[00:27:23] But definitely worth
[00:27:24] checking out. I am not
[00:27:27] built to track my life
[00:27:29] the way that he does.
[00:27:31] But it's cool to see somebody
[00:27:33] do it.
[00:27:34] I will not be following
[00:27:36] in his footsteps on this front.
[00:27:38] He's the most connected
[00:27:40] man in the world.
[00:27:42] I thought it meant that he knew the
[00:27:44] most people who's connected.
[00:27:45] What it meant is he's
[00:27:47] the most connected to technology at all
[00:27:49] seconds of the day.
[00:27:51] It's unbelievable. It's incredible. Yeah.
[00:27:55] So this thing is pretty intense and,
[00:27:58] and so I got to imagine that that there's
[00:28:01] got to be a special category for this.
[00:28:04] Someone's got to create
[00:28:06] a reality show with him.
[00:28:08] Yeah, he was on a Netflix show.
[00:28:10] Yeah, I think he did
[00:28:12] have a documentary about
[00:28:14] him. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:28:15] Gosh, what I got to see this.
[00:28:18] It was really cool.
[00:28:21] Oh cool. Thank you.
[00:28:24] So there's that. So yeah,
[00:28:26] they, I think they said
[00:28:28] they received hundreds of
[00:28:30] submissions over
[00:28:33] 100 so a lot to go through.
[00:28:35] Yeah, it'll be interesting
[00:28:37] to see how they judge
[00:28:39] them and and do that.
[00:28:41] So we'll definitely review
[00:28:43] them assuming they come out
[00:28:45] this week. So next week
[00:28:47] we'll be talking about showcasing some,
[00:28:50] some interfaces built by the community
[00:28:52] 150 Jen says
[00:28:53] then says she submitted one too.
[00:28:56] Oh no, I gotta put my chips half
[00:28:58] on Alli, half on, Jen.
[00:28:59] I want to, I'm going to hedge my bets.
[00:29:07] Isn't there a special categories?
[00:29:09] And they're like,
[00:29:10] I think there's a forth one,
[00:29:12] like judge's choice or something.
[00:29:15] Remember yeah, like an open one. So
[00:29:19] alright, so that would be cool
[00:29:21] to go through.
[00:29:23] Okay, I'm gonna save our other
[00:29:24] articles. There's a couple other things
[00:29:26] worth bringing up. We'll save those for
[00:29:28] another show.
[00:29:31] but Jen, I think you're,
[00:29:32] you're selling yourself short.
[00:29:34] I think you'll do well.
[00:29:36] So we'll move on, let's talk about
[00:29:41] quick spotlight on, On2Air.
[00:29:43] On2Air is a all in one toolkit to run your
[00:29:46] business on Airtable.
[00:29:49] I wish that today
[00:29:51] I could be showcasing a live
[00:29:53] version of our new On2Air forms.
[00:29:56] I've been sneak peaking it on
[00:29:59] the last, the last season
[00:30:02] and I thought that with a,
[00:30:04] with a month off that we
[00:30:06] would be able to get it out the door.
[00:30:08] Like always there's always
[00:30:11] unknown issues that come up. We had some
[00:30:15] database structural issues
[00:30:17] that just needed to be addressed and so we
[00:30:20] completely rebuilt the database,
[00:30:22] Nobody's ever done that before
[00:30:24] that is in the Airtable world.
[00:30:27] So there was definitely
[00:30:29] a delay that was at
[00:30:31] least a two or three week delay
[00:30:33] on getting it out the door.
[00:30:34] But it is close,
[00:30:35] we're in final testing mode
[00:30:37] where we're queuing it right now
[00:30:40] and we kind of put a halt on
[00:30:42] feature developments
[00:30:43] so that we could get it out
[00:30:44] there. We did pull back some
[00:30:46] features that are close to
[00:30:48] finishing but we want to
[00:30:49] get something out there.
[00:30:51] So we were rolling it out
[00:30:53] in the coming weeks to limited use,
[00:30:57] so if you want to be one
[00:30:59] of the early testers Jen, I see you,
[00:31:01] I hear you get on our list
[00:31:03] and we'll get you access to it
[00:31:05] in the next week or
[00:31:06] two. Once we,
[00:31:07] once we squash some of the bugs,
[00:31:09] but I'll do a quick
[00:31:11] briefing on
[00:31:12] what it kind of will look like.
[00:31:14] So this is our builder interface and
[00:31:17] allows you to both create records
[00:31:20] or update existing records
[00:31:23] and we have all of
[00:31:24] the fields supported.
[00:31:26] There are some Airtable fields
[00:31:28] that don't quite work
[00:31:29] well within the Airtable environment.
[00:31:31] But because of that we have the
[00:31:33] ability to create some custom fields,
[00:31:36] which is what I wanted to show you.
[00:31:39] So
[00:31:40] you can add any of the Airtable fields
[00:31:42] that are in your base or in your
[00:31:45] table or you can create custom fields.
[00:31:48] So we have static text dividers or we
[00:31:51] have the ability to create
[00:31:53] a custom formula.
[00:31:54] The cool thing about this is
[00:31:55] this formula will update live,
[00:31:57] so as you're updating
[00:31:59] the data in your form,
[00:32:00] it will update on the form itself
[00:32:03] instead of a formula and Airtable doesn't,
[00:32:06] you know, you'd have to
[00:32:07] update your form
[00:32:08] to get the updated version of the
[00:32:10] formula. So we wanted to make sure
[00:32:12] that we have that ability so you can have
[00:32:14] like a running total.
[00:32:16] We actually the it supports Excel
[00:32:20] like functions or formulas
[00:32:22] and so anything,
[00:32:23] any formula that's in Excel
[00:32:26] is built into our formula engine.
[00:32:28] So it doesn't work exactly like Airtable's
[00:32:32] Formulas but actually has more
[00:32:34] advanced formula functionality.
[00:32:37] So that is cool.
[00:32:39] Lots of other things, the ability to
[00:32:44] work on linked records.
[00:32:46] So if you have a linked records
[00:32:48] you can actually create
[00:32:49] the sub forms to manage the fields
[00:32:52] inside of the linked records.
[00:32:54] So you can update or create linked records
[00:32:57] inside that form that you're working
[00:32:59] on. And so you can actually create a form
[00:33:03] inside of a form for those linked records
[00:33:06] and you can go as many layers as you
[00:33:08] want. So you can have linked records
[00:33:10] inside of linked records and it's
[00:33:12] essentially completely customizable
[00:33:15] to go as deep as you want.
[00:33:17] So very cool functionality,
[00:33:19] very excited to get this out the door.
[00:33:23] There are a couple of things
[00:33:24] that won't be there at launch,
[00:33:26] but will be there
[00:33:26] shortly after
[00:33:27] and we have big plans
[00:33:29] for the future of making this.
[00:33:31] Our goal is to make this
[00:33:32] the standard form solution
[00:33:34] for working with Airtable.
[00:33:35] So hopefully that will come to pass.
[00:33:38] So get on our our list,
[00:33:39] reach out to us,
[00:33:41] we'll get you in as early access
[00:33:43] as as we can on that in the
[00:33:44] coming weeks.
[00:33:46] Dan, this looks awesome.
[00:33:48] Thank you. It has been a labor of love.
[00:33:51] This is what I spent almost every waking
[00:33:54] hour of august working on this and
[00:33:57] excited to get people using it.
[00:33:59] I love it.
[00:34:00] Can I ask a question about that real
[00:34:02] quick, what you just showed?
[00:34:03] With the formulas,
[00:34:05] I love that it's actually
[00:34:07] creating the formulas in your
[00:34:08] product itself without modifying
[00:34:10] the Airtable Base.
[00:34:11] Does it do the same thing
[00:34:13] with the linked records?
[00:34:14] Can you be like adding link
[00:34:15] records and not until you
[00:34:16] save it, does it affect Airtable?
[00:34:19] That's funny that you asked that
[00:34:21] we actually went back and forth and I was
[00:34:24] debating on the approach
[00:34:26] to take and so it sounds like
[00:34:29] you're arguing against
[00:34:30] what we decided.
[00:34:31] So actually our first version was,
[00:34:34] it didn't create it until
[00:34:36] after the form was submitted.
[00:34:39] But the issue there is like
[00:34:42] because we do still support
[00:34:44] look up fields and so
[00:34:45] when you edit
[00:34:47] so we switched it to saving it
[00:34:49] as you're done creating or
[00:34:51] editing the linked record
[00:34:53] and what I was thinking
[00:34:54] of doing is down the road,
[00:34:56] what is making that configurable
[00:34:58] where it could work either way.
[00:34:59] But we were thinking
[00:35:01] the default
[00:35:02] and we looked at
[00:35:03] alternative solutions and we
[00:35:05] felt the default should be
[00:35:07] creating it right away
[00:35:08] instead of on the flat or at
[00:35:10] the end. But
[00:35:11] we could potentially add that
[00:35:14] as like a configuration option where
[00:35:17] you say don't save
[00:35:18] until you submit the form.
[00:35:20] So that's something that we
[00:35:22] could consider for the future.
[00:35:23] Very cool. I guess somebody
[00:35:25] added a form
[00:35:26] yeah added the line and then deleted the
[00:35:28] line item.
[00:35:29] It would just sort of be
[00:35:31] orphaned behind an Airtable.
[00:35:32] Right? That's what the other form
[00:35:34] do also. What's that?
[00:35:35] So it's not that people
[00:35:36] are already dealing with that but
[00:35:38] you're dealing with the limitations
[00:35:41] of Airtable. Yeah, but we do have the
[00:35:44] ability to team creating
[00:35:46] on the fly Melanie says so
[00:35:49] so we've got both
[00:35:50] and we went back and forth
[00:35:52] and debated that and decided to
[00:35:54] do this but
[00:35:55] we can do it the other way
[00:35:57] because it actually used to work that way
[00:36:00] originally.
[00:36:02] So that's super cool.
[00:36:03] Yeah, I think there's pros and cons
[00:36:06] to both approaches.
[00:36:08] Yeah, but the ability like link records.
[00:36:11] So it's similar if you've used our
[00:36:14] jot form solution,
[00:36:16] one of the cool things is like
[00:36:18] the ability to filter via the
[00:36:19] URL the parameters
[00:36:25] or what fields you can see
[00:36:27] in a linked record.
[00:36:29] So you can actually have dynamic
[00:36:31] filters from the URL or from
[00:36:33] other field dependencies.
[00:36:36] So you can filter
[00:36:37] records that you can select
[00:36:39] in a linked record
[00:36:40] based off of what you type
[00:36:42] in a single select field or for example.
[00:36:45] So yeah, our link record
[00:36:47] is very advanced based off of
[00:36:49] what we've learned
[00:36:50] from our from our original version
[00:36:52] of building some
[00:36:54] of this inside a jot form.
[00:36:55] This is so great.
[00:36:57] Good stuff coming,
[00:36:58] excited to get this out there.
[00:37:02] All right, let's move on Scott.
[00:37:04] If you want to share your screen,
[00:37:06] we'll walk through a field focus,
[00:37:09] do some cool progress bars.
[00:37:11] All right,
[00:37:14] okay.
[00:37:24] There you go. You're up.
[00:37:26] You can see it?
[00:37:27] Okay. Perfect. I cannot see the
[00:37:29] comments. So let me know
[00:37:30] if there's anything I need to know.
[00:37:32] I also can't see your facial reaction.
[00:37:34] So I don't know if you're frowning or
[00:37:35] smiling.
[00:37:38] Okay, good, good, good.
[00:37:41] The so basically one of the things
[00:37:45] that Airtable doesn't natively offer
[00:37:48] is progress bars.
[00:37:50] You see that in some of the other
[00:37:52] cloud based data based apps.
[00:37:54] But the cool thing is
[00:37:56] you can actually create
[00:37:59] progress bars in Airtable
[00:38:01] that are formula based
[00:38:03] and they use emojis
[00:38:05] to create beautiful progress bars
[00:38:08] like this, and
[00:38:10] it's very very simple to create.
[00:38:12] Oh, and one thing
[00:38:13] I do wanna mention though is
[00:38:14] that these will not look
[00:38:16] right in safari,
[00:38:17] I don't know whether it's an Airtable
[00:38:19] issue or a Safari issue.
[00:38:21] I'm gonna email Airtable about it.
[00:38:23] But so I'm using chrome.
[00:38:26] So this looks perfect in chrome,
[00:38:28] but it doesn't look good in safari.
[00:38:31] And so basically I'm gonna go into this
[00:38:34] formula here.
[00:38:35] Well actually, first
[00:38:36] I should explain what we've got here is
[00:38:37] we've got 10 different
[00:38:39] projects listed here
[00:38:40] And then I've got a progress bar
[00:38:43] here based on this number field.
[00:38:45] So I've numbered these projects
[00:38:48] one through 10
[00:38:50] to indicate that there is
[00:38:52] progress to every project.
[00:38:54] One means you just started the project,
[00:38:56] you're only 10% of the way through it.
[00:38:58] And when you reach the number 10,
[00:38:59] you've actually completed the project,
[00:39:01] You've gotten to 100%
[00:39:03] and your progress bar goes
[00:39:05] from being a red progress bar
[00:39:06] to a green progress bar
[00:39:08] and it shows you here
[00:39:09] what the percentages are along the
[00:39:10] way. And so to do this
[00:39:12] with the formula field, it's super easy.
[00:39:15] You just need to use
[00:39:17] the repetition function.
[00:39:19] And so the repetition function in
[00:39:22] Airtable will take anything
[00:39:24] that you give it
[00:39:26] and it will repeat it by the
[00:39:28] number of times
[00:39:30] that you tell it to repeat.
[00:39:31] So in this case here
[00:39:33] I'm telling it that if the number
[00:39:36] that I specified is the
[00:39:38] number 10,
[00:39:39] I'm just taking 10
[00:39:40] as the as the 100% number.
[00:39:42] But you can make this
[00:39:43] whatever number you want.
[00:39:45] So if the number is 10
[00:39:47] I'm telling it to to repeat
[00:39:48] this green emoji box and repeat it
[00:39:53] that many times.
[00:39:54] I actually could also hard code
[00:39:56] the number 10 in there as well.
[00:39:57] If I wanted to.
[00:39:58] So that's what it's gonna do
[00:40:01] when the number actually
[00:40:02] reaches 10.
[00:40:03] But if it doesn't,
[00:40:05] if my number hasn't yet
[00:40:07] reached 10 then what I
[00:40:08] wanna do is I want to repeat
[00:40:10] the red emoji
[00:40:11] to indicate that we haven't finished
[00:40:14] the project yet
[00:40:15] and I want to repeat it
[00:40:16] the number of times
[00:40:17] that I've actually
[00:40:18] specified.
[00:40:20] So the reason I chose 10
[00:40:21] is because it's easily divisible
[00:40:24] and it's really easy
[00:40:25] to see the difference
[00:40:27] between those numbers.
[00:40:28] The other thing is if you choose a
[00:40:30] number that's like too high like
[00:40:31] 100 for example.
[00:40:33] Your bar is gonna be really
[00:40:35] really really wide and if you
[00:40:37] choose because it's gonna
[00:40:38] be repeating those emojis up to
[00:40:40] 100 times
[00:40:40] and if you make the number two small,
[00:40:43] like only up to like three,
[00:40:44] your bar is gonna be too small
[00:40:46] to really see effectively
[00:40:47] to see the differences.
[00:40:49] So I like to choose the
[00:40:50] number 10.
[00:40:51] And then at the end of this formula,
[00:40:54] I like to add in a little
[00:40:56] percentage thing here
[00:40:58] so you can actually see
[00:41:00] what the percentage is.
[00:41:02] So this is just simple math.
[00:41:04] I just rounded the number
[00:41:06] divided by 10 and then
[00:41:07] multiplied by
[00:41:08] 100 added a percentage.
[00:41:09] So that's just basic math there
[00:41:11] and then this is what
[00:41:12] you get.
[00:41:13] So if you change this
[00:41:15] to the number seven for example,
[00:41:17] that formula will
[00:41:19] automatically update this to 70%
[00:41:23] and it's giving seven red
[00:41:26] emojis there and then
[00:41:28] if I type in the number 10 here
[00:41:30] because this project
[00:41:31] has reached completion,
[00:41:33] It will give me 10 green emojis
[00:41:35] and it'll say 100%.
[00:41:37] So another way that you could do this
[00:41:40] is with a drop down list here.
[00:41:41] So let's say you've got all these
[00:41:45] different things that you need to do
[00:41:48] whenever you get a new project
[00:41:50] and just for simplicity,
[00:41:52] I just made 10 here
[00:41:54] and and let's say that you
[00:41:56] actually have to go through
[00:41:58] this order from start to
[00:41:59] finish. And so if you go
[00:42:01] from the first one to the second one
[00:42:03] you're actually
[00:42:03] 20% through
[00:42:04] and if you're in the third one,
[00:42:06] you're 30% through.
[00:42:07] Well you can make it where
[00:42:08] you can change this
[00:42:10] and if I change it to the second
[00:42:11] step, the second step out of 10 here,
[00:42:14] you'll notice that
[00:42:16] this progress bar just changed 20%.
[00:42:18] And then for this project,
[00:42:19] let's say we've gone through
[00:42:20] all these different
[00:42:21] stages and now we're on this stage,
[00:42:23] which I think is the seventh.
[00:42:25] Yeah, this is the seventh.
[00:42:27] If I choose this now it's 70%
[00:42:30] And then if we get to the final stage,
[00:42:32] the project is now completed,
[00:42:34] it will move this to100%.
[00:42:37] Oh, did I do that wrong? It should be,
[00:42:39] that actually should be green there.
[00:42:41] The other one is
[00:42:43] Yeah, let me see, I probably did.
[00:42:48] Who knows what I did wrong.
[00:42:50] Let's see.
[00:42:51] So the way that this actually works is I
[00:42:53] have a hidden formula field
[00:42:55] that actually comes up with the number,
[00:42:57] so I've assigned each one
[00:43:01] of these choices,
[00:43:03] A certain number
[00:43:05] and so in essence it's mimicking
[00:43:07] what we saw in that very first
[00:43:08] column, one through 10.
[00:43:10] So each one of these
[00:43:11] gets a different thing.
[00:43:12] So for project completed, I chose 10,
[00:43:15] I wonder, Let me see,
[00:43:18] I think that's a bug,
[00:43:19] what happened here. Oh, you know what,
[00:43:21] here's the problem,
[00:43:23] I'm referencing the old column here,
[00:43:26] the first column,
[00:43:27] so there we go and now
[00:43:29] we have 100% here for this project.
[00:43:32] And so that's how you would do that.
[00:43:35] So behind the scenes, I just sort of
[00:43:37] glossed over that,
[00:43:38] but I used the switch function
[00:43:40] to assign a certain number
[00:43:41] between one and 10
[00:43:42] to each one of those those options.
[00:43:45] Similarly,
[00:43:45] you can also do it with roll up fields.
[00:43:48] Rollup fields and linked records.
[00:43:50] So what I did was
[00:43:51] I also created a roll up field here,
[00:43:55] and you can make this roll up field
[00:43:58] however you'd like, you know what you
[00:44:00] want to count things
[00:44:01] or give you the maximum of values,
[00:44:03] you know,
[00:44:03] whatever you want.
[00:44:05] In my case, I just had to choose
[00:44:08] the maximum number that I
[00:44:10] chose and then it will automatically
[00:44:12] change the progress bar in the exact same
[00:44:14] way. So the progress bar
[00:44:15] is feeding from this field.
[00:44:17] So, for example,
[00:44:17] let's say this project,
[00:44:19] I now have gone to the sixth phase
[00:44:21] and I've linked it to
[00:44:22] six of these,
[00:44:24] this will change to 60%.
[00:44:26] And then if I add seven
[00:44:28] now it'll show me 70%.
[00:44:30] And because I chose max,
[00:44:32] if I just jump all the way
[00:44:34] to number 10 here,
[00:44:35] this will change to 100%
[00:44:36] and it looks like I probably
[00:44:38] have the same bug here.
[00:44:39] So number roll up
[00:44:41] and now we got that in green,
[00:44:45] so that is how you can get very, very cool
[00:44:51] and fancy looking progress bars
[00:44:54] in Airtable.
[00:44:55] So I'll stop my screen for a sec.
[00:44:58] So I can see you guys
[00:45:01] love it. That's that's a great technique
[00:45:04] and you can see very easily how
[00:45:06] you can expand
[00:45:08] and like just customize it for your needs.
[00:45:11] There's so many ways
[00:45:12] to go about doing it.
[00:45:13] I love you showed three examples too.
[00:45:15] That's great.
[00:45:16] Yeah. Good stuff. Yeah,
[00:45:18] very useful.
[00:45:20] It really makes the base come to life.
[00:45:23] And I imagine that those also work
[00:45:26] in interface designer where you can
[00:45:29] display those. So
[00:45:31] I like to make a roll up
[00:45:33] or roll up of all of those
[00:45:34] and separate them with a new
[00:45:36] line and it kind of turns
[00:45:38] into like a chart.
[00:45:39] So it's like, it's a big block of
[00:45:41] like if you have linked records,
[00:45:43] you can label each one
[00:45:44] and then it's the chart
[00:45:45] next to it.
[00:45:46] It looks really nice. Oh nice, nice.
[00:45:49] I'd love to see that
[00:45:50] for sure. Yeah,
[00:45:52] yeah, we've got some comments
[00:45:54] Kuovonne, you can put
[00:45:55] the switch inside the
[00:45:56] progress bar to have fewer formulas.
[00:45:58] You can also do it in a roll up,
[00:46:00] we use a combination of count.
[00:46:02] I think that's what
[00:46:04] she's saying,
[00:46:05] Melanie showcasing
[00:46:06] you can do this everywhere.
[00:46:09] That's so funny about
[00:46:11] based off of the value. Absolutely.
[00:46:14] That was,
[00:46:15] that was a shower moment
[00:46:16] for me, the changing of the colors.
[00:46:18] I love that.
[00:46:19] Something else
[00:46:21] I've been doing is putting a gray,
[00:46:24] like having setting a full length
[00:46:27] and putting like the
[00:46:28] green and then gray for
[00:46:29] whatever is left.
[00:46:31] Oh and oh that's awesome.
[00:46:33] It makes it look really nice.
[00:46:36] I think there's so many cool things
[00:46:38] you can do it, so that's so cool.
[00:46:40] We Airtable should offer
[00:46:42] the progress bar contest
[00:46:44] different ideas on how to do it.
[00:46:47] Maybe yeah maybe we'll do that,
[00:46:49] we'll sponsor.
[00:46:53] Very cool. All right,
[00:46:54] let's move on Scott,
[00:46:56] we're gonna stick with you and we're
[00:46:59] gonna check out your reservation form
[00:47:01] if you want to share your screen again
[00:47:03] ready?
[00:47:06] See,
[00:47:08] oops.
[00:47:10] All right, can you see it okay?
[00:47:12] Yep. Okay great.
[00:47:14] So this one's super super simple.
[00:47:17] This was based on a
[00:47:20] post in the community forums
[00:47:22] from a long time ago
[00:47:23] I think it was maybe a year
[00:47:24] ago and
[00:47:25] I felt like it didn't
[00:47:26] get as much attention
[00:47:28] as it could have because I
[00:47:29] think that a lot of people
[00:47:31] actually could benefit from this.
[00:47:32] And the idea is
[00:47:34] giving a form
[00:47:35] giving people an Airtable form
[00:47:38] where they can
[00:47:39] choose from your available appointments
[00:47:42] that are available on your calendar and
[00:47:45] then when somebody books
[00:47:47] an appointment with you
[00:47:48] for that time slot then that
[00:47:50] option disappears
[00:47:51] sort of like Calendly
[00:47:53] if you do a search for the forms on
[00:47:55] calendar, you'll probably find this post
[00:47:57] because Calendly,
[00:47:58] if somebody books you in a time slot,
[00:48:00] the next person that
[00:48:00] comes around
[00:48:01] can no longer book that time slot anymore.
[00:48:04] And so it's really
[00:48:05] really easy to set up. I just have this
[00:48:08] table here called calendar
[00:48:10] bookings. And this is where
[00:48:11] the new bookings
[00:48:12] would come in from a form.
[00:48:14] And you can see if I switch
[00:48:15] to my form here.
[00:48:16] I have a very simple form here that
[00:48:18] says please schedule an appointment
[00:48:20] with me as for your name,
[00:48:21] your email, any notes.
[00:48:22] And then here
[00:48:23] is where the magic happens.
[00:48:25] This is where you get to choose a date
[00:48:27] and a time.
[00:48:27] So this is a linked record field
[00:48:30] that links to this table
[00:48:32] called available dates.
[00:48:35] And so the way
[00:48:36] that you actually
[00:48:37] would set this up is you actually have to
[00:48:41] manually come in here.
[00:48:42] So this is a little different
[00:48:44] in Calendly because you have
[00:48:45] to manually manage this
[00:48:46] and you would add all the times
[00:48:49] that you are currently
[00:48:50] available to be booked for an appointment.
[00:48:53] So let's say I want to add a time
[00:48:55] here on 22 September and you know,
[00:48:58] I want to make this 12:30 PM.
[00:49:01] So now I have seven different times
[00:49:04] that I've specified that I'm available.
[00:49:06] And what I've done here
[00:49:08] is I've created another view
[00:49:11] that's called, not yet booked.
[00:49:13] And this view is set to filter
[00:49:17] these records to only show me
[00:49:19] records where the calendar bookings,
[00:49:22] the linked record field is empty,
[00:49:25] meaning that these records
[00:49:27] have not yet been
[00:49:28] linked to any records
[00:49:30] that are on this table here.
[00:49:32] So it's this field right here,
[00:49:34] this is the linked record field
[00:49:36] on this end, it's the date selected.
[00:49:37] And then on this side
[00:49:39] it's calendar bookings.
[00:49:42] And so the key thing this
[00:49:43] right here is the whole trick.
[00:49:45] What you do is when you
[00:49:46] go in here
[00:49:47] to set up your link record field,
[00:49:49] you just use this toggle to limit
[00:49:51] the record selection to a view.
[00:49:53] And so you'll want this
[00:49:55] to limit your record
[00:49:56] selection to that view not yet booked.
[00:49:59] So it will only show the options that
[00:50:01] have not yet been booked.
[00:50:03] So to see this in a form view,
[00:50:06] we'll go back to our
[00:50:07] form view here and we'll open up the form
[00:50:10] and we will say that John Smith
[00:50:13] is coming in here
[00:50:15] and he's filling out the form
[00:50:18] and here's his notes.
[00:50:19] And now when he clicks on this here,
[00:50:22] he sees all seven of
[00:50:23] these options.
[00:50:24] So he's gonna choose September 15th
[00:50:26] at 10:30 a.m. And here's the
[00:50:28] cool new thing,
[00:50:29] it shows eastern daylight time here,
[00:50:31] which is nice if you enable
[00:50:32] that in the field.
[00:50:33] So there's no confusion anymore
[00:50:35] about what time zone you're
[00:50:36] choosing.
[00:50:37] So he's gonna choose 10:30 a.m.
[00:50:39] on the 15th
[00:50:40] and he's gonna submit that record.
[00:50:42] And now when we go back
[00:50:44] here to our database
[00:50:46] or to our grid view,
[00:50:47] I mean
[00:50:48] here's the new record that was just added.
[00:50:50] He's been linked to this particular date.
[00:50:53] And so now if we go here,
[00:50:55] we will see that
[00:50:56] on our filtered view here,
[00:50:58] there's only six records remaining.
[00:51:00] It's no longer a possibility
[00:51:02] because we go to our normal grid view.
[00:51:05] We see that it's already been booked
[00:51:07] with John Smith. So the next person that
[00:51:10] comes around and submits a response,
[00:51:13] the next person will come here
[00:51:15] and when they click on this button,
[00:51:17] 10:30 a.m. on the 15th
[00:51:19] is no longer there.
[00:51:20] So as long as you set up your
[00:51:22] available times ahead of time,
[00:51:25] then those options
[00:51:26] will disappear from this list
[00:51:28] as people book it throughout the day.
[00:51:30] I have a couple of clients that are
[00:51:32] actually doing this
[00:51:33] in a completely different way,
[00:51:34] which is that they want these
[00:51:36] records to show up
[00:51:37] until a certain number of people
[00:51:40] have signed up for that time
[00:51:42] slot. So like for a class for example,
[00:51:45] and so you can do that as well,
[00:51:46] you would just change
[00:51:47] the filter on that one
[00:51:48] view to remove those items
[00:51:51] from the from that filtered view
[00:51:53] once a certain number of sign ups
[00:51:56] have been have signed up
[00:51:58] for that particular
[00:51:59] for that particular time slot.
[00:52:02] Yeah, that's it on that. That's awesome.
[00:52:05] That's really cool.
[00:52:08] If there is a way to where
[00:52:10] it could like tap into your
[00:52:12] actual calendar so that
[00:52:13] it knew what days
[00:52:14] like that's like the one
[00:52:15] missing link of why you need some of
[00:52:17] these external tools
[00:52:19] but for like a class
[00:52:20] or something that doesn't need that,
[00:52:22] I think it works well.
[00:52:25] Yeah.
[00:52:27] Yeah. And the other thing is
[00:52:28] if two people are booking
[00:52:30] the same time slot at the
[00:52:31] exact same time,
[00:52:32] it's not going to stop it
[00:52:34] from happening. Like Calendly will
[00:52:36] alert you and say, oh,
[00:52:38] someone just booked out while you were,
[00:52:39] while you were dilly dallying around.
[00:52:42] Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah,
[00:52:43] there's some nuances there so
[00:52:46] all right, thank you Scott.
[00:52:48] We're gonna move on.
[00:52:50] Give time for Alli to wrap us up
[00:52:51] here if you want to get ready.
[00:52:53] Alli real quick.
[00:52:55] I'll give that out to BuiltOnAir
[00:52:57] our community
[00:52:58] if you're not already in our slack group,
[00:53:00] we want you in there
[00:53:01] Scott and Alli and many others are there.
[00:53:04] We have over thousands of Airtable
[00:53:06] fans and users
[00:53:07] and we hope to have you join us
[00:53:10] So go to builtonair.com/join
[00:53:13] that'll get you access
[00:53:14] into our slack community
[00:53:16] and
[00:53:17] access to all these
[00:53:18] amazing people that are there.
[00:53:20] I have to quit and come back.
[00:53:22] I will be right back.
[00:53:24] No, you're good.
[00:53:26] So yeah, so we
[00:53:28] we've got a couple of comments coming on
[00:53:32] that we'll share. From Jen
[00:53:37] says I need to say client x should
[00:53:40] only be allowed to schedule schedule x
[00:53:42] appointments in a week.
[00:53:44] Is that doable Scott?
[00:53:46] It's a good question,
[00:53:47] is it doable?
[00:53:50] I wonder if Jen is giving us
[00:53:52] a test question
[00:53:53] that she knows the answer to or if
[00:53:55] this is not yet possible,
[00:53:57] should only be allowed.
[00:53:58] You can't really filter based
[00:54:00] off of a individual user.
[00:54:03] Right? So
[00:54:04] I don't think that that would be possible.
[00:54:08] Maybe with a future
[00:54:10] version of On2Air forms
[00:54:15] you
[00:54:16] might get there.
[00:54:18] He just you
[00:54:21] very much
[00:54:26] yeah, yeah, I don't think filtering.
[00:54:30] Okay.
[00:54:32] She says Calendly only
[00:54:34] lets you show say
[00:54:36] number of types of sessions per day
[00:54:39] Kuovonne,
[00:54:41] like the client schedule appointment,
[00:54:43] then have an automation.
[00:54:44] Yeah, so you can do it after
[00:54:46] the fact with an automation. Right.
[00:54:48] Right. Oh yeah,
[00:54:49] that's a great idea
[00:54:50] then send the email of the client letting
[00:54:51] them know that their
[00:54:53] was canceled. Yeah.
[00:54:56] Alright. There you are. Alli
[00:54:58] Alright, alright. Sorry, difficulties.
[00:55:02] Okay, so this is something pretty simple.
[00:55:05] I think we can cover this in four
[00:55:08] minutes.
[00:55:09] I've got here a base I use
[00:55:11] for demos pretty often it's pretty
[00:55:15] involved with lots
[00:55:16] of different tables
[00:55:17] and I've got company vehicles that are
[00:55:19] being, you know tracked
[00:55:21] as to what their purpose is
[00:55:23] and the plate number
[00:55:25] etcetera.
[00:55:26] But let's say I need to sync this
[00:55:28] out to another base for any number of
[00:55:31] reasons like maybe
[00:55:32] I want to just show only the vehicles
[00:55:35] and locations to other
[00:55:36] employees.
[00:55:37] Like I could embed that on
[00:55:39] my internet or whatever that use case
[00:55:41] might be.
[00:55:42] So if I have both of these tables,
[00:55:46] company vehicles and locations synced
[00:55:49] into a different base.
[00:55:51] That's where we're gonna
[00:55:54] start off this use case.
[00:55:56] So in the base here,
[00:55:57] if I un hide in the source base
[00:56:00] I should say
[00:56:01] actually vehicles. Yeah.
[00:56:05] So I have this linked record field
[00:56:08] called vehicles which is linking to
[00:56:12] my company vehicles table
[00:56:14] However
[00:56:16] in the
[00:56:17] synced base
[00:56:20] these these two tables
[00:56:21] are no longer linked together
[00:56:24] and if I want to get any fancier
[00:56:26] with this and actually you know have these
[00:56:29] records communicate to the
[00:56:30] location that they're linked to.
[00:56:32] I want to make sure that
[00:56:33] they are actually physically
[00:56:34] linked together in Airtable.
[00:56:36] And after a lot of trial and error
[00:56:38] and like different
[00:56:39] approaches this is a way
[00:56:40] that I've kind of settled on
[00:56:43] doing this.
[00:56:44] So I've synced over the record I.D.
[00:56:47] From the source base
[00:56:49] of each location record.
[00:56:52] And then in the source base
[00:56:54] on the company vehicles table I have,
[00:56:57] this is a roll up but essentially
[00:56:59] this is the same output as what a look up
[00:57:02] would give you
[00:57:02] but it's a string by default.
[00:57:04] So this is just my little technique
[00:57:05] of pulling something
[00:57:07] over instead of using a look up.
[00:57:09] But I've got that location record I. D.
[00:57:12] On both of the synced views that I'm
[00:57:15] sending over to that other base.
[00:57:17] And so
[00:57:19] if I want to link this to locations,
[00:57:25] I obviously can't use this
[00:57:27] record I. D. Anymore because
[00:57:29] the locations table now
[00:57:31] has a new set of record I. D.s
[00:57:33] like if I were to actually use
[00:57:35] the record I. D.
[00:57:36] Function in a formula here,
[00:57:44] you can see these are different values
[00:57:47] so it's not super helpful.
[00:57:48] I can't now copy that on
[00:57:50] on this table
[00:57:52] and paste it into here to have that same
[00:57:55] functionality. But what I can do
[00:57:59] is and this is where my little trick
[00:58:02] comes into play. I'm gonna add a roll up
[00:58:05] field and I could do this.
[00:58:06] I could add a look up and then a formula.
[00:58:08] But I like to use a roll up
[00:58:10] to kind of reduce the number of fields.
[00:58:12] Kuovonne pointed out something
[00:58:15] about this earlier in the show
[00:58:16] I'm gonna point it
[00:58:17] at that location record I. D.
[00:58:20] And then I'm gonna say
[00:58:22] all right if I know
[00:58:24] the location record I.D.
[00:58:25] That this should be tied to
[00:58:27] that this vehicle road should be tied to.
[00:58:29] So other in other words
[00:58:31] if I have a value in this field
[00:58:33] location record I.D.
[00:58:34] Then I want to make sure
[00:58:36] that I'm linked to the
[00:58:38] same value in the other
[00:58:39] table.
[00:58:40] So I wanna say if I'm gonna type
[00:58:43] that big long ugly formula again
[00:58:47] values is not equal location record I. D.
[00:58:52] Then I know I want to
[00:58:55] and I like to use a little lightning bolt
[00:58:57] just to make it look pretty
[00:58:58] update
[00:58:59] location link
[00:59:03] and then same thing here,
[00:59:06] I'm just gonna write out here
[00:59:11] all of these of course
[00:59:13] are triggering right?
[00:59:15] Now if I go set up or they would
[00:59:17] be triggering if I had an automation on,
[00:59:20] I'm just gonna quickly set one up
[00:59:22] from the company vehicles table.
[00:59:24] My condition is gonna be
[00:59:26] when that field is
[00:59:27] not empty
[00:59:28] so when my location link is not empty
[00:59:32] we'll just grab any record for that.
[00:59:35] Then I want to go add a find record step
[00:59:39] when I want to search my locations table
[00:59:42] based on a condition.
[00:59:45] And that condition is gonna be
[00:59:46] where location record ID
[00:59:48] from the source base
[00:59:50] matches
[00:59:52] the location record I. D.
[00:59:54] On the company vehicle table
[00:59:56] from the source base.
[00:59:57] So when I test this
[00:59:59] it should find me
[01:00:01] how interesting.
[01:00:05] Well let's see
[01:00:09] let's find another one quickly.
[01:00:17] There we go.
[01:00:18] And so this is actually interesting.
[01:00:21] So I've actually one part that I was going
[01:00:23] to say is instead of just adding
[01:00:25] another action below here
[01:00:26] to then update the
[01:00:26] record, I'm actually gonna add it
[01:00:29] as a conditional action
[01:00:30] and I'm gonna say only
[01:00:32] do this if the length of find records
[01:00:36] is greater than zero.
[01:00:38] That was good.
[01:00:40] Then I want to update
[01:00:44] the company vehicles table
[01:00:46] the same record
[01:00:47] that triggered the automation
[01:00:49] and I want to update
[01:00:51] the link of the location
[01:00:54] with the record I. D.
[01:00:56] Of the location I found.
[01:00:58] And the reason I'm doing this
[01:01:00] conditionally
[01:01:02] is because if nothing was found
[01:01:05] then sometimes it
[01:01:08] can cause errors depending on
[01:01:10] if you're doing any other things with this
[01:01:12] automation. So I don't like
[01:01:14] to get a million emails
[01:01:15] in the middle of the
[01:01:16] night saying that something failed
[01:01:18] if they don't think about it.
[01:01:20] So that's it.
[01:01:21] That is the that's the trick.
[01:01:24] So I updated that record and now we
[01:01:26] have that one vehicle linked,
[01:01:30] and that would just stay on.
[01:01:33] So if for whatever reason now
[01:01:35] that vehicle in
[01:01:36] the source base,
[01:01:38] if I changed that location
[01:01:41] right then this would change
[01:01:43] this source from the source base,
[01:01:45] the record ID of the
[01:01:46] location it's linked to
[01:01:48] and then this would get triggered again
[01:01:50] so it would link it back up
[01:01:51] appropriately.
[01:01:53] It keeps it in sync
[01:01:54] always. Awesome. That is awesome.
[01:01:57] That's really cool.
[01:01:59] That's a major limitation with syncing.
[01:02:03] That is
[01:02:05] it's been a long time.
[01:02:06] I used to do it all based on
[01:02:08] the name and that it's like
[01:02:10] we would change
[01:02:11] if we had a primary field
[01:02:12] that was had a formula and we decided
[01:02:13] to reconfigure that then
[01:02:15] it triggers that automation
[01:02:16] over and over and over and
[01:02:17] over again even though
[01:02:19] they don't even need to be changed
[01:02:20] right there still
[01:02:21] linked appropriately but the
[01:02:23] automation thought they
[01:02:24] weren't and then it got all
[01:02:25] screwed up. So
[01:02:26] if you go with the record I. D.
[01:02:28] It doesn't matter what the name
[01:02:29] is,
[01:02:32] wow, that is awesome.
[01:02:34] That's very cool. So yeah,
[01:02:36] so basically carrying forward your linked
[01:02:38] relationships in a sync table.
[01:02:41] That's a must have for a lot of use cases,
[01:02:47] works with a 1-1.
[01:02:50] You would need to use a script to
[01:02:53] kind of loop through
[01:02:54] if you had a one or many
[01:02:56] to many, you know,
[01:02:57] because
[01:02:59] you can't say
[01:03:00] if this list of record IDs
[01:03:01] equals this list, they might all
[01:03:03] contain the same ones
[01:03:04] but they might not be in the same order.
[01:03:06] There's a lot of idiosyncrasies.
[01:03:11] Yeah.
[01:03:12] Very cool. Well thank you. Alli
[01:03:14] Scott. Thank you for coming back on.
[01:03:17] Always glad to have you with us.
[01:03:19] We are excited for another season
[01:03:22] to be with you. Tell your friends,
[01:03:25] watch us on Youtube,
[01:03:26] join our community
[01:03:28] and we will see you next week,
[01:03:29] everybody.
[01:03:31] Bye.